Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Methinks I made a mistake by adding the word 'fashion' to my blog title because I've been getting a lot of flack about the apparent lack of fashion content. Someone actually told me that they don't go online to read about my personal life. What people don't understand is that its MY blog, mine and no one else's, I can decide to name it "Observations Of The Primitive People's Of The Lower Niger By Fouta Djalon" and then fill the blog with pictures of cream cakes and how to prepare them and there's nuffink you or your mama can do about it.

But due to popular demand and because I'm a very nice and obliging person and also because you knowthat I know fashion, I'll start gradually with what i think is hot for F/W 08, at least what I'm wearing sha. Its too bad if noone can wear them, its not my fault my body's made for clothes.


  1. one thing a good writer remembers is this your work is great when people bother to read what u's your world but we live in it.elnini


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