Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reality Check

Spent this past weekend with one of my besties Nwabugo in Birmingham, before I get into the post lemme put up a few photos from my delicious vacay last week.

Reunited with my awesome friends for a week of heat, no electricity, suya, Jevinik vegetable soup and election cancellations.

This is from the mid semester pub crawl with the rest of my class. we had this on the last night before the holidays began, and no I'm not too old for crop tops. As long as my abs are tight and the fashion is right, I shall do as I please, non?

My favourite married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Okwa, the other contenders are Mr. and Mrs. Okafor, unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of them.

My sisters, Nneka, Henrietta, Yoko

Spoken word at Bogobiri and libations at Piccolo Mondo. Can you tell that this dress is insanely tight? Spent the night massaging my aching ribs. Proud of myself though, no spanx and not a bulge in sight.

My "y" girls again.

You guys were expecting tropical waters and white beaches abi? Well if you're paying I'm riding.

So I just got back from Birmingham today after a blazingly hot weekend, as in I was literally sweating, even had to turn on the air inside some times. As the plane was descending into Scotland, outside my window were grey clouds scudding past, grim, granite buildings, dour faced farmers holding pitchforks with their wives by their sides carrying pails of sour milk (well I imagined that last bit but Christ the view was depressing). I stepped out of the aircraft and was hit with a blast of icy air, I nearly broke down in tears. What do I have to do to get some warm weather down here, its frigging April already and its still below zero at night. One day I'm just going to say screw this and be on the next flight to wherever's hottest right now because I don't know how much more of this weather I can take.

*wail, wail* *sob, sob*

Ok I'm better now.....and back to regular scheduled programming....

I've decided to do outfit posts, ghen ghen.

Fear not, I'm not turning TWP into one of those blogs where I contort my body into intricate and painful poses all in the name of looking like I'm modelling high fashion when I'm actually wearing high street or something I ran up on a sewing machine (yes, that was a sub). This is not a fashion blog as I keep reminding people who persist in insisting that it is, it is what I like to call a personal lifestyle blog. The name "profashional" is there just because I like the way it sounds, this has nothing to do with fashion. Its simply a breakdown of what I do at any given period, occassional rants against the male gender or anyone that I decide to be annoyed at that week or very rare bursts of poetry. I don't do celebrity gossip, fashion shows etc. This is essentially my online diary, just that its viewed by loads of people. The fashion bit is due to the fact that Adam ate the damn apple so human beings are required to cover their nakedness and I happen to take an above average interest in that department, c'est finis.

Back to my point, seeing as I had a very willing photographer in the person of my boo Bugo, I decided to take a few pictures. I'm sure you all know that I have one pose, hand on the hip, legs crossed, body slightly tilted to one side, well it works for me and I believe in not fixing something when it aint broke. In my Brummie series (as I decided to call it), I decided to shake it up a little.

I decided to.......wait for it.....NOT PUT MY HANDS ON MY HIPS!

Damn, I'm innovative.

I honestly stay rolling at the crap my brain spews.

Anyhoo, this whole week I and Bugo are gonna be feeling like awon models and co, nothing serious, just a little more clothes and a little less talk. I'll start formally tomorrow because my first day I got in pretty late to hers and was too tired to look particularly pretty, so Brummie Series Day 1 starts tomorrow. I'll just start with a preamble.

The Outfit

Sorry, hands on hips, sorry sorry sorry. What I wore to travel, my faithful Doc Martens which Bugo calls my work boots and leather pants which according to her made me look like a punk Goth.

The Hardware

My snake cuff earring only enhanced the Goth accusations.

Sooo, Series Day 1 starts tomorrow.

Love and light xxx


  1. ARGH! been waiting for a post.
    Finally your back : )
    awww I remember your friends The Okwa's cute.

    Love your look in the crop top and that black dress is yum!!!!!!

  2. Bring on the Brummie madness!
    i see my sweeties..*sniff*..btw, i'll personally throw those boots away (nneka's too)..they do not belong on planet earth..LOL

  3. Love the crop top outfit... dress looks awesome too, cant wait for the outfits thing :)

  4. yayyy...ok u have no pics from time i guess :) the outfits and please if i had abs like urs i would flaunt them to the end :)

    Mr n Mrs Okwa looking nice as usual....

    come back soon :)

  5. Lol...i was waiting for this post! Wish I was in Brum while you were would be nice to meet up with a sure u had a fabulous time. Bring on the pictures, I cant wait to see Bugo!!!!! I love the earrings...

  6. Those earrings are to die for!!!

  7. I'm a little lost. You went to Naija? Why? When? Explains the non-posts...

  8. @Hazel, lol!

    @C.C, aww my baby. Thanks boo xxx

    @Bugo, I wanna come back! Abz is dead

    @W, thanks. I see you keeping up, nice.

    @Sheila, I came in during your performance, didn't wanna cause any disturbance. Hopefully next time I'm home.

    @Yemmie, so bummed that I didn't get to meet you!

    @Lohi, you know this!

    @Anon 2.51, lol.

  9. You look good! I like how you wear DM's. I definitely can't pull of that look. Looks like Birmingham is fun, that is one city I have to hit up before I leave England!

  10. I know you don't want it to be purely fashion, but I live for your outfit pics and your witty observations. Maybe keep it 50/50?

  11. I was going to say that you don't look bad in a cropped top but you already justified yourself.

    I got my ear cuff earlier this month. Too bad, I've not worn it out yet

  12. Snap! You are werking that ear cuff! Yes ma'am Miss pam! Im gonna search yankee high and low till I find a replica...


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