Friday, August 12, 2011

Quick Catch-Up

Haven't posted in a bizzle, between moving, finishing my dissertation and personal ish, I've just had way too much on my plate. Plus I don't get internet in my new flat till the 31st (which sucks elephant cojones btw) so I've been resorting to schlepping everywhere with my iPad in a bid to steal some wireless service. I'm only spending 6 months in this flat so I've been trying to resist the compulsion to do it up, seeing as it will just be more load for me to get rid of when I'm leaving.

This is what it looks like so far, made up of stuff I had in my old flat.

My only concession to any sort of decorating will be to get thermal curtains. I live in a building that's been standing since the 18th century, maybe even older, built with the granite that Aberdeen is famous for. Unfortunately that means it was built without insulation in the walls like modern apartments, therefore it will be a bitch to heat in the winter. Plus peep those huge windows, glorious in the summer but criminal from like October or so. I already have the radiators in the room, a fan heater, electric blankets, hot water bottle and after I get the thermal curtains I should be ready for whatever Scotland decides to throw at me.

I'm sure by now you've gathered that I don't like the cold at all.

Its still a bit bare but by the time I've spread my Daks-ness around a bit it will start to feel more like me than some random house I'm visiting.

So this is mi casa till January, maybe longer, I don't plan on staying on in Aberdeen but if that is His plan (God that is)......I have no choice but to fall back and let Him take the wheel. No hoping on it though, I reeeaally want to go back to Nigeria.

On a brighter note though, I'm off to Paris tomorrow, yay me! Going with my friend Nwabugo and meeting up with our friend and blogger, Stella, of Stella's Addiction. I'm super excited and I've already lined up all the places I want to visit, if you guys have any suggestions too please let me know, I intend to have the full experience.

Oh yeah, and if any of you fab profashionals live in Paris, get at me, I'd love to meet up.

Fun! Fun Fun!

Love and light xx



  1. Enjoy your new apartment and have fun in Paris. You so lucky, girl.

  2. Enjoy Paris, and those thermal curtains are a must.

  3. Have fun in Paris! Ahh, my favourite city in the world ...after Ibadan...:)

    A few humble suggestions...a bit long but I hope you find some useful suggestions:

    If you want some serious people-watching and shopping, head to the Marais (on the metro, you can go to Hotel de Ville); generally on the map look out for Rue Vielle du Temple. It is pure madness (in a good way) over the weekend.

    Historically, the Marais is the Jewish quarter (& I think I remember you once posted about being into Jewish culture?) and there are lots of traditional Jewish bakeries around the neighbourhood. For eats, I would go to Mariage Freres for their tea service and Amorino for midnight gelato runs (their pistachio is the best). Round the corner, there's also a vintage store where women elbow each other for clothes.

    Oh, and L'As du Falafel for their kebabs and falafels. The place is legendary. You'll see long lines curving along the sidewalks and wonder why/what is going on...behold the power of the falafel. Oh and Les Philosophes (a bistro, serves classic french food) on Rue Vielle du Temple (basically follow this road like you were Dorothy). I dragged a friend their for lunch after The Sartorialist snapped someone their, lol. The Musee Picasso and the Centre Pompidou are also in the area. The Marais has it all!

    Outside the Marais, there are the standard places to go - Galeries Lafayette (great food hall, like the one at Harrods but better). More bar hopping in bastille...If you want to see lots of French West Africans and get a flavour of home head to Chatelet/Les Halles. There's a huge network of shops underground/near the metro for shopping.

    For outdoor food (not fine dining, more college crowd) head to Rue Moufftard (La Roi Fou du Pate does a yummy lasagne). Oh, and then you can head to the 10th for the boho/french hipster scene and pretty canals to walk around, etc.

    Ok...I'll shut up now...sorry for the long comment..*sigh* I miss Paris... Have fun!

  4. looks perfect...i love the throw pillows

  5. girlll, you're living the dream! I just wrote a post lusting after a vacation in paris. Enjoy for us!

  6. Have fun,boo. Give Stels a hug and Bugo, bear-hug and a kiss from me! Y'all have a great time!

  7. Have fun in Paris doll... Can't wait to see your pics!!!

  8. Make sure to get the space heaters. can't go wrong with that. I have 4 lol.

  9. Really massive windows, beautiful.. What's that mirror doing there? Lool..

    There are some companies that have been given Govt Grants to install Loft Installations and wall cavity for free I suppose could talk to your Landlord about that.

    Can't wait to see your house after its done. Moving to my new apartment next week so *whoop* is in order.


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