Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Molly + FAB Magazine Night Out

So last weekend was awesome, my friend Molly is getting married and it was her bridal shower and hen night on Saturday. I'm very proud of myself, I've successfully cut down on all my social activities (though Himself would beg to differ), but seriously though unless its something specific e.g. a birthday or like last weekend, a hen night, anyone that says they saw me out in a club na e tu ezigbo ashi.

The weekend started with me missing the opening of PLAY in Calabar, due to the stubbornness of Molly's other bridesmaids who refused to move the bridal shower and hen night date, it was 9-1 against me. Plus work has been BANANAS these past few weeks so there was no way I could get out of it on Friday to race to the airport and catch the 2pm flight to Calabar, I'm still beefing everybody that was able to go sha. I consoled myself that night with Fringe Season 3 and Modern Family-----this show is the biggest trip ever, MF and How I Met Your Mother have to be the funniest series ever.

my Molly P is getting married!

Udy, Molly. The bridal shower was at Oniru private beach and it was my first time there. I won't go as far as to say I hate beaches but I'd rather stay home and watch tv than go to the beach where you run the risk of being stabbed by broken bottles, frightened by massive horses, getting salt water in your eyes, being held up by touts and on getting home finding sand in your unmentionables. Scratch that, I hate beaches.

Playing the "who knows Molly best" game (which I won btw)

Thankfully we got one of the more "modest" cakes and not all those ones with spunk gushing out of a fully tumescent phallus, or a cruel female hand with red talons grasping a poor guys cojone's.

The Hen Night, we decided to go with no theme and just had everyone show up with pretty dresses and gave out masks.

TWP in a dress by Meena, who is another FABOOSH Nigerian designer. This dress is even one of the more simple ones, the rest are seriously gorgeous creations, I LOVE the french lace at the sleeves and hem, burriful!
*Uju of Meena is launching her label with a collection titled SILVER SHADOW on Saturday the of 11th of December at the Leila Fowler store on 215b Etim Inyang crescent, Victoria Island Lagos at 2pm*

Linda, Molly, Udy, Temi

Molly and the other bride. We were having so much fun and causing so much commotion that another bride and her bridesmaids on their own hen night came over to join us and being the magnanimous party animals that we are we kindly gave them masks too

Her bridesmaids were mad people too sha, had to give it to them. Safe to stay WE were the party that night. Typical Nigerians, nearly all the guys in the club ditched whoever they came with and literally surrounded us, staring like it was American wonder.

The next day, Sunday, was the FAB Magazine Night Out. It was a fashion show/mini concert/comedy show/awards. Who else has noticed that Nigerians never do just one thing? If you're attending a comedy show there must be musical performances. At fashion or award shows there are always comedians, seperate from the MC's, they always overlap. I think its a Nigerian thing because I don't really see it happening anywhere else, its like Nigerians imaginations can't be captivated by just one event, there must be about 5 different things happening at the same time. Even if its just a concert, there must be about 6 performers, it can never be about just one artiste and there's always the interminable lull between performances, where someone (who is more often than not, Basketmouth) comes to entertain the guests while we wait. I think the Tuface show was the only concert I've been to that was strictly Tuface throughout, No comedy, no catwalk, other artistes were strictly those that featured on his songs, no distractions.

Where was I...FAB Night Out, yes. It was fabulous! Lanre Da Silva Ajayi, Re Bahia, Mai Atafo and Jil Couture showed fabulous dresses. Bez, Sasha, Mo'Cheddah (I LOVE this child!) and El'Dee performed and Elenu and Seyi Law were the comedians. It was hosted by Tee A and Yvone Ekwere (I refuse to use that "Vixen" name, somewhere in the world a kitten dies when people say that word). Then awards were given out. I was ok with most of the awards except Banky W for Most Stylish Male Artiste, that I thought was a fail of epic proportions. When there's Naeto C and Darey, how can Banky W win most stylish anything. This is not beef btw because I love Banky's music and he's a pretty funny person to follow on twitter but stylish...I think not.

The best bit of the awards though was when PLAY Sports Bar and Grill won Most Stylish Bar, I was like yay! This is amazing recognition for the effort that Elvis and Charles Okpaleke have put into PLAY in just two years, Elvis was on hand to collect the award after just getting in from Calabar and he dedicated it to his late father.

The funniest bit of the awards was the "Black Carpet", don't get it twisted but Naija has stepped up its paparazzi level, they're on some E type steez now I swear to you. Case in point, as i walked in, the camera bulbs start flashing, I was like ok, normal. The next thing was now the different style channels (who knew there were style channels in Nigeria, I didn't) and they were all asking, "who are you wearing", "what inspired your outfit" etc, I was cracking the eff up inside, I was just like are these people for real? They made me walk them through my entire look and did a 360 camera turn and analysed each accessory I was wearing....it was surreal. The only reason I stayed so composed was because I was alone, if i had come with my friends who are just useless people, we would have embarrassed ourselves with laughter. I guess musicians and awon celebrities are used to all that but I just thought it was funny. Couldn't take any pictures because I forgot my camera, that totally bummed me out.

I wore this white grecian inspired dress by Babushka (again, I know). Gold obi belt and beaten gold armband were inspired by the gold sequins on the shoulder, totally channeling Greek goddess.This is definitely one of my favourite maxi dresses, deceptively simple but it stands out for miles. I can't lie people were feeling the girl that night.

This was totally the wow factor, I LOVED the back. The dress actually comes with a regular scoop necked back but I told her to add the drapey, cowl bit at the back. I'm totally all about the exposed back, unlike its contemporaries, the exposed front or exposed legs, even if your entire back is saying hello to the world it always looks classy rather than trashy. It will take a hardened hoochie to turn an exposed back into ashewo type clothes.

Fortunately or unfortunately, its December (Nigerian season of the "I just got back, mwah mwah") so everyday is a weekend, truly in December everyday feels like a weekend. Anyhoo there are gonna be events for days, so I expect to be out a lot and my darling Nneka is coming back next week, yay! Trips for days.


  1. Reading you blog makes me soo happy theres just always something to look forward to or some dress to drool over! you GOOOORRGEOUS in you babushka dress
    Congratulations to your friend Molly

  2. Nice post! Love your goddess dress with that gold combo--to chic! Seeing and reading your blog keeps me connected to naija! We have to differently hang whenever I get to naija, or u got to visit again here! Anyway, am excepting more post of all fab Dec events--enjoy it all before you head out! Xoxo

  3. Your dress is very pretty, girl you are having fun in Naija, I seriously enjoy the stories, pls don't feel guilty for having fun, keep them coming...you are the Naija version of Sex and the City girls...I enjoy reading.

  4. Yay new post! So loserish but I've been stalking this blog since the last post lol! Anyhoo...LOVE LOVE LOVE that Babushka dress! Amazing!! You rocked that well!

  5. 1ST Time visiting your blog and i am loving it :-)

  6. lol twp this your blog is on point!!! enjoyed reading every word you wrote...btw love the dress, ditto to the back :)

  7. good job supporting Nigerian designers by wearing their clothes. they are reat and i really love he last white one..

  8. @Anon 5.04. Thank you soo much for your lovely comment, I'm loving your enthusiasm xxx

    @Jadore. Baby mi. you know I'm waiting for you now. Lagos won't hold the both of us.

    @YankeeNaijaBabe. SATC? I think not, my life is not that glamorous at all. Thanks for your gorgeous comment though

    @Chika. PLEASE keep stalking, lol. The support makes my heart smile, thanks so much.

    @NaijaPrincess234. Yay! You better come back.

    @MissNatural. Merci mon cherie, mwah!

    @Mbazi. NIgerian designers are amazeballs! I can't help but support them, their creations are mindblowing.

  9. Lol @ guys string at you all like American wonder. Love the back of your Grecian dress!HAWT someting!

  10. @ChicTherapy. Fashi o, it was hella funny. Thanks miss

  11. ur dress is really nice.u get 2 have so much fun. thot i added u 2 my blog list b4. now goin 2 check again. xx

  12. oh my gosh girl you got style...im from cameroon(neighbors to Nigeria) and your pictures make me want to go back home asap. you look great!

  13. very beautiful dress just got the link to ur blog from bellanaija and im already loving it....

  14. ok, I have been ff you since '08. finally got out of my passive zone to comment, your style is very nice.

    I saw you on Bella NAija and I was like I know that girl, then I went through my Blogroll and found you.

    Remain fly.

  15. please what is a hen night?

  16. yay!! Cant wait to see you Daks!! xxx

  17. You looked awesome on the Bella Naija red carpet. LOVE the dress and the way you put it all together.

  18. @Ifeoma, thanks so much xxx

    @Fashion Guru, Cameroun seriously? That is so cool, thank you!

    @Dankeo. Thank you! Keep coming back.

    @Yinkuslolo. That means you've been with me from the very beginning! Awesome! Thanks for staying faithful.

    @Anon. Its the female version of a bachelors eve party.

    @Neks. You know this! Painting Lagos red in ....5, 4, 3.....

    @Mgbeke. Mwah my love, thank you!


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