Monday, April 11, 2011

Brummie Series Day 4 - Ladylike

The finale, all holy like on the way to Mass on Sunday. I can't help this hands on hip thing, I swear I've tried.


Later that night, on our way to dinner.

My deceptively simple boat-neck shift. This dress is a work of art, the material, the structure, you can dress it up or leave it bare. Either way its savage. Loved it so much I got it in red too. That is actually a necklace, even my friend thought it was part of the dress, yay to statement jewellery.

We had dinner at this faux Italian restaurant, Cafe Rouge. The food was fantastic, don't get me wrong but the waiter caused me to question the Italian-ness of the establishment.

Dude was giving us the bellissima's and cara's and co and kissing his fingers and whatnot with canzoni itialiane playing in the background, really setting the stage. Next thing he gives us our food and says "bon apetit". I was stunned, wasn't he supposed to say "bene diminuisce"? I felt violated after all that Italian gra-gra.

I guess I should have been alerted by the fact that it was called "Cafe Rouge" instead of "Rosso". French name for an Italian restaurant? Hella weird.

The food was pretty awesome though

And this ends my Brummie Series, will be back with another Venus versus Mars post soon enough.

Love and light xxx


  1. Yesterdays Series was my fav but this is definitely a runner up. U hav an enviable wardrobe, luv it.

  2. Where's the red blazer from please?

  3. @Funks, thanks dear mwah!

    @Lola, Its from H&M

    @CC, thank you!

  4. LMAO @ the waiter. Cafe Rouge is actually a French chain. Dude was probably Italian.

  5. dude was definitely suspect!loved him though...Once again, that boat neck dress is stunning!
    btw, who's that very hot girl with you?? lol

  6. You guys looked very cute. Nice 'fits all around. For a split second, i thought the necklace was part of the dress too.
    I just cracked up at the French + Italian combo. The food looked delish tho! *Stomach growl*

  7. loved the series....and i know that hot girl with you. Wink!

  8. @Waila, is it? That explains a lot.

    @Anon, lol, thanks.

    @Bugo, the babe? I have no idea, kmt.

    @Mgbeke, thanks jare. Everybody needs that dress in their life, its something else.

    @Sisi, thanmks boo xxx

  9. loving the outfit ladies, really beautiful..:=)

  10. *sigh* I would love to raid your wardrobe... Youve got amazing style, loved the series, more of the same pls :)

  11. Love the nautical look! Very chic. Cafe Rouge is definitely French, I go there for my citron presses...the food is DELISH too. Loved this series a lot! xx

  12. fab fab blazer! i dunno how i missed this post. you look amazing darl...and this short hair look is so classic - beautiful!


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