Thursday, April 28, 2011


I don't think I've done one of my random posts in a while, if you're new to TWP, this means the posts where I basically freestyle; talking about my day, stuff I get up to, opinions on popular culture etc. There's no central theme just rambling streams of consciousness. This is why I named my post "bissel", it means "a little bit" in Yiddish, so the post is kinda a little bit of everything. Y'all know I'm obsessed with Jews and their phrases, I look for excuses to insert Yiddish everywhere.

Aaanyhoo, lets get to it.

I recently started stan'ing for colour, its very typical of me, once I like something I tend to overdo it. For the past week I've been looking like a card carrying member of the Rainbow Coalition, you could stick a rainbow coloured flag on me and put me at the head of a Pride parade and I'd fit right in.

Oh yeah, and I finally figured out how to work the timer on my camera, been having a ball taking pictures of myself.

Obviously I was very excited about this new discovery.

Funny enough I haven't succumbed to one of my frequent bouts of depression this week and I strongly believe all this colour has something to do with it, its really difficult to walk around with a face like five naira when you're wearing bright yellow. Plus its making people around me happier to, I got a free ride on the bus this morning and I'm very sure it was because I had on hot pink and green. I couldn't find my bus pass and the driver was just like "Its orright lassie, get into the bus wit yer, you look right summery don't yer" *in his finest Scottish accent* (no kidding, this is how everyone sounds here, like frigging Sean Connery or Shrek.)

Speaking of things I stan for, my queen Beyonce Knowles Carter is back! She has a new song and of course everybody and their mama has an opinion, saying how crap the song is. Even if Beyonce had a song where she hummed from the beginning to the end I'd still love it because I worship at the altar of her fabulousness. How can you hate on someone that looks like this

Or wears this to basketball games

Seriously, Queen Bey is perfection in all ramifications.....well except acting sha, even the through the intensity of my love for her I can still see she's a shitty actress. It shows how much she's loved that she's never won a Razzie, nominated yeah, but she won't win.

Another thing I've become obsessed with recently are reality shows, especially trashy African-American reality shows. Basketball Wives, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Love and Hip-Hop......I can't get enough of them. African Americans as a group of people were born without the shame gene, they can literally do anything, anywhere. My favourite scenes in each one:

Basketball Wives when Evelyn Lozada flew all the way from Miami to Cincinatti to see Ochocinco and slept with him on the first date. Now she's a grown woman, she can do as she pleases but seriously, do these people forget they have cameras following them everywhere? Do they forget they're not acting as some fictional character but as themselves? The thing is amazing, they keep me positively GLUED to my laptop. Ochocinco even told her he'd got a room for her at a hotel but Aunty Evelyn wasn't having none of that, mba. In front of millions of viewers, bear in mind her family is also watching, she says nah, she can stay at his. Then she goes and changes into her best schlong raising nightie and best believe it was on and poppin in Cinci that night.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta when Sheree got into a fight with her event co-ordinator. "Who gon' check me boo", that line is a classic. My favourite housewife though is Kim, she's so stupid its adorable and I've started looking in mirrors and going "goddamm I'm so f*****g beautiful", like she does. High-larious stuff.

Love and Hip-hop this one is new so it doesn't have that much of a following yet but these people bring the drama. Fabulous' girlfriend, Jim Jones and his gf, Chrissy, Somaya Reece, Olivia from G-unit, Mashonda.....they are baby thugs all of them, running around fighting and what not. I'd forgotten how beautiful Olivia was, the babe is so gorgeous its sickening. The highlight of this show though was when Chrissy proposed to Jim Jones.

Yes, you read right, a chick proposed to a guy. Chrissy and Jim have been dating for 7 years, they live together, she's his wife in every aspect except for name and she decides she's going to ask him to marry her. From the word go this is a dumbass move, to me sha, I don't know if you giuys think any different. Jim Jones is a grown man, who's pretty much established in life, he sees Chrissy every day, if he wanted to marry her he'd have asked her. The fact that he hadn't means he doesn't want to, shikena. Now she's asked him, on national television too, I'm waiting for the next episode to see what he'll say but I guess he'll have no choice but to say yes and if they marry there'll always be that underlying knowledge between them that she had to make him marry her, God forbid abeg, it can never be that serious.

Plus there's just something about Jim Jones, dude looks a hot mess, like he doesn't shower or nothing but there's also something weirdly attractive about him, this is very surprising to me because the whole gangster with white tees and saggy pants doesn't do it for me at all. But that scene when he went to beat up Somaya's manager for disrespecting Chrissy.......gave me the tingles for real.

Ooooh, a few days ago I went and got a fish pedicure, I've been dying to do this for the longest time but I was always busy so I made sure I made out time to get it done. Its the freakiest thing ever, like a hundred tiny carnivorous fish nipping at your feet, my nerves were on edge throughout. I doubt I'd be able to do it again but it was definitely an experience.

The fish are called Garra Rufa fish and they're gotten from the Middle East. Apparently there are some spas were you're submerged in a tank with these fish so they bite your whole body, supposedly leaving it smoother. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that.

Keeping an eye on the fish making sure they didn't go where they were not supposed to. One got in between my toes and I nearly fell off the tank, I felt so violated.

The amazeballs Shravani who did my feet for me. If you're ever in Aberdeen, go to Union Square and ask for her.

I'm still trying to fathom how someone decided they were going to use fish for pedicures, the things people come up with blow my mind seriously.

Been on my usual hermit p recently, I'm starting exams next month and I have course work for my Oil and Gas Regulation class to hand in soon and because I always have stuff to do during the day I tend to work at night so i haven't been out in yonks. Last weekend however, some casino was opening and I got an invite, so I decided to head there with my friends and watch stupid people lose their money. As a poor student I have no money to even gamble with in the first place, all I can do is look pretty and smile, lol.

I'm sure you notice my breasts doing the mostest here especially when I usually rep for the itty bitty titty committee. Well, its no chicken fillets or nothing, I just bought the greatest bra in the world, its absolutely amazing. Email me my fellow titless chicks if you want info.

The casino, called very unimaginatively "Soul Casino". I'm sure you notice the church-like facade, well it used to be a church. There are a lot of former churches in Aberdeen that have been turned into clubs and other establishments but they still retain the framework. The stained glass, Christian statues etc. Now it doesn't bother me, even though I'm a rabid Catholic, in my opinion its just a building, what makes it a church is not present so right now I don't think its particularly holy but one of my friends who was visiting Abz for the weekend, flat out refused to go inside. He said he couldn't go gamble in a church. Trying to explain to him that it was no longer a church didn't move him at all. Now if he was completely spotless in all other aspects I'd buy his sudden piety, but this dude had come from a strip club to meet my friends and I at a casino and yet he decided this was the sin he didn't want to have on his conscience.......Nigerians and their selective Christianity sef, smh.



So tomorrow Big Willie finally marries Waitie Katie, wallahi I can't wait for all this wedding brouhaha to be over, I have a sneaky feeling it might only get worse though. The other day I was coming into my flat after dark and a girl burst out of the door in a Kate Middleton mask, I nearly had a heart attack. This needs to end sharply, I've had enough. Knowing me and my love for romance sha I know I'll probably be watching the wedding tomorrow, I have to see it actually happen. This is like the luckiest girl in the whole world, she not only gets to marry her soulmate and the man she's been waiting for forever, she's marrying the future King of England, the daughter of a former air hostess is going to become Queen of England one day.....its mind boggling stuff. Omo, anything can happen, e fit be you o.

p.s..... Please check out this new blog by my fellow Scottish fashionista Salewa Akin-Taylor, blogging from Edingburgh and her sister Segi blogging from Lagos. I knew Shally could bring it fashion wise, but I had no idea Segi was setting fashion p too. Their style is savage. Check it out. ""

Love and light xxx

p.s....If you read my blog frequently, you might remember a post I wrote in January called "Christmas, Reunions and New Year". In that post I mentioned reuniting with my friends from Queen's College when we attended the 50th birthday of the mother of one of us, Omowunmi Fosudo. This was just in December. Recently Omowunmi's mum who just celebrated her 50th birthday, a joyous celebration that had all her children flying in from different destinations, was diagnosed with cancer. Unknown to the family she had been living with cancer for a while and by the time she was diagnosed, it had progressed to Stage 3. Now the doctors at the University of Texas MD Cancer Center where she was diagnosed need to operate in 7 days or who knows what might happen. Because Mrs. Fosudo is uninsured, this operation will cost her family $60,000, which is about N9,000,000.

I'm writing all this because since yesterday when Omowunmi's brother Debo launched the campaign to raise the money aided by friends and family, some people have been thinking its a scam. I don't blame them because the kind of world we live in, such things are very possible and probably do happen, but I'm writing this to make it as personal for you as it is for me, to let you know these are real people going through a very real ordeal.

So far $31,627 has been raised, we're halfway there, no amount is too little, even N500 will go a long way. If you can help a family save their mother, you know your reward will be in heaven. These are the donation points.

1) You can pay at
2) In Nigeria, pay at GTB #201101370110, name: Ade-Fosudo.
3) Paypal:

Any little thing, 10 dollars, 10 naira, 10 pounds. Just help out anyway you can. She needs this surgery in 7 days, 7 days. It is not a joke, it is not a scam, this is a real person. Please find it in your heart to help.

Thank you.



  1. Please guys, let us donate towards this! This could be anyone's mom...God bless us as we donate! Amen

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I love Beyonce too, but mehn, that song, and of course her acting, is so not it!

    You look hawt in your Soul Casino Outfit.

    Nigerians and their select Christianity never seizes to amaze me hissssss

    WOw sorry about your friend. It is well.


  4. WHEWWW! I read the whole tale.....lovely pictures. Ive always wanted to know what the fish pedicure was like, its scary but i will go for it. Kate ! Oh how i cant stop thinking how lucky she really???she's marrying the prince!!! Cant wait for the whole Royal Wedding drama to be over!

  5. I LOVE your randomness! And ur love for Beyonce is so cute, almost like your love for Himself. When is the wedding!

  6. TWP it has been a while oh. Great post again! Let's see what resonated within me...I loved you in that yellow top, you look so pretty, and your smile! Wow
    lol at the fish pedicure, I have heard about it and it seems a bit scary or a weird feeling (as you just described)
    Your friend is interesting lol...real selective, I can understand but its still pretty strange. By God's grace mrs fosudo will pull thru amazingly well with the prayers and thanks to the donations so far.
    lol and as you probably guessed...I'm not big on Beyonce or the shows :)

  7. amazing post.. thank you for telling us the meaning of "bissel". poor me thought it was a place or sommat like that. *shakes my head*
    fabulous outfit.. love the colourblocking outfits.

  8. Love the outfit you wore to the casino opening :). I really wanted to try the fish pedicure thing here in manchester but I'm so squeamish that I backed down. looks cool tho. Err that song is WRONG! Bey is sooo much better, wth?? (those shoes are orgasmic tho)

  9. Yea i went to primary school with Debo. As broke as I am, had to whip out that debit card with a sharpness. I am hopeful that if 30 grand has been raised sharply, we shall get there. My friend's aunt just died from breast cancer last week. Before they diagnosed her in naija, it was stage 4. She came to US and did numerous aggressive procedures but died after a year. I bow for Nigerian medicine sha. It is well.

  10. nice post!!
    And about Jim Jones, i think you are wrong. He never proposed to her not bcos he didn't want to marry her, but bcos she had already assumed wifey role for the past 7 years without needing the ring first. That is the mistake women make. Make him want to propose, save the wife roles (and dont move in with him) till u r married. Marriage is scary enuff as it, so any man would be happy to have a 'wife' without the legally binding doc....however, doesn't mean he doesn't want to marry her, jus means he can eat his cake and have it.

    As for the push up bra, I already have Nwabugo delivering them my way. Let me see this miracle that she has introduced us to.

  11. the way, I love that yellow blouse. Is the necklace Christie Brown?

  12. Please donate to the "Save mama Fosudo" fund. It's not a scam at all. Not only am I close to her daughter, but I am close to her too. She has taken care of us a lot of times. Her kindness and compassion is infinite, and she is hilarious and such a joy to be around.
    Nothing is too small.
    We are 65% to the goal....just a little more...please donate:

  13. Is the GTB account a dollar account?

  14. @TheCornerShop, thanks boo xxx

    @SisiYemmie, i wasn't even interested in the wedding at all, Bugo got me into it and now its just taken over my life. modern fairytale toh bad.

    @Anon, lol, thank you. wedding ke? lmao! nah mate, no wedding

    @MissN, i've been posting regularly o. thats actually very unlike me

    @onyine, mwah! thank you xxx

    @W, i know the song is dreadful but i betcha it'll be number 1 soon. illuminati power y'all, lol.

    @mma, it is so sad, i'm glad you understand. i'm sure i'm even broker than you are sef, i didn't think twice.

    @soleil, i'm feeling your triple comment p, lol. jim jones and chrissy? i have no words for now. no the necklace is by ST Colours.

    @nonye, i'm not sure what it is. i donated via paypal

  15. am loving your top girl, so cutie,...Beyonce look smashing, saw the picture in people magazine and am thinking that's her latest Paris shoot. Keep up the random post, loving it.

  16. Hello fellow Bey stan!!!!:)

    The jumpsuit is hot! Donated....

  17. lol TWP...I was referring to myself. I know you've been posting regularly but I have been so busy. How's the MA going in the Deen lol?

  18. Ahh, I'll need that bra in my life o! LOL. I know you don't know me like that, but I'll email you for that info, abeg. Pls respond or I'll be all verklempt ;) I also like the Jewish phrases.

    I haven't listened to Oluwa-Beyonce (as I call her)'s single, everyone has panned it so much, I have to forify my eardrums first :)

    You look gorgy! The hair & the bright colours look good on ya.

    Will def donate, I pray the money is raised in time, too. This cancer sef, the way we (don't) take care of it in this Naija na real wa.


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