Monday, January 31, 2011

Escape from The Grampians

As a result of my beutamagorgeous *in the voice of Winterbottom* height, I couldn't find coats to fit me for love or money. All the major high street stores are here in Aberdeen but the pickings are not as bountiful as London so a lot of them don't stock "tall" clothes in store. The fitting is never a problem, seeing as I'm blessed, but the damn sleeves are always too damn short, as in my coat sleeves go dey fear ground. Because of this glaring deficiency and also becuase I just thought worrahell, I decided to go to London for the weekend.

I and Miss Jayla Peperempe boarded a Caledonian Sleeper Wednesday night, which was pretty comfortable, I had earlier tried to get a berth but I booked late so all I got was a sleeper seat. When I saw the berths I gave thanks to my mother Mary because these things were minisicule. I had envisioned some Orient Express kind of luxury suites and instead they were a claustrophobic nightmare. So yeah, every dissappointment is a blessing because if I'd had to fold my body into those bunks for 7 hours I'll def have been asphyxiated.

Jayla in the berth, even looking at this photo I can feel my throat closing up.

In my sleeper seat, breathing beautifully

Arrived Londres bright and early Thursday morning and met up with my boo Erenma who was housing me for the duration

TWP and Remz I thought I looked like a hobo here, this photo is even flattering small, you shoulda seen me that day, like a homeless person.

Woke up the next day, ready to mezz myself with shopping, babes were definitely not smiling. It was either I went back to Aberdeen with coats that fit properly or I just go back to Gidi from there. How I for do am before? Is it that I'd be wrapping myself in a blanket everyday to class? Nah men

Remz, me...full of caffeine, ready to do damage

Shopping successfully completed, the next day was just for chilling and hanging out with friends

My friend, Uju of Meena saw this outfit and asked if I was wearing Hermes top to toe, I nearly cracked a rib laughing. If I can afford an all over Hermes outfit, best believe I'll not be in school.

Chichi. One of my oldest...if not even my oldest friend. We were at each others 1st birthday parties, how freaky is that.

Headed to Hix later for champers with my friend Hilda, as usual I got a little merry after just two glasses, smh at myself


Later that night after the necessary party had been informed and the requisite acquiesance obtained, I headed out to a house party with Remz


Shay, Theresa, Remz, Stephanie

Kay, Chichi

I remember tweeting that night "aint no party like a Lagos party". I missed entering a party and acting like your shit don't stink and air-kissing and fronting and bb'ing all night like you'd rather be anywhere else than at that party and wearing the weirdest clothes or anything made out of ankara and it officially been deemd cool because people don't understand it and are too afraid of being thought of as "uncool" if they said they didn't like it and girls eyeing each other......kai, I miss my superficial Lagos sha.

LL.M LL.M LL.M LL.M LL.M....focus!

Anyhoo, the next day after the most STRESSFUL day ever, so stressful I can't even go into the details here, I finally managed to get a train leaving London that night, got into Aberdeen at 7am this morning, showered and headed straight into school for my first day. Even if I was in bloody undergrad sef, couldn't believe I was so disorganized, anyway lesson learned, never again. Had a pretty easy day at school today, I don't envision any wahala ahead, abi I should just bite my tongue before I speak too soon.

After all the hoopla of the whole day, headed to Bobbins, the unofficial school watering hole to unwind with my new flatmate, Arun over wine, beer, curly fries and garlic bread.

Respected myself and stuck to one glass of white wine. No need shaming my Arondizuogu self all the way in obodo oyibo

Arun from India has the most amazing life story ever, I wish I could tell it here i swear but i can't. This child has LIVED. Even Himself was flabberwhelmed when I was telling Him (with her permission of course) and nothing fazes Him.

So yeah, that was my weekend.

Before I forget, i was featured on this blog in a style faceoff with Genevieve Nnaji. We were both wearing the same Meena jumpsuit, me in purple, her in blue, it was like a 'who wore it best thing". Julia Roberts of Africa or no Julia Roberts of Africa, I wore it best sha, you can't tell me nothing *in Kanye voice*


  1. I love your blog but never comment!,so this is my first lol...another great read!!...ur "hermes" outfit is effortlessly chic, I need those leather shorts in my life like ASAP!...Goodluck with ur studies.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out on your blog. Much appreciated.

    You already know that your style is tres chic!

    Pssst, so far you're winning the fashion faceoff. Congrats! :)

  3. TWP haha not again...u are just something else (lol all good of course). Is that your new coat? I like it a lot! Its gorgeous but it doesnt look warm hmmm ;)
    Loving the pics and your look in every single one. Yes you do look like a hobo haha (again all love). I'm glad that the MA is going great! I pray that's how it continues

  4. This world is waaaaaaaayyyy smal, You know Chichi O? I grew up with Equi, lol...Glad you're settling in to Aberdeen

  5. hahaha that cabin looks ridic small!!!!! I love the "hermes" fit!

  6. Just saw your feature in onenigerianboy. True Lagos Fashionista!

  7. Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing!


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