Friday, October 31, 2008


This terrifying image I'm revealing to my loyal readers is Henrietta Okpaleke, without her regular Henrietta mask on. You see people, for years she has deceived us, walking around like a regular person while concealing this frightening visage you are now beholding. Yesterday being the day before Halloween, she decided to come clean and sent me this picture so I could reveal it to the inhabitants of Blogville. "I am tired of hiding behind a mask, I want to be free to show my real self in hopes that people will look beyond my outer freak to the beautiful person inside" she said.

Henry we love you, even though Afam might not after seeing this, but we do

Its a lie o, peep Henry in all her babeliciousness
Happy Halloween to you and you and you and especially you, LOML, HTIL and TBSIEH, love you. xxxx


  1. lol..i think she'll kill you..wait till you see my grim reaper outfit tonight..Caliente...its

  2. lol. you guys have fun, nothing is happening in this zones at all.

  3. screaming----> FINALLY, comment it available lol, enjoy the halloween there ;-)

  4. Thank goodness! I can't post a comment now. Can't wait to go to my friend's halloween party 2mrw. My costume is pretty boring though...but oh well, it's cos I decided to go last min...

  5. at least ur going somewhere, my halloween was seriously dry. please put up pictures so i can party vicariously

  6. the boots are to die for,hella cute


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