Wednesday, October 29, 2008

GEEK CHIC - Check out Kanye looking FLY! I love his college don look, its been seen on a number of notable faces including Agyness Deyn [ who in my opinion would wear anything and I mean anything]. Geek chic is taking Hollywood by storm with its most prominent face as Mr College Dropout himself. I'm thinking this is probably influenced by his new album 808's and Heartbreak which is a departure from his usual sound, not too radical though as Mr West has always been a bit out there, but definitely not his usual. Would have loved to jump on the bandwagon but have never really been into the whole looking stupid on purpose look [ never stopped me before though].
Shawn Carter had to go and do follow follow. Seriously I don't think it suits him, Jay Z wasn't built for the ridiculous, he should stick to his Mafia Don type suits. But who am I to talk I'm not married to him, if Beyonce can allow him out of the house like this then i guess its all good
LATEX LEGGINGS - First saw these on MIA in her video "Paper Planes" and slowly went insane for almost a year waiting for them to be sold everywhere. J'taime these leggings, but you know I had to be different, got the high waisted ones from American Apparel. One word, FIERCE!
THE JUMPSUIT - All in one never looked so good, rock a longer version a la Farrah Fawcett in the 70's or if you're more daring the shorter style a la me at Molly P's do. Since I'm not as daring, had to call in my grey patterned tights to cover up my modesty and keep my bride price from falling
ARCHITECTURAL SHOES - Celebrate the weird and the wacky this year. Unleash your inner Morticia Adams
OXFORD BOOTIES - Seen here on the ever fabulous SJP. Can also work as part of a geek chic look, but due to popular demand, they're becoming more chic than geek
WAYFARERS - The almighty Ray Ban wayfarers worn by the almighty Kate Moss
Had to get in on the act even though mine are from f21

THE KIFAYAH - As seen here on model of the moment Coco Rocha
Also in place on yours truly with one of my besties Nwabugo. Was told I look like a CNN Sudanese correspondent by that great yarner Nnamdi aka Baldy, not funny
THE FLARED MINI - Forever 21 is an absolute star when it comes to this, they have a gazillion styles. Extremely flattering on all body types but I might be wrong so please invest in a high powered mirror before rocking this.
COLOURED TIGHTS - For me a 2008 winner, I can't get enough of them. H&M do great ones in every size, which is wonderful for me because I have legs up to my elbows and its really difficult to get tights that are the right size. Wild out at H&M, $3 a pack.
HAREM PANTS - Pink diaphanous harem pants Andreas Melbostad Spring 09. Love, love, love the harem pant. The only disadvantage is you have to be of the long and lean variety to rock it, chunky thighs and short legs need not apply.
SEQUINED DRESSES - Blue sequined mini dress by Alice + Olivia. Sequined dresses can never go out of style as evidenced by their re-emergence decade after decade, just throw one on even without accesories = instant glam
worn here by Sarah Jessica Parker and Emma Roberts, who wore it best?

photo credits -,,,,,,,, fabsugar


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  2. This is where i actually wanted to post for days now ;) I love those latex legging, i searched 4ever for it b4 AA reduced my account. I can't wait to get a silver pair :)

    the kifayah scarf: never new thats what is called!! anyways... I love it until every naija and their mama felt they can tie it over their neck with all outfits and crazy accessories...u did it justice in the pic...teach them babe ;-)

    love f21 minis, except i got the "wonderful eye when i wore it in naija...but who cares hehe...fab pair and chic combo on you...i think u stole my necklace in that pic plus that brown shoulder bag :-P stylista

    now my all time fav is the harem pant...gosh i searched heaven and earth for a pair until asos blessed me with one. everyone thought i was crazy when i wore it--got the mc hammer name callin :)

    Ok this is my last: the it on you...the color is all so 'haute'... am an oxford obessed-- they go so well with pants, short & dress...tres chic ;-)

    gosh did i write all that!!! :-P

  3. most definitely and i love you for it. i noticed the bag too in your pictures, we also have the black, flared f21 mini. weird.

    got my harem pants from h&m, didnt know asos did one, i actually went to every single h&m store in manhattan before i found mine, they sold out everyday!

    the jumpsuit is f21 again. love, love, love them

  4. you can get silver latex leggings from h&m too, i think they're about $29.99, but that was in the summer, they've prob gone down now.

  5. H&M here, don't always get the latest thing--never saw harem pants there. MD is so fashion BEHIND esp the stores, so i do a lot online or travel time. never saw the latex leggings either, but saw one @ urbanoutfitters for $34 i think! searching for great pair of pant jumpsuits like the floral Stella mccartney style ;).
    nice to see a pic of ur AA highwaist!!!
    ps: don't kill them too much wit the style in naija o :)
    Q: whats ppls style in naija? daring, fashion forward or jus copies? :)

  6. very fashion forward actually. you know when america sneezes, nigeria gets a cold. we overdo it a lot

  7. I noticed it a lot @ events, a lot of ppl feel they jus have to wear all style at once like its their last day 2 be seen lmao. even jus a trip to movie or grocery feels like its night club time--again, fashionista are always recognised by their creativity, simiplicity, but fierce ;)!!!


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