Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas, Reunions and New Year

Due to the fact that our housekeeper did a runner just before Christmas I mounted an anti-Christmas campaign in my house, I REFUSED to cook anything and threatened everyone with Indomie. Not that I'm denying my family a nice chicken lunch or nothing but I've been deceived like this before, last year my mum told me "just cook like we're having regular lunch, its just us, nothing serious"...and before I knew it I was chopping green pepper and making small chops and grinding beans for moin-moin, ONLY ME. I have just one sister, who's 12 and therefore no help at all in the kitchen, my brothers will just sit and wait to be served, so this year when Blessing did a moonlight flit I was prepared and informed my mother that we were not doing Christmas this year that I had had a nice chat with her sister who had graciously agreed to host all the families and as her house is adequately staffed I did not foresee any circumstances that would have me pounding, mixing or chopping anything.

Praise be to the Infant Jesus because it was a roaring success.

Familial duties duly observed, I headed to my cousins house, the Okpalekes who were hosting us wakajugbes for Christmas dinner. It went from a little family dinner to a quite sizeable event, definitely aided by the Lagos bush telegraph honed to finding exactly where the lems are stashed, be it Sallah, Christmas or Easter. You can never go hungry during the holidays if you're tuned into that grubido amebo frequency.

Henrietta Okpaleke

Bukky, Yoko, Oyidiya, Ola, Adanna

TWP in a very roomy dress, worn specifically for the purpose of lemming without detection. The things I did to food that night ehn, the chicken took out a restraining order. Tres embarrassing, I can't come within 50 feet of poultry for the next 6 months.

Adanna the prayer warrior, getting dinner off to a Christian start. Reminding us all what the day was about lest we thought it was solely for the consumption of that magnificent spread.

Kanebi and Rilwan. who are both rappers signed to PlAY records, owned by Elvis and Charles Okpaleke.

Madonna Okpaleke aka Maddy Hayes!

Noble stopped by.

On the 27th, I and Henrietta and my other QC besties attended a mini QC reunion at our friend Omowunmi's mums 50th at Bon Voyage Hotel in vi. It was an insane night that started at Bon Voyage, went on to Piccolo Mondo, then to the Mega Plaza Food Court as a result of a serious case of gullyciousness, then to the Marquee and finally at Rehab.

Omowunmi O., Hilda, Omowunmi F., Yoko, Henrietta, Nneka

After a thoroughly decadent night I, Henrietta, Nneka, Hilda and Yoko ended up back at Henrietta's and instead of crashing stayed up till 6am eating white chocolates and drinking some weird chocolate flavoured red wine thingy. Old friends are truly amazing, we've known each other since we were 9 years old in QC, were seat partners all the way till SS3. Did all the bailing out of school to attend parties together, so we basically all have the same gist from when we were kids. The whole night was just jokes, reminiscing about boarding school and when Mrs. Euler-Ajayi cancelled our SS3 prom on the pretext that "prom did not glorify God", 9 years later we still have beef for that woman, if it had been Mrs. Sojinrin or Mrs. Marinho that will NEVER had happened. Remembering Interact Club events which apart from Interhouse Sports in QC, were the only other way to meet boys while we were imprisoned in school and just recalling all the Queens College urban legends, especially one I'd like to debunk right now..........


This myth seems to be very popular amongst the other schools and when I say the other schools I mean KC, A-hall, ISL, VF, no other school mattered. Anyhoo, it never happened, we heard this gist the same way y'all heard it, utter lies. I'd like to admit one though.....

Yes, QC girls chased Richard Mofe-Damijo, I saw this happen with my 2 koro-koro eyes. I think it was in 1997 because I remember then I had recently transferred from Vivian Fowler and I was still trying to form cream girl in front of the QC barbarians. Poor RMD had come to the Principals office, nobody knew for what but the gist spread throughout school that he was on the premises, naturally all classes were abandoned and we all came out to the corridors to see him. Not that we were that interested in RMD but school was boring and QC girls loved activity so any chance to make noise was welcome. The dude stepped out of Princi's office and there was instant pandemonium, girls started screaming, bear in mind that these girls were senior girls. Us Jnr girls didn't have that kind of liver so we were still sitting like good girls in our classes. But when the seniors started screaming we couldn't resist it so we rushed out of class to see what was happening just in time to see a SOLID blue wave of QC's finest SS1-SS3 girls RACING after RMD.

I was absolutely flabberwhelmed.

The man who had been casually ambling, looked behind him, saw these pubescent teenagers running towards him and took off! I was crying from laughter, it was the funniest thing I'd seen in years, they chased him all the way out to the main gate, relentlessly. RMD can tear race sha because he dusted those girls nicely, the minute he crossed the gate the gatemen shut it so no-one could run out after him.

The next day the entire school knelt down on the Assembly ground from 8am to 2.30pm, including the innocent Jnr girls. This is one memory that will never leave me, I think I started to love QC a bit from that day because I was like "this is such a madhouse". VF girls would rather die that even act like they knew who RMD was, their fronting was legendary. All in all, it was good times sha. Finally went to bed in the morning.

Nneka and Yoko

New Year's started out weirdly, my mother, a staunch Catholic warrior and President of the Infant Jesus of Prague Society of St. Leo's Catholic Church...somehow managed to mix up the time for mass and we got to church after mass had ended. My mother was frantic! We hadn't been to midnight mass the night before and she could not envisage starting the new year without the body and blood of Christ.

Thats how we drove like mad to Blessed Tansi Mass center...mass over

Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit....mass over

St. Agness Catholic Church....mass over

St. Timothy's Catholic Church....mass over

At this point Mrs. U was close to tears, we were driving home dejectedly when (I swear to you, no exaggeration, it was like a movie) we heard hymns coming out of a building. my mother screamed STOP THERE! We screeched to a halt in front of the building but it was St. Jude's Anglican Church, I was like "mummy, its an Anglican church o", I was talking to the empty air because ma maman was already racing into the building to receive her 2011 blessing.

I and the rest of the family went in after her and for the first time in my life I attended an Anglican service.

The rest of the day was spent at home, people came over and I thoroughly embarrassed myself by crashing in the living room in full view of our guests.

Later that night, energized by my shameful nap I headaed to my first party of the new year thrown by the Mbadiwe's. This was one of the few parties I've attended that the whole guest list, iv thing was strictly adhered to. Like nobody got through, if they did sha it must have been on the way down low because security was tight.

My cousin Ugonna Ijeoma. She was one of the hostesses at the party, her dress is the absolute BUSINESS. I saw this dress for the first time over on Uzo's blog one of the ,most perfect evening dresses I've ever seen.

TWP in a dress by Jini. She's a designer i've known about for a while but I'd never seen her stuff anywhere until the Creative Focus Exhibition (details coming in next post) last week. Anyhoo, very nice dresses, great colours and designs and EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE, I can't even articulate how affordable she is. I just came to the exhibition to support my friend Iro with no intention to buy anything except her hair serum, but the minute I saw the clothes and heard the prices, my wallet started tingling in my purse, i swear to you it was like a magnetic reaction. I couldn't have stopped myself even if I wanted to. The one I'm wearing above cost N7,000 and its one of the more expensive ones sef, that's something we don't have in Nigeria, affordable native clothing. All the ones I've bought this year have been from N15,000 and above. Not easy on the pocket at all.

Eze Agim who does the best dougie in Houston. Crowds form when she does the dougie i tell you, dance machine toh bad.

Oy, Yoko, Nneka. Mi familia

From me, myself and I at Third World Profashional, here's hoping all my faboosh profashionals had a very decadent holiday. Wild out in 2011, the world is ending next year, you must to groove utunu this year.

Love and Light xxx

p.s. Forgot to add, I'm having a wardrobe sale of about 95% of my closet. These include clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery, accesories and the awesome catch is everything will be sold for the unbelievably low price of N1,000, no matter what the item is.

This sale will take place on Sunday Jannuary 9th 2011 from 12pm to 6pm, everything must go! Interested parties should email me at for the address because its at my house and I don't want to put my address up here.

Some items however due to a lot of interest been expressed in them will be up for auction, that is people will have to bid for them and the highest bid wins, simple.

I repeat almost my entire wardrobe, new and hardly worn clothes. I promise you, its an awesome deal.


  1. I look like a pregnant retard... that picture equals no justice at all o..

  2. Maddy but why, you are a gorgeous someborri and you know this

  3. Lmao @ pregnant retard! Maddy you is a babe, pregnant or not. I just love love LOVE this post! I laughed out loud for reals, my peeps at home were looking at me like I'd lost it! Some of it made me tear up a bit. We had a lot of fun this christmas! Love you much Daks! Xoxo

  4. laugh out loud at your mummy's quest for the body and blood of Jesus on New year's day!

  5. lmaoooo!! Hilarious post. I love you ladies and look forward to decades more of experiences together xxx

  6. dis latest post....OMG i am still laughg. esp ur mums new year quest to recieve God's blessings. n thanks for clearing up the air on the stereotype abt QC gals n the icecream man....for decades i hav gotten into so many heated arguements debating on this issue with "anti-QC" friends and fr-enemies. and as for the RMD's visit to QC(clearing my throat).. i was in SS2. I was soooo part of the Senior girls dat stormed him....oh my! the things we did back then! wd hav loved to list out all my fellow perpetrators....but more drama!!! lovely blog Adanna. hav a wonderful Wardrobe raid! unfortunately i am in US or else.....cheers!

  7. First comment ever on TWP. Yep, Adanna is a girl after my own heart #prayerwarriorsunite, Meanwhile this post was hilarious!
    I've always loved TWP, it just got better, either early last year or the latter part of 2009. Yoko's style is rather fab, and I'm guessing everyone coming to the wardrobe sale is size 8 and under so I def will not be there. #teamsize12 LOL


  8. I love this post! I was in QC for a while and I can so relate with the madness of QC girls! Wow,so you girls didnt get to have a prom? Not cool. Oh,and Jini's designs are definitely fab and affordable. She just hasnt hit the limelight yet. Get familiar,people!

  9. you looked gorgeous...can you get that designers contact for me? is there a way someone in the US can get something ordered. thanks


  11. Awww...thanks for the mention! Am so jealous of all the fun, but you all look great!


  12. was mad funny..Mrs. U is an amazing drama queen, just like my mom!!I am a bit jealous tho, i wasnt at the reunion:-( and you didnt even acknowledge you missed me.....oh well,i shall deal with you later!i see all my booskies...btw...maddy, you look gorge jo!

  13. U had so much fun. i laughed so had at QC babes chasing RMD. I think every1 heard dat gist back then.i'm goin 2 mail u now as regards raiding your closet.

  14. VT this post was tooo awesome! lol I laughed out loud so many times. I mean I knew you were interesting, smart, observant and now hilarious! lol. It seems like you had a good christmas and new year!! that's great. Plus again I love the outfits! So here's to a fantaboosh (I think that's how you say it lol) 2011 :) God bless ya!

  15. nice nice, but what happened to the follow up post on the wardrobe sale.
    you better get

  16. *dead* You have officially killed me with laff! That RMD episode was pure madness on speed! Punishment the next day was so-not-the-biz! Gud to see y'all looking good, Im loving the clothes. Can i thif some?

  17. I'm a little late on this but soo funny! Literally a good LOL after a long day. Your mom sounds soo sweet!

  18. Lol in my house my dad is the one that acts like this.

    Oh btw, I decided to comment on this post, instead of lurking, because when I was in Naija St. Agnes was my church! (The one in Maryland, right?) I miss it sha, especially their Thanksgiving in November when there was the "children's party" at the back of the church during the Thanksgiving carnival/fair thing.

    Happy New Year!

  19. Hahaha about the party.Are you related to the Mbadiwes?Or just Ugo?
    I love your blog,just discovered it recently and already read my way back to December:)


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