Monday, November 22, 2010

Sideview Event + Wedding Fab

Yours truly in a vintage Lanre Da Silva lace dress and Ankara bib necklace by ST Colours and acres of "horse hair" (according to commenters on Bella Naija)

SIDE VIEW Magazine is an International magazine; currently distributed in all the major fashion capitals, particularly in Europe, Africa and America. It has featured Celebrities, Artists, Designers, Models and talented professionals from all over the world. After the successful '3 bloggers, 1 night' in Vancouver the fabulous people of Sideview Magazine thought it would be a good idea to host one for their Nigerian readership. They got three amazing bloggers and social media influencers - Terence Sambo, Noble Igwe and Tari Ekiyor whose contributions to fashion, entertainment and lifestyle have been hugely accepted. The editor-in chief Dumebi Agbakoba and Tinu Adesugba were on hand to make sure the event was a blast.

After a long day in court on that Friday, I dragged my boo Oyidiya to the Marquee to go see wassup

Nwunye m, Oy looking tres fit! I need to step up my gym game, in fact to be truthful, I've never worked out in my life, people like Oy inspire me but not enough to actually do something about my looming christian mother arms.

Terence Sambo and Noble Igwe, two of the honorees

Tari Ekiyor, the only female blogger featured.

My bizzles Ediri and Anwuli

Cutie patootie Adebayo Oke-Lawal

Neks2U. Love the hair! I'll never be bold enough to shave it all off but I admire those who do and she looks faboosh!

From there we went upstairs to the bar at the Marquee to party properly and we were joined by my friends Molly and Kafy.

One of my oldest and bestest, Molly


Then we headed to Bacchus to party with my ninja Oye Smith for her birthday. Good times.

Oyetola. We actually became friends through twitter, extremely random friendship. At her Bacchus do, there were all these people I only knew through their handles on twitter and it was so funny how when she was introducing them it wasn't with their real name just twitter handles, This world is officially weird sha.

From there we went on to Rehab which was PACKED! Apparently that night was the Hennessy Beat Bar crawl and I'd totally forgotten.
*for people who don't live in Lagos. There's a radio station called The Beat 99.9, which is without doubt the coolest station in Lagos. Anyhoo every month they host a Bar crawl in conjunction with Hennessy and basically they pick an area in Lagos and go round all the bars in that area in one night.

Very nice you say? Lemme tell you why not....

Now The Beat is a very popular radio station and whenever they do these bar crawls they announce it on the radio the entire week, its like a constant barrage of publicity. So everybody hears it and everybody wants to come out and party with the presenters. Now for those of us who have no wish to be part of the madness we either stay home or party in another part of town. Unfortunately for me though I must have seriously spazzed out last week because I did not remember that they were having one on Friday and I unwisely ventured into Rehab. For your own safety I beg of you, if you hear The Beat is having a bar crawl, STAY HOME. #ThatIsAll

The next day I attended a wedding at City Hall, which is fast becoming the site du jour for weddings and engagements for my friend Chigbo and Mikki's wedding. I'm a total wedding hater, like unless I'm a member of the bridal party or I know the couple well I stay home on Saturdays. I so don't do the attache for weddings that's a staple of Lagos social life. I mean, you've seen one wedding you've seen 'em all. This year though I attended a spectacular wedding, my friend Ediri's and I have another amazeballs one coming up in December, my boo Molly's. This wedding was one of the one's I really liked, it wasn't overly large which is shocking for such very well known people. The crowd was intimate and fun, everybody knew everyone else, you know how at a wedding there's always that person who has no idea who the bride or groom are, this was so not one of the. I really liked it, very unlike my usual grinchy self.

My 'adire' and lace dress by Babushka. I absolutely heart Babushka, I first met the designer at the October Le Petit Marche and I was really impressed by what she had on display. Truth be told she was the only designer that did it for me that day. Unlike many Lagosians I go to LPM to buy rather than stand around looking pretty and trying to get my picture taken, so I'm always on the prowl for hot talent. At the August LPM I discovered Ejiro Amos Tafiri and ST Colours whom I love to death. And at this one Babushka, her dresses are a dream I swear.

The entire back panel of the dress is tricked out in lace. There were some very scary monents when I thought she wasn't going to pull it off as I had to go for a second fitting and amendment but she came through and gave me an amazing dress. Totally gonna rock this again, can't waste it.

Anwuli, Kech, Ediri

Awesome, awesome weekend! Next one promises to be even better though, Himself gets in on Friday (yay). Next weekend is gonna be legendary!

*Oh yeah, I was one of the featured "1000 Smiles of 2010" over on Noble Igwe's blog, See it here


  1. tahe dress by Babushka looks good on you...i concur ejiro is good sure are having fun

  2. I love the Babushka dress on you....the back especially is to die for :) Great article as well. Keep it up Daks!

  3. You and your friends are all types of fierce! Love the Babuskha dress!

  4. @doll an MsO Thanks you guys! I had another one made by her, will put it up soon.

    @Dezi, thanks boo. I still can't get used to this your new name.

    @Remz, She probably came for the wedding, ask Diri.

  5. What do you mean about Christian Mother Arms? You??? Please do not make me laugh! What then would you say about hippos like me? On another note, Oy! You look smashing! And sooo toned too! Geez I'm terribly ashamed of myself.

  6. Dr. Oyoyo
    Aawww,dax my boo. I love u #teamskinnybitches. I can't help but point out the fact that I look like I'm suffering from right- sided parotitis(google is ur friend :p) But we sure had a BLAST!
    P.s. Love the goth chick look u rocked to the side view event. U r all manners of fab. Kisses

  7. Dr Oyoyo
    Lol. Thank u yoko. I have my 3 days a week of intense killer aerobics classes to thank.

  8. the detail on the back of that dress is amazing and the color too. its a perfect fit and looks great on you.

  9. ...with ya fine self all over the place!

  10. When are we getting a new blog post. Every morning I wake and still no new blog post, sometimes I lay awake staring into space wondering when there will be another blog. Other times I get angry and shred the doll I made from your hair...I'm not sure what I will do if you don't write another blog soon.
    You'd better, I'm watching you.

  11. Aww you were at the Sideview event...good stuff. You looked good.

    Meanwhile, rotflmao at people being introduced by their twitter handles. I thought it was weird enough that people now 'IM Talk' e.g. saying LOL, LMAO, etc.

  12. @Yoko. I'm coming to your house, you'll see these arms for yourself.

    @Oyoyo. My one and only Hungarian Dibia, love you loads.

    @Mbabazi. Thank you! xxx

    @T.Notes. Lol, thanks!

    @YBF. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting......HIMSELF!

    @NDQ. Thank you babe, proper grammar and enunciation are disintegrating before our eyes. Lord knows how the next generation will communicate.


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