Thursday, December 18, 2008


I know I'm probably the last fashion blogger on earth to blog about Oluchi's Vogue appearance, but I'm not technically a fashion blogger, I just like to live up to the name from time to time. But if you've been hiding under a rock for the past month, let me give you the koko. Mrs Oluchi Orlandi nee Onweagba is doing big things! She is prominently featured in the Vogue December issue, with her "so cute i could eat him up" son, Ugo. I digress a bit, heard she named him Ugo because it could be both Ibo as in Ugochukwu and Italian as in, only God knows lol. Anyhoo she's in not just the pictorials, but you know the bit at the back where they showcase a celebrity's fashionable life and itemize all their favourite designers and show them in different scenes? Well if you don't, go get Vogue and rep your countrywoman because Oluchi KILLED it!

Its common knowledge that Oluchi is running things in New York, actually saw her once in her mad, mad Porsche in Manhattan somewhere on 7th, but I was on the other side of the road and she was leaving this store surrounded by tons of shopping bags and she looked seriously harrassed. Ibo girl or no Ibo girl, I didnt think she'd appreciate someone screaming her name from across the street, so I just respected myself. She looked amazing though.


  1. As skinny as she is homegirl still has ASS!! Loves it!xx

  2. She looked good…was a bit disappointed that I had to skim all the way to the end of the magazine before I could find the pics…

  3. Heard about the Oluchi Vogue oh! went to look for it but when i left yankee they only had the issue with Jennifer Aniston on the cover. Hopefully they'll still have this one when i get back...

  4. NDQ

    That's the same issue, she's just all the way at the back

    I was mucha proud of her,


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