Friday, October 24, 2008


I'm not going to board the cliche express and gush about how i've always wanted to start a blog because i haven't, this was completely on a whim. For absolutely no reason whatsoever, i posted "i'm going to start a blog" as my stat on facebook and then i did just that, i started a blog. its taken me exactly 11 years to start a diary of any sort, even an online one since youknowwho read my diary in JSS2 and told everyone what was in it, [Sole you know yourself] i've upgraded seriously since then, from an NPA 1997 diary i got from my mother's office to a HP Pavilion tx2000, its so cool to be an adult.
I realise the title might be a tad misleading, i'm not here to talk about fashion or to track the latest in Spring/Summer 09 [btw Diane Von Furstenberg SS/09 resort wear is absolutely fantastical]. But i digress, this is more like my daily bitchfest, maybe a little fashion thrown into the mix to keep people from nodding of, but basically my life [at least the PG13 version].
So if you expect the usual blog content of ex-rated sexual high jinks or pictures of Nigerian "VIP's" [and i put that in quote because you aint VIP until the doorman at the 40/40 club knows your name, not when you're on intimate levels with the bouncer at La Casa], or entertainment news, then please assert your right to close my page before your bad belle rises its ugly head, bacause in spite of what you might think i'm very immature and do not entertain insults in the form of constructive criticism.
Anyhoo, nuff said. Bienvenu!


  1. hmmmmmm,im watching/reading to see how this goes,keep your fingers crossed readers,there might be some showdown between the blogger and i ,my id will remain hidden for now.

  2. Lol...just read this and I like you already.

  3. LOL @ Nigerian V.I.P's! Love this already!x

  4. read down to the first post..nice blog gf

  5. So i just read your blog but foolish me read it backwards as in, from recent to this one lol.... I must say u r very interesting gawsshh its blogs like these that make me wanna move to Naij but schools got me on a tight leash so I guess its visiting only for now!! 2 thumbs up to this blog!!

  6. wow haha but it wasnt even half bad.. haha heyyy

  7. Nyc one dear... We seem to have been in the same law skul campus in the same year but i guess we never met! check out my blog


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