Monday, December 15, 2008


Started with a celebrity sighting, and not just any old celebrity sighting, as in one of all those 5 kobo Nollywood actors but..... wait for it...... drumroll please.......... NELLY!!! and NAS!!! Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!! I'm sure some of you might be rolling your eyes by now [dem born you] like "hiss, i thought she was going to say freakin Tom Cruise or some shit", but pele o, I looove Nelly, not such a Nas fan but I totally dig Nelly.

It started innocently enough, I went to the Transcorp Hilton to get an airline ticket, as I was leaving i spotted an old friend Gina and I stopped to chinwag a bit, then we noticed a minor commotion at the entrance. I was thinking it was just one of all those attention seeking politicians and their minions when Gina nearly pulled off my arm hissing "look, look". I was just like who could it possibly be, as in it cant pass Yar Adua, when this guy walked into the lobby surrounded by Big Mike type guys, i was just like who is this person? Then it hit me, it was Nas! Nasty Nas himself in the freakin flesh, I coulda choked, I and Gina were just like shiiiiiit!!!! As always I had my camera with me and I was like this is perfect blog fodder, but my legs failed me, I couldnt go to him, my friend would hit me and be like "say something", me I'd be like "you say something". We demoed like that until Nas went past us, as in he was so near I could have touched him.

I had barely recovered from that, when i started hearing wispers "Nelly, Nelly, Nelly", without wahala I whipped out my camera, as in this one na die! I would wrestle one of his bodyguards if they didnt let me get a picture. But the guy was a no show, guess who showed up instead, the St Lunatics including Murphy Lee [who's my favourite Lunatic]. I was just like I guess Murphy Lee's as good as any other sha,m I can manage that one. So I went up to him and asked to take his picture, the guy was so nice and obliging, he even opened his backpack and gave I and Gina free cd's [i guess that's what happens when you're not a huge star just one of his entourage], like I heard Rihanna's a total bitch, but I digress. Anyhoo, as I was getting ready to take the picture, Nelly walked in and Murphy Lee was like "thats the guy you want, not me". OMG! I felt sooo bad for him, I was just like "nooo, its you I want, I even prefer your music". Y'all shoulda seen him, his face just lit up, he was so happy and I stood there and took a picture with him while my heart was with Nelly, it was painful but at least it was my good deed for the year.

They're so much hotter in real life, like I love Nelly but you and I know he's never going to win any beauty pagaents. But he actually looked better in person than on television. Nas just defies description, hottt is not the word. My cup runneth over mayne.

That basically heralded a truly mad weekend with the Mode Magazine [Ugly Betty should totally sue] Men Of The Year Awards which was a bust and my friend Adanna's birthday which was a blast! Had a really fun weekend, plus my friend Jen was in town too for the awards where her company, Polo won Best Luxury Brand [impressive eeh?]. It was a fitting end to a really tough but sometimes fun 2 and a half months in school, I'm going back to home this week, to my family, my friends and my boyfriend. What more could I ask for? Yaay, next stop, Lagos!

Jen and her award for Best Luxury Brand of the year

Adanna and her man Uche

Abisola Winterbottom

Ani and IK

Adaeze, Adaobi

Kiki and Molly


Obi, Bob and Udy O


  1. murphy lees fat nw ....hehe such a nice lie u tld

    babes!! luv dat dress n d fact u wore d belt just killd it
    ur dress at d club 2 was nice

    u guys goin home dis dec? nice pics by d way

  2. thanks luv, my dear, normal o. we're eastern bound every year. are you coming back?

  3. Hey....
    Nice pics! Nice blog too. I actually know Adaeze and Adaobi! They look really cute too.
    Happy Holidays!

  4. my dear leppa (thats what my mom said yesterday when i showed her my new pants that i bought, so am giving the name too lmao!!), even the fake smile gives u up on the lie lol! I told you already abt that fab outfit cuz i saw it 1st on fbk--love the belt and bag, bring that BAG next time u hit this area--seriously!! ;-)

    have fun in Lag, don't disappear to villa (hey where r u from?) and come back for "lack of blog award" from me hehehe

  5. @ anonymous, thanks. a lot of people know them, they're pretty popular. p.s. please write your name next time, i'd really love to know who reads my blog. thanks for commenting.

    @ uzo, better dont start all these lepa runs, i get a lot of that already, lol. that bag is vintage o, like seriously, it was my mum's when she was in uni. i scored a few of her old stuff and i've been restoring them. great style is always in fashion.

    as in, i'm going to be incommunicado for a few days, i'm going to have to blog like crazy before i leave. its arondizuogu in imo state [try saying that without biting your tongue]. why arent you coming back? better get your african ass back here, where're you from?

  6. am sharing the leppa wit u--mine is overflowing lol!!!

    from Oba, anambra state...thats a tongue twister. my dear, not this year--my african ass is stress out for another trip + lack of motivation, no family member/close friends going--just wanna chill here for a change lol! I want vistors instead of visiting.

    well store bunch of pics/news when u get back.

  7. i loove murphy lee!!!!!!!!!! he is fine! lol
    but he looks chubby here oo
    lol @ your lie..very nice of you hehehe.

    ohhh and lmao @ the "ugly betty should sue" comment. you're funny!

    once again you and your friends look fab
    love the first dress with the gold purse ;)

  8. luving the photo's!

  9. Like ur dress at the mode polo a 9ja branch/ franchise of Ralph Lauren's polo????

  10. that dress with the black belt...dash me pls


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