Monday, December 22, 2008


I'm posting this with a criminally slow internet connection from Owerri the capital of Imo state in Nigeria, can you say shit in any other languages? I'm so mad! Lagos is at its most banging at Christmas and I'm stuck in this rural area. My QC family is going to be complete Nneka, Henrietta, Nwabugo, Yoko, attending the hottest parties surrounded by the flashing lights of Lagos and I'm going to be helping in the killing of goats or some other shit [I'm joking, eeewwhhh, mon Dieu!] never if i can help it.

Anyhoo you know I'll always make it do what it do and even if I dont have anything worthwhile to blog about, I'll just steal my friends pictures and talk about what they've been up to, might make for interesting reading.


  1. pelle, ndo, sorry, make the best of it've been tagged again, feel us in on interest 7 info abt u--check blog for better info!! merry christmas!!!xo

  2. Have a merry christmas or organize a 'bash' with dem village chics....


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