Friday, February 12, 2016

So Cliché...

One time I wore red on Valentine's Day, completely by accident. 

I hadn't forgotten that it was V-Day or anything, it just didn't occur to me when I got dressed that morning. I spent the whole day being cruelly mocked by friends and receiving knowing looks from strangers.


Never Again.

But whether I like it or not, red is the 'official' color of Valentines Day and the bad belle in me decided to give a not so subtle nod to that flaming vermillion.

Dress: ASOS 
from 5 years ago, so definitely not in stock anymore

Shoes: Gbemisoke

Make-Up: Beat By Daks (Me!)

Location: BICS Gardens Lekki
Contact 08052310518

Had my eye on these Gbemisoke pumps for a while, even did a post on the brand a few months ago HERE. I received this pair last week and I loved them so much I ordered two more! They are SUPER comfortable and trust that comfort is a big issue for me when it comes to shoes, I have flat feet and cannot wear uncomfortable shoes for love or money. 

I am so impressed with them, brands like these help to wash out the nasty taste of my other unsuccessful Buy Nigerian efforts.

Shoutout to Ola of BICS Gardens for being an absolute star!

Have a happy Valentines Day everyone!

Love and Light x


  1. You look super gorge .Love the up-do.

  2. Omg that red dress is fire! You look great dear.
    P.s I hate val's. Still don't know what the fuss is all about

    1. Thank you mama.

      Noooo, I love it! We need to change your mindset girl!

  3. 5 years ago? It still fits? Now, I know I need to check myself!

    You look like fire and it is lovely. I think I'm more against the red and white than red all by itself!

    1. Lmao, I haven't outgrown anything since 2005 or so. Its God.

      Thank yoouu.

      Hang on, people wear red and white to? Never heard of it. Eeewww

  4. Damn! see, if you aren't seeing anyone, I am here for you. You fine!

  5. Love the red, makeup...everything is on point ;)


  6. Happened to me two years ago too! I completely forgot when I was dressing for school that morning and I had to endure all the jokes. *sigh*

    You look great though and yes gbemisoke shoes are really good. I'm wearing my red one in my latest post on the blog as well :)

    1. Mortifying I swear, lol.

      Thank you! I just read it, great post!

  7. You look beautiful.


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