Sunday, August 21, 2011

Final Days (1)

I just got back from Cafe Oz, its 2.24am, my flight back to the UK is at 4pm today, Nwabugo's is at 9am so we're both awake, packing and dissecting our week.

It. Was. Legendary.

I always have a blast wherever I go so I didn't exactly expect this vacay to dull, but it exceeded my expectations. My normal M.O. is to vacillate between the mall and the clubs, but this time I actually made the effort to see something of the city I was visiting.

J'aime Paris...

Spent the whole day indoors eating crap and watching The Bachelor under duress, Bugo is an, not so much. I prefer my reality shows of the extreme hoodrat variety, a la Basketball Wives and The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The Bachelor is way too civilised for me, no swear words, no weave pulling, no drinks thrown in faces.......what did I do before the advent of reality tv I wonder.

Stella informed us she was whipping up a pot of ofe-akwu so Bugo and I made haste to her flat to break bread.

I didn't put up any pictures of us before we had dinner at Stels, because we looked wild, hair flying, eyes rolling....we could have tackled Tami Roman at that time sef, we were

After dinner, you go fear selense, tomato Jos, ndi asa nwa......


I swear I crack myself up

Still expressing my happiness. That was my first time having ofe-akwu and I was in raptures.

Still don't know what this girl was doing here, when you see her, help me ask abeg.

We went to go have dinner on a riverboat called La Balle Au Bond on the Seine. At least we thought we were having dinner, wait till you see what my poor stomach juices had to attempt to ingest.

Before we got to the boat though, we passed by the Pont des Arts bridge which is one of the "Love Locks" bridges. Love locks are "a custom by which padlocks are affixed to a fence, gate or bridge or similar public fixture by lovers to symbolize their everlasting love". The bridge was covered in padlocks, with the couples' names and dates they attached the padlocks on them. It was sooo romantic.

Wonder who Jeremy and Nicole are and whether they're still together. Can't wait to come back to Paris and attach my own padlock sha.

Got to our boat

Thinking we were in for a treat, y'all know I like my food. After ordering extensively, this snack was what arrived

Daks ordered fried fish, Daks got.....only God knows what. I don't know if they were trying to form gourmet or something but when I'm hungry I can barely think straight, much less fathom why I was being served what looked like miniature fried goldfish with bulging eyes.

After a very unsatisfactory meal, we met up with our friend Chidiogo, who's just international. Baby girl flew into Paris from Madrid and was heading out to Peru the next day. Jetsetter toh quality.

From there we went to an Australian bar called Cafe Oz in Chatelet, it seemed dulling at first but we peeped the Dj was black so we figured the music would step up later. Their drinks were of the lethal variety where it feels like you're drinking nectar and honey meanwhile you're slowly and surely getting a gargantuan buzz. After mingling with the clientele we decided to hit the dance floor, which was when the unbelievable happened.

We heard 'Ashawo' through the speakers, Flavour Na'abania in the hizzouse...

We. Went. Ape-shit.

It wasn't even an urban or even an African club, so we were super shocked to hear Nigerian music and not just any old Nigerian music but our kinsman, Flavour. You go fear gbedu, Bugo was on the floor, Stella was raising one leg, Chidiogo was doing galala, Daks was giving them was messy to the nth degree.

In our excitement at hearing good music I completely forgot to take any pictures, there was no way I could have accurately documented our excitement anyway. That night was ridiculous.


Bugo and I decided to attend mass at the Basilique du Sacre Couer or Sacred Heart Basilica, while tracing our journey on the Metro we discovered that the Moulin Rouge was on our way so we made a quick pit stop to take pictures and somehow ended up in Pigalle, Paris' red light district. Luckily I managed to get my shot and sharply hightailed it out of that area.

Stopped to get roasted corn first, haven't had corn in almost a year. Was so excited to see the corn cart.

Or Sacred Heart Basilica, its dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. Its one of the holiest structures in Europe and Catholics come from all over the world to pray there. Since the church was built in 1885, there has been a Blessed Sacrament on permanent display above the high altar. In regular Catholic churches, this Blessed Sacrament is brought out once a week or so (varies from church to church) for a ceremony called The Adoration of the Holy Eucharist, but Sacre Couer is the only Catholic church in the world where it is permanently displayed. So at every single minute, for 125 years there has been someone praying before the Sacrament.

Awesome stuff.

My favourite thing about Sacre Couer is possibly the fact that cameras are not allowed into the church so you are able to concentrate on Mass, unlike the Notre Dame which completely defeats the purpose of coming to church. Sacre Couer is a tourist site but its still retains the original function which is a place to celebrate Mass. Also because of the Blessed Sacrament you won't be allowed into the church if you're not decently dressed.

There are just some places you go to and instantly feel closer to God, I can't wait to go to the Vatican and celebrate Mass with the Pope. I might just ask Christ to take me then and there because it really can't get any better.

In my vintage inspired, lace, Lanre Da Silva Ajayi dress...I felt it was only appropriate

The church was built on the summit of Montmatre, which is the highest point in Paris, you can see the entire city from up there.

Ran into a classmate of mine from Uni as we were leaving. I love randomly running into Nigerians I know outside the country.

The view was ridiculous

Will post Part 2 tomorrow.

Love and light xx


  1. God knows why I'm awake! Your holiday sounds amazing. You had me laughing at your descriptions of your dancing to Flavour in Cafe Oz! xx

  2. Victor Olabode MunisAugust 21, 2011 at 4:01 AM

    Super cool!!!

  3. trying to picture the "ashawo" scene.. U sure had fun.

  4. mehn, i almost at some point felt like i was in all of that with you! i so wish hissss. that was some major fun and lol@fried gold fish, i was laffing hard mehn!

  5. Dakisss, yet another great read! :)

    Vivres la France!!!

  6. Words cannot express my expression and how hard I laughed at the ashewo scene and the small gold fish wit bulging eyes!!!!!

  7. I just caught up on all your posts that I missed out on, and girlll you have had entirely way too much fun. I'm officially jealous. Btw, totally love the backless/sheer back dress from an older post and the Lanre Da Silva dress. Beeyotiful. Oya oya, time to return to Aberdeen and stop oppressing us here. Hanlele!

  8. The food looks delicious, there's nothing like vacation with the girls, so happy for ya!

  9. The Sacre Coeur!!!! Beautiful scenery! i want to go back *wailing*

  10. Ahhh slowly dying of envy here!! Ever so delightful to read about escapades in Paris. Plus I have to say, your make-up is flawless!! *sigh* You should totally do a post on what you use and etc. Would make my month. So pretty pls? hehe xxx

  11. I was gonna say Stella looks a lot like Chidiogo's elder sister..

    Those loveLocks just melted my heart...

    Hahahahahahaha would've been a sight...y'all going in on Flavour's gibed...awesome awesome..

    Your Lanre Da Silva dress looks a lot like this one from KemKem's Lookbook.. Beautiful.

    You also watch Real Housewives of Atlanta?? hahaha

  12. ''''You go fear gbedu, Bugo was on the floor, Stella was raising one leg, Chidiogo was doing galala, Daks was giving them was messy to the nth degree.'''

    oh wow :'D u slay me!


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