Monday, January 24, 2011

Stylish and Versatile Blogger Award

I was recently awarded the trending stylish and versatile blogger award by Looking Glass Of An Immigrant and Mimi B. As part of the fun, I'm required to:

1) Thank the blogger that gave you the award.

2) Then list 7 things about yourself.

3) Give out the same awards to 15 other bloggers.

4) Then contact them.


A. thanks to looking Glass of an Immigrant and Mimi B for taking the time out to read my crap and respond to it in the way that they have. You guys give me life, bloggers rock!


1) I have mild OCD, if I touch an object with one hand I have to touch the same thing with the other hand or i feel unbalanced. Like the side of my body where the hand I used to touch the object, kinda feels heavier than the other side. I’ve been doing it all my life and I never even noticed until my mum pointed it out to me when I was 17. Now I have to make a conscious effort not to do it and when I don’t I feel….kind of empty on the side that hasn’t touched that thing, I don’t really know how to explain it. Even when I shake people with one hand I have to find a way to touch them somewhere with my other hand so I don’t feel incomplete.

2) I take a small tube of vaseline with me everywhere I go. Y'all should get your minds outta the gutter, its nothing sexual, I just really, really hate dry skin and chapped lips. If I can't find vaseline and my lips or hands feel dry I can go as far as using lotion or something, its really bad.

3) I'm a total lightweight, one glass of anything and I'm flying. It's sooo embarrassing so I hardly ever drink.

4) I hate being imitated. I think I'm the only person in the world that doesn't look at that as a sign of flattery. If i do or say something or dress in a certain way and someone starts to copy me, I literally feel like physically hurting the person. I kinda feel like they're stealing my identity. Yes I'm petty, but that's me. Like in all those movies where some evil girl is trying to steal another girl's life and starts dressing like her and stealing her friends. That's a proper horror movie right there.

5)I cannot STAND abbreviations. pls, wiv, yhu, sumfin....YUCK. pardon me if you do it but I can't take anyone that abbreviates like that seriously. All my text language has properly written out sentences, punctuation...the works. If a guy ever wrote that way to me, he's getting dismissed in an instant, no matter how fabulous he is. It just makes the person writing it look so unintelligent, in my opinion anyway.

6) I'm fascinated by Jews and the Holocaust. I watch every movie, read every book, go through any pictures based on the holocaust or Russian pogroms. The Diary of Anne Frank is one of my favourite movies and I love all the Jewish stories about kibbutz's and The Six Days War and Golda Meir and the Rothschilds. If I weren't Catholic, I'd love to be a Jew. I love the ceremonies, sitting shiva, Bar Mitzvahs the languages Yiddish or Hebrew. Even the phrases, schmuck, oy gevalt, mazel tov, my next life I wanna be Jewish.

7) I secretly wish I were 5"4 and a size 12. Don't get me wrong I love being 5"11 and a size 8 but it can get so tiring somethings. Always having to shop in the tall section, enlisting the help of chicken fillets once in a while, always being noticed. Some people might think its a great thing to walk into a room and everybody turns around but I'll give good money to just for once enter a room and nobody notices I'm there.

* had to tweak the rules and throw this in as an extra. I have an obsessive personality when it comes to things that I like. If I like a song, food, a person, drink, dress....whatever it is, I'll totally OD on it and then one day...BOOM it just goes away and I can't stand said thing. I call it my Danish Butter Cookies Mentality. When I was very young I loved Danish Butter Cookies, but my mum would only give I and my brothers like a few cookies out of the tin, I would now be salivating and dreaming about demolishing the entire tin. Being a youngin obviously I couldn't afford one of my own and my mother would rather move to Mbaise than give a child a whole tin of cookies. At my Grade 5 Christmas party in Grange, we all had to bring supplies and I made my mum buy 4 tins of Danish Cookies, as a proper barawo I didn't submit nada to the class instead I went off somewhere and polised off the ENTIRE thing. Four fat tins of cookies. That was the last time I ever ate Danish Butter Cookies, if I even see one now, I'll throw up in my mouth.


1) My blogger bestie, El Fabulouso from Maryland.

2) One of my oldest friends, 19 years and counting

3) Nigeria's most authoritative men's fashion repository.

4) I stay rolling with her stories from the motherland.

5) One of the realest bloggers I know, tells it like it is.

6) She has a great food section, I've picked up a lot of tips from there.

7) Make-up artist toh gbaski

8) My nwanne from another nne.

9) The matchmaking genius behind Himself and Herself and one of my favourite relatives.

10) Very, very wise woman. can't say enough about Tari.

11) My Igbo blogging sister, hilarious girl.

12) Fellow admirer of Uche Ogbuagu.

13) My baby OyeT

14) I hope she sees this because she hasn't upfated in a while but she's hella funny.

15) The best writing on blogger, fluid language, dexterity. I bow befor the altar of her prowess.

So yeah, thats it. Love and light people xxx


  1. In JS3 I went back to school with half a bag of Ijebu garri....... Haven't soaked garri ever again. Same with frosties and cereals as a whole.

    Oooh I so wish I was petite too. Would be easier to find tall men and they can carry me effortlessly.


  2. i think you are funny, crazy and very intelligent, everytime i read your blog i'm always fascinated, keep it up gilr! one more thing i totally agree with you on the abbreviations,and to top it all blackberry makes it more irritating, sometimes i ignore people's messages, because i tend never to understand what they are talking about...

  3. Thanks for sharing the award dear! I am with you on the imitation part. I even hate it more when people study, copy you and then claim it--the "physically hurting the person" part...hmmmm... I will skip on that part :)

    Sometimes, I am also guilty when it comes to the abbreviations--typing with long nails on my phone even adds to my laziness.

    Anyway, hope you haven't frozen in your new residence.


  4. The boy in the striped pajamas def touched me like fantasy suggested.

    Omg I'm ocd like that too, well I was. I avoid triggers, have u watched The Aviator w/ leonardo di caprio!!!!??? Crazy!! I could definitely relate, mine almost God bad, but I thank heaven it's not. I look back and can't believe I was that bad.

    I love abbreviations!

  5. 5'11 wow, that's tall and a size me babe. you dont want to be a 12.hehehe...there is a thin line between 12 and fat..not that fat is bad...

  6. @fantasyqueen. I've seen life is beautiful and defiance. Will def check out the boy in the striped pajamas, thanks for the heads up.

    @Jayla. baby mi, this height thing, a gift and a curse. I'm currently on the internet searching for coats for tall people. fml

    @anon 5.03. Thanks muchos, big kisses

    @jadorefashion. I've noticed the abbreviation thing and I ignored it because I love you, but pleeeaaaase stop! It hurts my eyes

    @bombchell. Living with ocd is a huge pain, so annoying. Quit with the abbreviations!!!

    @doll. I know, I know, body any girl would kill for and all that mess. But I wanna be tiny and cute and have men carry me and tings. I'm more likely to be able to carry the guy sef.

  7. My mom did the same thing with Danish cookies....hehehe.

    LOL @ you're more likely to to be able to carry the guy. I never realized you're that tall.

  8. lol...i love jewish things too! the words schmuck are so cute and mazel tov sounds like dessert :)

    and that OCD trait is kinda odd, about a balancing act. don't worry, you will overcome. All you need to do is born twins and you can simultaneously hold them and feel balanced at the same time.

    I didn't know you were that tall, 5'11 - that's hot! I wonder what it'll be like at that height because im a puny 5'5 - but I want to be 5'7 so badly.

    see you, grubbie grubster as you wacked four whole tins of cookies! what was going through your mind by the tin you were polishing off tin number 4?! hahahaha...hilarious!

    I hope you're loving your new life/school. I'll get to doing this meme, it's been a while I've done one.

  9. LMAO at abbreviations. The only time I condone them is on twitter. Can't be bothered with all that tweet longer business, which in English means I haven't figured out how to.

    Thanks for the mention! I heart your blog too. I'm always keeping an eye out for updates :-)


  10. OMG! the OCD thing is tres cool! I think..

    I remember always getting a tin of danish cookies for my birthday...I never really liked them, and always gave them to my brother.

  11. I just gave you the award for stylish and versatile blogger! Go to my page to check out the details.

  12. OMG! I totally have that mild OCD too. I always thought I was really weird so I hardly tell people. I think I've only told about 2 people in my life. It definitely freaked my boyfriend out. :(

    And yeah,I'm with you on the abbreviations thing as well! Aaargh! I rant about it on twitter all the time!

  13. I am with you on number 5. L8r, fink, 1drfl. I press DELETE once I get texts like that. I can't expend brainpower on people that can't take the time to type out words.

  14. Lol, your OCD is something serious, mine is mild...I'm that annoying guest who unconsciously tidies up while visiting. The stupid abbreviations are the bane of my life...arghh, what the hell is "buh" or "bur"???
    Back to blogging now, missed your blog and blogsville :-) off to catch up!

  15. Nice.....can't wait to catchup on mgbeke's blog. Nuffin tickles my fancy than writing and reading igbo.


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