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The Hawker and The Young Man

Making my usual Blogville rounds, somehow I stumbled on a blog called written by someone called Mrs. Newlywed. Nearly everyday I'm inundated with marriage stories; the successes and the failures, and even a die hard romantic like me can get a bit cynical. So when I saw the name Mrs. Newlywed I was instantly turned off.

Somehow though, I have no idea why, I kept reading and I became engulfed in this girl's stories.

The standard format for a popular blog is usually fashion, humour, controversy and sex. If your blog has any of these ingredients you're golden, you'll gain a dedicated readership and I'm an advocate of that. If a blog does not grip me with its wit, information or pretty things to look at, I can't be bothered. However, the intensity of my feelings for Mrs. Newlywed surprised me. Her humour is not rapier sharp, there is little or no raunchiness there, definitely no fashion pictures but I was gripped. I have never, in my 3 years of blogging written an entire post dedicated to another blogger but there's something about this blog and while I kept reading it I tried to place my finger on what it was and then it hit me....


Mrs. Newlywed is possessed by her Christianity, her love of God, her lack of interest in the superficial. The preceding might be wrong, I'm notorious for my inability to read people but I got such a strong reaction from her writing that I doubt she'll turn out to be a shallow bitch.

I have pasted below a blog post by Mrs. Newlywed called He sees all things, knows all things and hears all things, this post absolutely moved me, since I read it I have been evaluating my life. I am extremely blessed but I can count the number of times I take out in a day to be truly thankful for what Christ has done for me. I do the standard Christian things, go to church every Sunday, go to Mass a few times during the week when I can, pray intermittently, do the Lay Reading at Church, but I sort of feel like I do these things because I'm expected to or because I'm supposed to not because I'm driven by my adoration of the Christ. Every day I make resolutions to become a better Christian, a better Catholic and every day I wake up and I'm consumed by the world again.

You don't have to become a fanatic to serve Christ better, you can still rock the latest trends and have fun while fulfilling your Christian obligations, so if you're mentally buying hair-shirts and sackcloth for me you can like to save your money.

Anyhoo, enjoy this post below, because its not only inspiring, it shows you that The Almighty works in mysterious ways and its also an awesome romantic story.

17 years ago, in a major city in the Eastern part of Nigeria, living with her family in a one room shack was a young girl about 10 years old. By 5am, she was already showered and dressed, preparing to start her early morning hawking before going to school. She would hawk Moi-Moi, or Akara, sometimes Akamu all prepared by her mother who had woken up hours before to prepare it all.

After a few hours of strolling the streets, stopping at the doorsteps of assured customers old and new, she would rush back home with almost everything sold. Upon reaching home, she would hurry through breakfast and walk to school with her siblings only to continue hawking fruits, nuts, eggs, etc after school.

You see, school was just a past time and she did enough to avoid repeating a class. As far as she was concerned, all that mattered was making sure all the goods put aside to be hawked each day was sold. That guaranteed food on the table, school uniforms, books and maybe some luxuries like cow meat instead of the usual/cheap ice fish in the soup or stew.

17 years ago, in a major city in the Eastern part of Nigeria living with his family was a young man. The only son of a small yet affluent family, his life was filled everything he wished for, he never lacked anything, and whatever he wanted that wasn't in nigeria, his parents imported in. Holidays were second nature to them and yearly trips overseas weren't far fetched. He attended one of the best schools in the state and every morning, he was shuttled to school in a luxury car while he sat at the back....on the right side.

Some mornings he might have been driven past the little hawker girl as she lived right off the major road that led to his school. If he did, he cannot tell you as that was the least of his concerns at that time.

A few years later, the young man moved to United Kingdom to further his studies, following the footsteps of his parents.

A few years after he left, the young hawker and her family miraculously moved to the United States.

Somehow, somewhere these two people became friends, dated briefly and got married. The (used to be) young hawker now rides in the back of luxury cars with the (used to be) young man with him still seating on the right side and she at his left.

She smiles at every young hawker she sees and says a silent prayer for them, cheering them on inside assured that if she made it, they can and will too for God is not stupid. He sees all things, Knows all things and Hears all things only if we continue to call on him and trust in him. He promises to give us double (blessings) for our trouble.

I, Mrs newlywed was the young hawker.
The hubby was the young man.

culled from by Mrs. Newlywed


  1. Omg..I am in tears!beautiful story..God is just awesome!just amazing

  2. gosh...i can't stop crying! i love God..he just always knows how to sort people's lives out....

  3. Thank you for writing about this. I'm just a click away from reading her blog. Big hug from Down Under. Angie

  4. Her story sounds fascinating! Will check out her blog


  5. I am an avid reader and follower of her blog. Your depiction of her is true, at least to my estimation. A captivating young woman she def. is

  6. i bet he would not have talked to her if she was still living in the shack...

  7. OMG! Madame Sting told me about this post! WOW to say i am flattered and honored is an understatement. LMAO @ shallow bitch! i love how you are honest with your feelings jo.
    A bitch, i can be...Shallow, i can't always admit to that :) hahaha

    "You don't have to become a fanatic to serve Christ better, you can still rock the latest trends and have fun while fulfilling your Christian obligations"
    I love love love how you put that in such simple and truthful words. Thank you for your kind words babes! i am flattered :*

  8. I followed Madame Sting's link from Mrs Newlywed's and I must admit I share your sentiments.
    I followed her as soon as I read that post cos it proved to me that what I believe is true
    "There is a God that rules in the affairs of men"
    He likes to use our lives as proof that He's running things and it is refreshing to find people who not only recognize that, but take time to acknowledge Him as The One who brings these things to pass.
    First time here and I love it!


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