Monday, January 10, 2011


On Sunday the 9th I turned my parents living room into Le Petit Marche and basically emptied my clost. I honestly thought very few people would turn up and would probably be made up of my friends but an overwhelming number of people came to support me. Followers on twitter, readers of my blog, friends, neighbours and even people who had just heard somehow.

I was truly, truly overwhelmed.

For the sake of decency and all I can't say exactly how much I made but be rest assured that it covered about 3 months rent at my new digs while still leaving me with change to stock my depleted Mac makeup bag.

Jehovah is faithful.

In all the excitement at the amount of people that showed up and the stacks I was making, I forgot that as well as being editor-in-chief, editor-at-large, fashion editor, makeup editor, features editor, events editor of this here fantabulous blog....I was also photo editor and I neglected to take proper photos, sha have a gander at the few I remembered to capture. The pictures of the items were taken with my phone and the flash isn't the bunzest so they're a bit dark.

Bukky, Yoko, Adanna


Ijeoma, Pamela



Kike, Amaka, Ani, Seyi


Ifeoma, Fola

TWP looking tres exhausted

Loads of other people came that i didn't get photos of: Iro (my first customer, whom I had to break the rules for because she lives in Port-Harcourt), Tife, Oyidiya (who shopped via bbm from her sickbed in vi), Onyinye, Chichi, Ogundu, Tolu, Oyetola, Biola, Ify, Chika, Funmi, Eli, The Awesome Himself....and others that I din't know and stupidly didnt take down their names.

Thank you all you fabulous people, love and light xxx


  1. That's whats up. See my Lawyer henrie looking fly.

  2. Happy new year! Glad you made some correct sales. From the pics, it looks like you had some really good stuff.

  3. really good stuff indeed. I wish you lots of happiness and fun in the new place.

  4. A bit of an attention seeker you are, if i might add...:)Keep having fun!

  5. Happy New Year TWP. Thumbs Up for cashing in so well on you Wardrobe Sales. You've given me a few ideas....: ). I tagged you for the Stylish & Versatile blog awards. Please visit my blog to know what you are expected to do!


  6. Hey, I've nominated you for the trending stylish and versatile blogger award. You don't have to do it if you don't want to, but I think it's fun and it'll allow us to know you better :). You can check out the rules on my blog

  7. you have a sexy body


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