Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Deuces Gidi

Henrietta, Uju, Yoko, Bisola, Adanna

Its my last night at home because as a professional ajayi and Commander-in-Chief of the Efiko Armed Forces, I'm not content with an undergraduate degree in Law that took me 5 years to get, another strenuous 1 year at that venerable citadel of learning, the Nigerian Law School and a membership of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators......

*tooting my own horn* toot, toot.

Nope, I decided to top it all off with a Masters in Oil and Gas Law, so from tomorrow, or rather today sef, seeing as its 1am here, my bedroom becomes the official guest room.

Y'all can drop by anytime.

According to my great-aunt however, I should have stopped after getting my West African School Leaving Certificate, shouldn't even have gone to university. Why you ask? Apparently my village, Arondizuogu in Imo State has one of the highest bride prices in the East, 80 cowries for a girl, born without deformities (I swear to you). If the girl finishes secondary school, her bride price increases by 20 cowries, so the more education she gets the more expensive she is. If an Arondizuogu village belle (such as myself) decides that she must read book by force and has the audacity to get a professional degree e.g. law, medicine, accountancy, engineering.....her family is just asking for trouble, because that adds another 30 cowries to this already insane figure.

*cowries were the legal tender as of the early 1900's, the amount in 2011 naira is too embarrassing for me to put down, I'm ashamed at how expensive I am.

In the words of my great-aunt, going to get a masters will render me unmarriageable. However, seeing as she neglected to yarn me all this opata when I was a relatively cheap and affordable SS2 girl, there's nothing I can do about it now is there?

Anyhoo, on a lighter note, The Awesome Himself and my friends Bisola, Henrietta, Uju, Yoko, Adanna, Bukky and my brother Jnr had a surprise leaving do for me at my favourite restaurant, Pattaya. I'd been hinting heavily for months that I wanted a surprise party and everybody, especially Henrietta just laughed at me or told me to park well, so I honestly had no idea anything was going down.

The Plotters



Uju of Meena




TWP in Meena

Thank you again to you wonderful people above, I'm going to miss you guys HUGELY, and to my friends who couldn't make it but were there in spirit, Jennifer, Oyidiya, Ediri, Iro, Nwabugo, Nneka, Hilda...I love you guys, big kisses.

So next post, expect loads of snow, witty snow commentary, pictures of snow in different elements from powdery to icy to melting, stories of being snowbound.......Christ I'm gonna hurl from boredom. Why couldn't I have done the damn masters in Unilag????

Then again I can't keep up with Unilag kpanshing prices, what d'you get for an iPad these days....a peep-show? quick tumble after class? Lol

Love and light faboosh people xxx


  1. oh gosh u like school oh. you look so lovely!


  3. Luckily for you, the weather has been really mild. I have a feeling we will pay for it much later.

    Have a safe trip babe.

  4. ^^^ That was Jayla

  5. For all the warm weather that you have enjoyed, now it is time to enjoy the cold! :D

    Have a safe dear!


  6. AWWW! that's so sweet! Henrie was looking hot oh! and Yoks romper was on point. You looked faboosh as usual. No worries, I'm coming back August to take your place.

  7. @Bombchell, i do o. its an addiction, mba coming up

    @winterbottom, i cried enough for both of us on Sunday, lurr ya Bizla

    @Jayla, nne bite your tongue. I already have a cold from Lagos harmattan. Scotland winter will SLAY me

    @JF, Thanks darling. see you in april!

    @Neks, dunno why you cant sit your heinie in one place, coming back as soon as I'm leaving. Anyhoo NY or bust this Easter

  8. Looks like you'll b missed. Have a safe trip :)

    I nominated you for the trending stylish and versatile blogger award. You don't have to do it if you don't want to, but I think it's fun and it'll allow us to know you better :). You can check out the rules on my blog


  9. dnt gooooo......

    all the best boo...

  10. I really admire your focus in the midst of life and a lot of fun. Keep it up girl!

  11. I'm still weeping! We shall miss you plenty Dakky! Err, Nneks, what is romper??? Lol. Well Daks, farewell for a while. Do not follow bad gang and do not follow hairy scottish boys and eat haggis off their cold red hairy chests!
    LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  12. SAFE TRIP Daks Baby....Catch ya laters in London Town. Aberdeen will be till summer....xoxo

  13. good luck darls! you'll do great! we need to keep racking up that bride price, my dear; no dulling! lmao.

    as per school, i feel you. even after my master's, im thinking of hitting up law school for my JD/LLM or heading south for a PhD. I just need time to think it thru but im def going back for more school - can never get enuf!

  14. gudluck dear. go on n increase ur bride price. lol. ws nice meetin u.

  15. Awww, you looked fab! I wish you the best of luck in errythang. And abeg, come and join us and be freezing in this cold...*evil chuckle*

  16. Aww you know Iro?
    Where are you doing your LLM?


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