Monday, April 11, 2011

Brummie Series Day 2 - Colour Blocking

Because I'm TWP and because I can, I colour-blocked my face, BOOM!

Day 2 begins with everybodys favourite fashion inspiration this season, colour blocking. I'm not really a bright colour person, it will take a while to catch me in solid yellows or bright blues, I like prints and if I'm gonna wear solid colours its usually black and white. I recently started warming to the idea however after going to Zara to buy this deceptively gorgeous boat necked shift dress (loved it so much I got it in black and in red). Zara is slaying in the colour blocking department, I love every single thing they have. Maybe my love has shifted because H&M thoroughly disappointed me with their whole Giselle in peasant like farm garb clothing nonsense. Really though, y'all need to get on Zara online and start putting your debit cards to work, amazeballs.

A Zara display wall. Managed to take this photo sharply before I was tackled to the ground by overzealous salesgirls and security men. This wall was predominantly orange but the whole store was like an explosion in a poster colour factory. Achingly beautiful.

With a bright colour on top already, couldn't bring myself to wear another bright colour on the bottom. I'm tall, I'd look like a walking traffic signal. Had to tone down all the brightness with my favourite, all weather black.

This skirt is actually very long but because its tight all the way to the ground, it rides up as I walk in case any of you bad belles dared to think my skirt dey fear ground, better fall back.

My Poshbug werking it

Those tights are the absolute bi'ness. Love them!

The Hardware

My turquoise and coral owl earrings. Still trying gamely to stick to the whole colour thing

You'll probably have guessed by now that I really like jewellery and not just any jewellery, seriously weird-type jewellery.

Ignore the nails s'il vous plait, I'm in acrylic recovery.

Day 2 over, more tomorrow....

Love and light xxx


  1. i see youre colour blocking your eye makeup too. very cute

  2. Love it, the bright colours suit you, I love your make-up and I want those earrings *drool*

  3. I love those tights....where did your friend get them?your earings are cute too

  4. i love d make up. nicely done. at d moment i'm obsessed wit colour blockin my nails. i evn grew my nails jst 2 b able 2. d overall look is bang on trend. thumbs up!

  5. Everything looks so gorgeous! And you are quite the beaut! Please could you post a link to the Zara site so we can partake of it. Thankies!

  6. Love the eye colour blocking. Where did you get the blue eyeliner from? So cute!!!

  7. Bugo is killing it here oh...proper jand dressing. Loving the tights doll and ZARA so frigging awesome targeting like 3 different coloured dresses from there already.

  8. @Mbabazi, thanks so much. That's about as far as I could go, too much colour makes me cringe.

    @W, thanks b.

    @Anon 5.43, merci. I think her tights are Pretty Polly by House of Holland, not sure though, I'll ask. My earrings are from Topshop though.

    @Ifeoma, I'm taking baby steps. Tryimg to wean myself off black and white.

    @Andiva, thanks, mwah! The blue liker is from the Sunset Palette by Sleek makeup.

    @Hills, lol, onye ala, na-e onu gi ka jand dressing. lol

  9. The eye makeup is on point and that color outfit is well put together,...Great job girl

  10. Love the hardware!! I colour blocked this weekend, yellow tube dress, purple belt, grey blazer. I was terrified, but it worked!

  11. Flawless make-up! Plss what foundation are you wearing!? :)

  12. Your accessories game is sick! #LOVE!

  13. I see I've been missing out on all the fun updates! Time to remedy that. I actually like the 'fear ground' length of the skirt as displayed in the pic. I need somn like that. I see you're into fun accessories, love 'em too!
    Hmm this Zara that everyone keeps raving about...everytime I walk in, I walk out empty handed. Lol. Maybe it's just not meant to be.

  14. At the end of it all only 1 person can pull this off and it is Daks. Very clean look, really beautiful and edgy.

  15. I love that owl earing! Lovely. You gurls look great


  16. lol at misshills...naughty girl!
    btw, daks, the red door misses thee

  17. The yellow looks really good on you. The color blocking makes sense sha. Love it


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