Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The long Sallah weekend is over, now its back to the regular grind. Had a very full holiday, finally went to Wonderland, a theme park in Abuja. How d'you say disapointed in 4 languages; deluso! enttauscht! decu! decepcionado! It cost just N300 to get in, then N200-N300 for rides but I still regarded it as money wasted. The place needs an advisory warning, "anyone with sufficient brain cells need not enter". I had been excited for weeks about going, i finally did and i and my friends didn't chill for more than an hour. I guess if you've never been out of the country and haven't become jaded by six flags, magic mountain, legoland, alton towers etc, I guess you could probably wild out at Wonderland, but if you have STAY AWAY, you'll be very, very angry.

The faux Disneyland entrance

Waiting in anticipation for the first ride, hissss

To make matters worse when we were leaving I and my friends Erenma and Anwuli who are Abuja virgins decided to tackle the confusing roads on our own and nearly ended up at the airport, plus our gas tank was empty, the light was flashing and we couldn't find a gas station. It was a memorable drive, we did a 360 turn into oncoming traffic, we drove one way on an express road, at one point it looked like we were seeing road signs for Kaduna, all in the dark, definitely don't need that experience again.

Had fun this holiday sha, went for my first Sallah party and all, generally just hung with friends and spent time with the bf with the unnapreciated help of MTN. Hope you all had a great weekend too, Eid Mubarak!


  1. cute jumper, nice hair-- at least u look fab--thats all that matters huh? I will probably be scared for the ride incase of nepa--nah jk!!! ;-)

  2. lol, thanks dear. even when near death one must always be fabulous!

  3. That's one thing I miss about Gidi, all the endless holidays....

    I was just going to say that, I don't think I can trust Nigerian parks just yet, you however do look very good.

    Nice blog

  4. Oh!!! Now it's working! I was going to say that you looked fabulous in the pics!

  5. aww thanks babes. just trying to keep up with you gorgeous new yorkers

  6. lol.lol. laughing park it sure was.I cant believe I got a mention in your blog. A bum a star

  7. girl, y do u keep messing with ur setting making me sweat on postin comment lol
    my dear you should rock those harem--make the stir more and they would pick it up from u ;-)


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