Saturday, October 25, 2008

Exactly 6 days, 3 hours, 20 minutes and 4 seconds ago, I left my beloved Gidi to continue the farce of pretending to be a responsible adult and moved to Abuja to attend law school for a year. That grim Monday morning as I was dragged kicking and screaming into Chachangi flight sumthin, sumthin by burly airport officials while my traitorous other half stood at the sidelines shouting go! go!, I took a moment to reflect on those things which will be sorely missed

1. The beautiful cacophony of noise e.g. car horns, insults e.t.c
2. Okada riders
3. 5 hour drive from the mainland to the island
4. The 7 hour drive back
5. Risking certain death by leaving the island at midnight to avoid said 7 hour drive
6. Glazed doughnuts from Chocolat Royale
7. Cactus meals (even though they left I and the boyfriend significantly worse for wear)
8. Astronomical taxi fares.............

But seeing as I have to become a Barrister or suffer disembowelment by my parents, plus my school fees had already been paid [and 220k is not moin-moin] I had to go on. I'm not saying Abuja isn't as cool as Lagos, no scratch that, its not as cool as Lagos but i'd only been there twice and i'd never stayed past 3 days, but now i'm here for 365 big ones [technically 331 but who's counting]. Anyhoo I have now been here for almost a week and it actually is pretty cool, its plus's being

1. The prescence of my mad, mad, MAD cousins
2. You can circle the whole of Abuja in an hour, no joke. I cant even get from Omole to Allen in an hour
3. No potholes, Gidi indigenes are definitely used to bad roads, whats a bump or two in the scheme of things? But i think i could get used to going from point A to point B without jarring my spine
4. NO TRAFFIC, except in extra special circumstances
5. Shagalinku, my kilishi haven
6. Funny enough hardly any sirens, you would think that this being the capital city it would be overrun by them since in Lagos everybody and their mama carries a portable siren wherever they're going, but i've barely heard anything, makes you think
7. Streetlights. I know Lagos is getting there burt nothing beats Yar-Adua's hood at its floodlit best
.8. Aaand... [drumroll please]...... Last but certainly not the least, TWO HUNDRED NAIRA CABS!!! I nearly wept when I saw that [Amadioha will definitely be getting some yams this year]. I can't remember the last time I took a cab for 200 naira in Lagos, probably when i was in QC and I and my fellow partners-in-crime legged it from school to go to party central in Alaka estate. I mean 200 naira can't even get me out of my estate, someone needs to give these people an award.

I haven't really sampled the nightlife seeing as person don dey age and that BL must be gotten by all means. But last night seeing as it was Friday and the green light had been given by the boyfriend, I and the family decided to see what the p was. First of all we went to a 'costume party' [and i use that word very loosely]. I applaud their creativity but honestly I wan laugh die, there were all sorts. You know i had to record it for posterity. Then from there to some place called Subterranean which was actually really cool, it had sort of a 6 degrees North meets Volar kind of thing going. Then to Tuccano's [hope i spelled that right] which was sorta La Casa with a dash of Y-Not, ho's and all and then Kryxtal, straight up K's place, nuff said.

Finally us party animals [Bob, Ella, Ogundu, Deera] had had enough and decided to mosey on back home, thankfully because by then i was practically being carried from place to place. Bonjour Abuja, Au Revoir Lagos.

Lest I forget, Happy 18th to my uber-delish finally legal cousin, Ogundu


  1. Lmao....200 naira cab, dat shit is funi hehe.But its true tho....
    hahaha I love Abj mehnnnn (just dat damn dey cld hv some very boring TIMES).....ul nw b an abj/lag babe
    nt an easy sumthin MAD
    n are u reali teln me dat ul miss all dat traffic hustle??
    wel i dnt blame u tho, cld b reali fun at night but very scary

    hehe nw i hav an extra fam n am i permittd 2 come visit nxt suma lol i noe dats far but ...o well! : )

    Wishing u d Best in Law School!......u mad us proud ; ) Lol

  2. This is Chioma Nwachuku...dnt mind d name Chichi

  3. thanks luv, come down whenever you're ready


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