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Some random blogger who I won't name, whose last post was 2 years ago on a still active blog. I'm not that bad, mine's just been about a week or so, no need to slap the cuffs on yet and send me to blogger gaol. My main excuse, school. The work has been crippling, I had no idea what I'd got myself into when I filled that jamb form "law, law". I was just a know-it-all sanctimonious bitch, I thought I could hack it. Nah, don't mind me jare, its not that bad. I wish it were like Legally Blonde where a truly daft human being with a fondness for bunny suits and pink i-macs could become valedictorian of a Harvard Law class, but sadly if wishes were Mercedes CL350's, Daks would drive that muther.

Haven't been up to much, I'm a truly disgraceful blogger. I'm supposed to updating frequently with pictures of swank celebrity soirees and high end fashion, i'm so sorry i'll really try and do better. Maybe I'll gate-crash the making of a D'banj video or something, I'm guaranteed to see at least 25 Nigerian "celebrities", those mo-hits crew peeps really love their friends. Digressing a bit, I saw Ebuka from BBN at Play last night, just wondering since his time has passed and all does he still qualify as a celebrity or respected journalist courtesy of his Thisday gig?

In my high waist latex leggings from American Apparel [all time fave trend of 2008]

Was watching the MAMA's [MTV Africa Music Awards] *isn't it weird how the acronym for Mtv's first African awards magically turned out to be an everyday Nigerian word, as in I know "mama" isn't Nigerian but we sure use it enough*. Anyhoo, the MAMA's was BANGING! Since I didn't attend I had to catch the broadcast on Mtv like the masses and I was seriously impressed. I thought the Thisday concerts was like the benchmark for performance ceremonies in Nigeria but the MAMA's knocked it out of the effing park. It was too mad, like the stage, the scenery, the set, I mean it was like watching the VMA's invaded by Nigerians. Big ups to Alex Okosi and Mtv Africa, they were amazing.

On the performances bit, they were all hot, but the two that stood out for me were The Game and Kelly Rowland with D'Banj. There was nothing spectacular about Game's bit, but the beginning when he got on stage, like 37 agbero's rushed him from the audience! It was too funny, I wan laugh die. Like some grown ass men were jumping all over the guy, his bodyguards had to carry them bodily off stage, Game sef was doing like nothing spoil, he didn't even look at them. i swear I was on the floor with laughter, Nigerians are so dependable, they never disappoint. Then Ms Kelly came with her own steez [not to be a bad belle, but who thinks Kelly Rowland needs to retire or at least beg Beyonce to feature in one of her songs? The babe's albums are not selling, she has resorted to working out like a maniac to have something to show in her videos, its just sad.] Anyway she sang 2 songs from her "bronze" selling album 'Like This' and 'Work', then D'Banj came on at the end and did his whole crazeman sturvs, I'm sure she was just like WTF!

Oh yeah and it was hosted by Trevor Nelson from The Lick, who I think is just one of the coolest guys ever.
D'Banj and Kelly Rowland

The Velodrome, Abuja

The Game


I think I might go to Jos this week and involve myself in whats going over there, maybe then I'd have stuff to blog about. BTW, there's some sort of religious rivalry thing happening in Jos, Plateau State, you know Muslims killing Christians and vice versa. I heard that there's going to be a demonstration in Abuja today [I dont know how true that is] so I'm staying put in Bwari because we know how black people get, a demonstration will turn to a riot, next thing people are getting killed and Mrs U would be travelling to the North to identify her daughter's body instead of Call To Bar so I'm staying put in Bwari, even though I'd like nothing better to be at the nearest airport, I think NLS might be the safest place to be, if anything happens sha.

In the absence of being involved in a mass murder, I'm posting pictures of my fabulous friends, old and new, which will give me time to think of what to blog about next. Peace!

Jenifer aka the polo princess

Kiki "dont mess with texas' Ejims

Molly P!




Hiba and Ani

Bukky and Adanna


  1. I know, I also found it funny that it coincidentally formed MAMA hehe

    pls o b safe, I can't imagine what does people who call themselves muslim and christains think their doing argh ...P.S we'l like to witness the call to bar o :D super cool*

    As for Ebuka umm maybe still a celeb
    I can only remember him working for Guinness as well, but didn't make a difference
    cause i still saw him as a BBA housemate(celeb)

    and ur high waist latex leggings looks good on U...gud pics as well
    ♥ ya

  2. lol, you better witness it o., november 2009, i don't want to look for you this babe. thanks dear

  3. that two-year old blogger sounds suspiciously like me... lol... but i have two blogs now so it couldnt possible be... right? lol.
    love those leggings! so hotttttt. but u have to be super super skinny to wear them right, i hear, so lucky you i suppose. *sigh*

  4. lol, nah babe. its not you. thank you, thank you!

  5. awww you and your friends are so pretty!
    love your blog btw ;)

    ps:what kinda extensions does ur girl Ediri have on? really like the hairstyle...

  6. you're far too kind! i'll let them know. she has braids on its not a weave, its pick and drop. i dont know what the attachment is called.

  7. Your friends all look soo fabulous! I know one of em
    I'll be in the A-town next week, I cant wait!
    Lol@ you calling the non-updating blogger out!

  8. lol @ the MAMA's ...we are doing big things oo.

    but wait just one second...wasnt the game hot in that outfit?

    ps: I think kelly rowland should just retire....she is like left-over food...tew sad...almost pathetic...if were her i would legally change my name to beyonce's friend...or destinys child...maybe that would boost album sales a bit

  9. @NDQ cool, holla at me when you get in

    @Timmy fashi o, that show was hot, the game? not so, i'm not a fan. i love kelly rowland to death but i really pity her, true talk she should get a DC reunion going, thats the onloy way out.

  10. See Ebuka supra..once a celeb,always a celeb. We went to law school together and he's a great person inside and outside.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Erm,I really like Ebuka a lot.I was in law school with him too and he's a good lad. I think he deserves every bit of his celebdom and success. There are loads of our nigerian so-called celebs who became that just for dating someone famous,rich or because they club a lot or have popular mates least he came by his honestly.

  13. people i'm not hating on him, i'm just wondering exactly what his status is now. actually he was my favourite housemate


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