Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meena Label Launch - SILVER SHADOW

My weekend was super packed because this week is my last week of work so I'd been working round the clock to clear my desk before the 15th but I just had to make out time to catch the Meena Label Launch at the Leila Fowler Store on Saturday the 11th. I and Himself and my friends Yoko, Henrietta and Maddy went down there to scope the offerings. the collection included elegant cocktail dresses, jumpsuits, peek-a-boo tops etc

Meena Creative Director - Uju Offiah in a Meena original

Meena ready-to-wear

The unique thing about Meena is that she does not do made to measure, that is, you can't carry your ankara or French lace to her and say make a strapless dress for me or make a one armed top. She simply releases a collection every season of about 6 ready to wear pieces in standard stock sizes and ships to her retailers's sort of like a Nigerian Reiss or Karen Millen. Its a very imaginative concept in the Nigerian fashion industry and has enormous potential for growth, she is definitely the first designer in the country to do this specifically and not just as an offshoot of a made to measure label.

The models in Meena

These babes were on some Project Runway, Americas Next Top Model kinda steez, they were "smizing" and giving face like no man's business, Andre Leon Talley would have been proud. After observing a lot of models close hand, anyone that calls me skinny or breakable is gonna get a smack in the mouth. I am a WHALE compared to these girls, their hipbones could cause serious injury if you brushed by them. Their bodies are gangsta! I was seriously impressed because I have zero discipline, I've never worked out or dieted in my entire life, I've simply been relying on the grace of God. The day my luck runs out, I'm hightailing it to Dr. Robert Rey to lie under his magic scalpel and 90210 the fat away.

Henrietta, Yoko and Bukky. Bukky's tunic is to die for, I've totally become obsessed with Angelina Jolie style caftans and goddess dresses. That is definitely on my "To Cop List"

Nneka. She writes the fashion blog

Terence Sambo giving the dresses his expert Anna Wintour-style once over

Elle-même in my mum's vintage Azzedine Alaïa top from the 80's. The 80's and the 90's were the worst decades for fashion, but once in a while I find a few pieces I really like. Unfortunately my mum only started saving her clothes from around 1982 so that's all I have to work with. The top is a little roomy for me though but I can't trust Nigerian tailors not to ruin the top so unless Alaïa himself comes to Ikeja and takes it in for me, there's nothing I can do about it. I'm also wearing a DIY turban, constructed out of a black scarf and a silver shell brooch.

More Meena. I bought the jumpsuit on the right, can't wait to wear the hell outta that outfit.

Is it just me or are the models breasts doing the mostest, like when I first saw this photo, apart from the sinful beauty of the jumpsuit I was like "damn I want those breasts too". Was it chilly in there? Were there ice cubes involved? What???

All in all I loved what Uju had to offer, Nigerian designers are a bit too ostentatious and though on a good day Anna Dello Russo is my idol sometimes its also fun to step back and channel Grace Kelly. The minimalism of Meena is reminiscent of Doo-Ri Chang or Jil Sander or Calvin Klein's Spring 2009 which was just to die for. Sometimes less can be equally fabulous.


  1. Awesome.
    I actually started something similar with 'metrogypsie' but my MSc came in my way. Retail(ready to wear that is).
    Nigerian fashion is he future for we Nigerians at least.
    Uju is doing so well.

  2. i am sure ice cubes were involved o.

    Lovely designs though

  3. sounds like fun. id definitely wear that jumpsuit lucky you can almost fit into ur mums old clothes.

  4. She is really creative...I don't even go near my mums old clothes, they can not fit

  5. dat dress uju has on is 2 die for. n i love ur DIY turban. nice. ur very lucky u dont have to work mum tells me i look like her n will always be a size 8 but i cant take chances. no one knows 2moro. black n white skin hardly ever heal d same way so Dr Ray mite not be an option in some cases. my point.. make working out a lifestyle. lol. u dont have 2 do it everyday, it can b 2/3 times a week or so.xx

  6. ifeoma.wish i had your attitude work. become a work out junkie is one of my silent resoluions for everyday . it just never trying tho. twp btw stay away from the knife not good.

  7. @StephanieIj. Really. That's awesome, I envy you creative types.

    @ChicTherapy. My dear o, I had to ask.

    @Mbabazi. Yeah I know, she had hella hot fashion sense.

    @Lara. Yeah she is, big things for her.

    @Ifeoma. I know, laziness is a sin. I'll def try and work out.

  8. Fab jumpsuits!! And you look cute :)

    Do you have info on her, I'm coveting both those jumpsuits. Plus, like everyone else, the boobs, but I'll settle for the jumpsuit :)

  9. @Lamide. Lmao! Those boobs, trust. Her number is 08055593643

  10. woosh! love ur blog which i just discovered via bn. u tell it as it is, we need more of this typa honesty.. bless xx

  11. @Bibi. Thanks b, I'll def check your blog out too.

  12. I love Bukky's tunic, Nneka's hair (infact the babe is quite fab looking), and your 'fit...especially the clutch. How cool that you can shop in your mom's closet.

    PS:- One jobless day, I caught up on your blogposts (since your hiatus). Good stuff! You and your friends are some correct looking babes.

  13. Such beautiful clothes and ready to wear as well. When did Lagos get so cool?

  14. lovely designs, I'm totally impressed!

  15. Who made your friend's caftan? Do you have the designer's contact info? Thanks!


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