Monday, April 11, 2011

Brummie Series Day 1 - Tough Florals

The day started with my visit to the infamous Bull Ring or whatever. Now I personally don't think its infamous, I couldn't give a flying saucepan about a scary metal bull in front of a shopping center but Bugo insisted that it was a Birmingham landmark and if I didn't climb on it to take a picture I might as well turn back and start giving them Legedes Benz back to Aberdeen, so I risked life and limb to mount this infernal contraption nearly losing my teeth in the process. Now I'm pretty sure Himself will stand by me through pretty much anything but I fear what a row of smashed, jagged teeth would do to our relationship.

Wearing a playsuit and my beloved DM's again.

Nwabugo aka Poshbug aka TWP's official photographer

The Shoes

My babies

These brogues practically speak, the deliciousness is acute

The Hardware

That bruise on my knuckles was caused by a ring I had that extended from the tip of my finger all the way to my knuckles and was made of broken glass. You'll have an idea of how stubborn I can be by learning that I wore that ring consistently even after it hurt me dozens of times.

The End of Day 1

More tomorrow....

Love and light xxx


  1. Why aren't there any pictures of the almight HIMSLEF on ur blog? Surely that's odd

  2. Yipee!!!!pictures....I love Brum!and of course,the birmingham bull was a great way to start the serries...your DMs look cute (only't wait for all the other pics x

  3. Yup,that's our bull.Give it much respect!SMH...never understand the hype either.

  4. Lovely outfit! Ouch for that hazardous ring


  5. I love the DM's but don't think I'll ever!!! be caugth dead wearing them as for the Brogues that's more my style.

  6. @Lohi, thank you!

    @Anon 4.46, take a look in the mirror boo. You don't need to see a picture.

    @Anon 5.46, thank you jare. The insults my poor DM's have been receiving are heart rending.

    @Ms Yvonne, thanks.

    @T.notes, I respected o. Thing damn near killed me.

    @The Corner Shop, yup, ,my stubbornness is legendary. Beauty is pain is my mantra.

    @Hills, try them, I swear you'll love it.


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