Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ceud mìle fàilte

And that my gorgeous profashionals is "welcome" in Scottish.

Got into Aberdeen on Wednesday and would have blogged since but between fixing up my flat and trying to build back my wardrobe I've barely had any time, I get home and I'm so exhausted from walking around all day I just go straight to bed. Me that was always complaining about Lagos traffic, I'll take sitting in a car anyday over standing at freezing bus stops.

I'm actually very pleasantly surprised by Aberdeen, I thought it would be a small grimy town but its gorgeous, "an extraordinary array of fairytale turrets, Gothic baronial piles, spires and green copper domes pop up unexpectedly from behind grand
civic buildings and modern shopping arcades" via Lonely Planet. But seriously though, the whole city is just like Hogwarts but with high street shops and restaurants, even a TGI Fridays. For months leading up to this I'd been so depressed because I thought Aberdeen would be so dull, honestly the only reason I came here was because its the best school for Oil and Gas Law in the UK, if I was doing something regular like International Law or an MBA, I would so have gone somewhere else. Now I'm just like yay! I made the right choice, I'm loving it so far.

Anyhoo I'd spent the past two days shopping and today I had my first visitor, Ugo aka Miss Jayla Peperempe dropped by after her exams.

Jayla in my little "Cupboard under the Stairs"

We went to Union Square, which is like Aberdeen's 'Westfield", not as fabulous but pretty good and I did more home and grocery shopping, had to stock the kitchen by force as The Awesome Himself is gracing us with his presence tomorrow, doubt he'll survive on the Ijebu garri with groundnuts and Indomie that I've been lemming for the past two days. We stopped by a restaurant called Apache's which does pretty good steak and ribs.

This reminds me of the last time I had ribs, at Bungalows in lagos. I'm a total carnivore, like I love meat but sometimes when its too much and in gargantuan quantities it can be a bit nauseating. That day at Bungalows they piled my plate high with steaming spare ribs slathered with barbecue sauce, in writing this sounds like a meat-eaters dream come true but it was the most disgusting thing I'd ever seen, it looked almost alive, there was so much of it that I kept dry heaving just looking at it. Even if I'm a lion sef, that was just too much.

TWP aka Daks aka Omalicha aka Apunanwu aka She (who remembers that movie/book "She"?)
*forgive my randomness

Later that night i went out with a few people also doing Oil and Gas Law but who started in September, to a pub called The Bobbin thats apparently the 'hot spot" for all the Uni of Aberdeen students.
*sidebar Aberdeen is crawling with pubs, there's like two at every block, my favorite pub names so far are "The Illicit Still" and "The Tilted Wig", the latter is right opposite the court so I guess thats where the legal humour is coming from but I crack up everytime I pass it.

The Bobbin

Talissa from Brazil and my flatmate Azhanty from Mexico

Fadil from Sudan and Atanas from Bulgaria

Melissa from South Africa

It was a fun night but ended for me at about 10.30, tiredness toh bad. I still have at about a week to play sef, school doesn't start for me till the 31st and I only came this early to familiarize myself with my surroundings and the weather before school wahala starts. Imagine landing one day and the next you have to register for courses or whatnot in a completely new city, I'd just go mental but at least by the time orientation and stuff begins I'll be an old hand here.

Thank you to all of you who wished me well and who wished me good luck in my previous post and on twitter. A few years ago I would never have believed that people I'd never met or heard their voices could have this much impact in my life, thanks muchos guys.

Love and light xxx


  1. Fadil? iLike. Is he tall? :D

    Get the Yellow card from Bobbins, saves you a few quid on drinks. I plan on heading there as soon as i'm done with the exam. Can't Wait

  2. Nice to hear you are loving the place so far! The food makes me hungry!


  3. I didn't know Abz was that gorgeous,definitely visiting you by feb!looking gorge btw in that red jumper!!!!
    see you soon..*mwah*

  4. I'm jealous at the way you've settled so well already....unlike i did. Have a good time!

  5. @Jayla, lol. 411 sent and received.

    @JadoreFashion. This one is once in a while o, I'm unemployed can't be eating like a bigz gel.

    @Bugo. Yay! can't wait.

    @Stephanie. I can't help it, its in my dna. i can survive anywhere. Thanks!

  6. I'm glad you're loving it. My sister lives in Aberdeen, so I visited her during the holidays and didn't find it to be that bad at all... 'cos all her friends would say things like 'wow you must think this is a village' and I didn't mind the place at all. Nice and quiet.
    One thing that I found interesting was that every black person is Nigerian, which was like a 'culture shock' 'cos much as Nigerians full Yankee, we aren't all condensed into one corner.
    So like I'd be shopping on the high street/mall and would run into people I went to school with or people I grew up with. This happened on an almost daily basis.

    But all in all, nice place. Glad you like. Good luck with the semester, new school, new surroundings and all that good stuff.

  7. Hmmm....Okay sooooo I litrally stumbled on ur blog today n im like "I think I remember her from school days"....n then I read a little more n tadaaaa...ur gonna be in my LLM class in two weeks...hmmpf...coincidence upon coincidencen huh?...Lol :-)...well, I'm from the Sept group so I'm one of the "oldies"......I'm surprised u find Ab's so titillating (insert surprised face) I'm sick of it already but let me not burst your bubble sha...I might just be nice for once and say hello when I see u in class...Toodles :-)

  8. PS: Excuse the typo's...It's been a fun night at Liquid ;-)


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