Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just watched Sex And The City the movie again for the gazillionth time, just confirms the fact that I can never get tired of it. One of my all time favourite movies. I'd never really been a fan of the series until I saw the movie, it was simply fabulous, Carrie Bradshaw is who I'd love to be at 40, only married with kids [no ageing single girl for me, abeg]. Strangely she's not even my favourite character, Kim Catrall aka Samantha Jones is just outrageous, I love, love, LOVE her. Its not just her lack of inhibitions, its her deadpan humour, her character is seriously funny. Then Kristin Davis aka Charlotte York, whom I adore because I cant believe that a thirty-something year old woman is such a pollyanna. Anyhoo a few weeks after seeing the movie, I went to stay with my cousin Chidi in and she's like the biggest SATC fan, she got me totally hooked on the series so that at 10pm everyday I was tuned to TBS for reruns, then the CW at 12. To speed up the process I started to stalk Blockbuster everyday, I can now proudly say I've watched every single SATC episode!

Unforgettable Episodes

The one where Carrie hooked up with the politician who wanted to pee on her. Priceless!
The one where Charlotte's boyfriend ditched her in the middle of their three way
When Samantha thought she had AIDS. I coulda died!
When Charlotte met the guy with the uncircumcised ding dong
When Charlotte became addicted to her "The Rabbit" and refused to leave her house [vibrator sales went throught the roof!]
When Charlotte made out with the gardener and Trey's sister announced it at the table, and he didn't give a shit. Unbelievable!
When Charlotte found out Trey couldn't get it up
Etcetra, etcetra, etcetra..........

There are so many memorable scenes and strangely, they rarely include Miranda apart from her pretend lesbian episode. I heard there's going to be a sequel and I can't wait. Though I wonder how they're gonna spin it, like I think they've already milked the series enough like how much more mileage could they possibly get? I don't care sha, I'm a loyal fan and I'll go see it whether it stinks or not. I even got the book about the movie, it was $20 at Walmart and its my new prized possession, it has all the scenes in the movie and every single outfit they all wore, I swear it brought tears to my eyes the day I saw it. The closest I'd come to feeling like this was when Barnes and Noble finally delivered 'Fabulousity' by Kimora Lee Simmons after an almost 2 week wait. Or when I got the final instalment in the Shopaholic series 'Shopaholic and Baby', that was some day. I couldn't wait to get home and read it, I literally sat down in the store and finished it, before going home and reading it again.

Thats actually another movie I cant wait to see, 'Confessions of a Shopaholic is being released as a feature length film sometime in the Spring, I think February 2009. I'm practically champing at the bit because I cant wait to see what they come up with. Becky Bloomwood is being played by Isla Fisher, which I'm not really feeling because I dont think she embodies the spirit of Becky like that [but who died and made me Ben Lyons, my job is just to buy the movie ticket when it comes out]. I saw the trailer and I was kinda shocked because Isla as Becky looked a little insane, like she wore the weirdest clothes, kind of a Carrie Bradshaw on crack. Anybody who has read the books, knows that Becky Bloomwood is a label lover to the hilt, she's sort of like Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf in one [ask Nkem, she'll tell you, she's a fellow Shopaholic addict]. So I dont understand why they made her look like she shopped at thrift stores in the movie. Plus they made her an American and she's British in the book, I just dont think it gels, anyway I'll be waiting with bated breath come Spring.

Pictures from scenes in the movie

I mean WTF! This is so not Becky, I dont get how the producers could be so stupid. Sophie Kinsella should sue

Isla Fisher contemplating the demise of her career after this movie's release

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  1. My first time here... i miss abj..

    and SATC? Saw the movie, not a mega fan but I love the newer versions: Lipstick Jungle (written by same writer of SATC) and Cashmere Mafia (now canceled) which started airing in th end of last year.... Will be back often!

  2. I'm excited about the Shopaholic movie though!! I think many Gossip Girl fans will troop tp see the movie...Plus they've been advertising during Gossip Girl showings so they are aiming for Blair wannabees!! ...but the expensive clothes look gaudy

  3. LOVE satc! got into the series just before the movie came out. cant wait for the sequel! even tho, carrie's story ended, so whats next babies? *gasp*

  4. @AM yaay, congratulations, i love first timers. not really feeling the lipstick jungle and cashmere mafia, its like satc has done it all, what could they possibly do next? i totally feel you, she looks like a christmas tree, lets keep our fingers crossed though, it might not be that bad.

    @GS i know! i thought about that, carrie and big and their kids and probably samantha finally deciding to get married, who knows?

  5. ahhh yes I have all of the episode on dvd and the fashion books too :) I love SATC so much!


  6. love SATC, never watched an episode for more than a sec before the movie came out, but loved the movie. for some reason, I can sit through a movie, but if fashion is involved then am hooked until my attension shifts to mind styling--weird, i know!!! I think am not a tv/movie person, but fashion/clothes attracts me to tv/movies.

    regard to u acting up blog, girl! who have u hurt???--karma from "papi" lmao! do u ever come on IM or am I invisible too :o

  7. The SATC movie lived up to the hoopla. I dont think it can compare to the series though! Saw the preview for the confessions of a shopahalic movie...i have a feeling its gonna be a SATC wannabe movie but who knows...
    Saw you were dissappointed by Wonderland...still havent been but from your post I dont think I've missed much. What is there to do now in Abuja anyways?!

  8. I thank God I am not the only person raving about the shopaholic series,

    they're going to MURDER MY BOOK!I mean, am I the only one who sees that turning that girl into an American is not the way to go> like WTF? Why and I hate that girl as Becky...I refuse to even call her name, what the hell is she wearing? I wasn't excited when I heard they were going to make it into a movie, movies often buthcher books.
    like aaarrrgghhhhh!! This is ridiculous

    Ask me why I'm hyperventilating about a movie, I just cant help it....

    Who do u see playing Becky?...I know Renee's done Bridget Jones, but dats who I keep imagining

  9. @FC same here. SATC rules!

    @JF how?!?!

    @NDQ then you should be a total SATC fan, because its all about the fashion. the series a bit outdated now, but the movie is on point.there's quite a bit to do, i'll fill you in on your blog

    @zena seriously i have a feeling its going to be a mess! but i'm hoping against hope it doesnt stink that much. like the way they messed up "ps i love you". i think an unknown will have been better, so it doesnt give viewers any preconceived notions about the character. we'll just have to wait and see

  10. Hey Hey Hey!

    Fabulous post! You touched on all the things I hold dear to my heart! SATC, Fabulousity by KLS, and of course the Shopaholic series. I’m glad I’m not the only one disappointed by their choice of Becky…Becky is uber fab and though she lives above her means, reading the books, I got the impression that she was a fab chica…I DO NOT LIKE ISLA FISHER…she’s so un-fab…how could they do that?!??! It’s not going to stop me from going to see the movie though, even if it means me going to see it by myself, which I have done for all my “epic” movies- The Devil Wears Prada and SATC!

  11. my darling we're soooo on the same page! i LOVE Devil wears prada too, like its saved on my laptop and i can practically quote it word for word now. dont mind them jare, lets just wait till then to see what those murderers come up with, lol.


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