Friday, August 5, 2011

When MissJayla Turned 18

So on Monday my friend Ugo aka MissJayla aka Ulo-Money aka Jayla Peperempe I (yes, those are all her names, there are more sef, can't remember all of them now) turned 18. She's Aberdeen's resident Benjamin Button, next year she'll be 17.

She had a house party and it was mental.

I don't know why people are so willing to let their freak flags fly (alliteration, woop!) at house parties, like people do stuff they normally wouldn't. Even though there are strangers in the mix, somehow at the end of the night everyone's all buddies and would have committed five kinds of debauchery that night.

House parties when I was in uni were the business, we were all young, hormones raging, nobody gave a toss about their bride price........ *sigh*, the good ol' days for real. What went down then was the stuff of legends but now we're all grown up, umu agboho na cho di, ndi nwoke na cho ego, nobody knows how to have fun anymore :(

Oh well, anyhoozle, Jayla's birthday took me back to Daks circa 2005/2006, crazy as a mofo. I'm so respectable now, I barely even recognize myself anymore. The libations flowed freely, morals were loose, pictures were damaging. It took a while to pick the safest pictures because everything else could damage people's future political careers.

Reason #455532 why I love house parties, you can dress as casual as you want. Not sweatpants and flip-flops casual, but pretty close.

There were loads of photos where I was shining my 31 (lost one tooth through a root canal, therefore I have 31 teeth). I'm special.

Stole this montage from Ugo's Facebook album, been meaning to ask how she did this even.

Love and light...or according to StephanieIj "hate and darkness". I LOL'd so hard at that phrase.



  1. I love your outfit you look really hot.

  2. Love your blog!
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  3. download picasa..i just learnt it myself.

  4. You're def all looking so sedate, lol...

  5. I follow your blog and it is awesome and has been inspiration to me. You can also check out my blog

  6. Looking good girl!!! Love it!!!

    Lola x,


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