Sunday, August 21, 2011

Final Days (2)

Our friend Stella runs the beauty blog Stella's Addiction and is a make-up artist/MBA graduate/Paris Big Geh/all rounder. She had us come over to hers yesterday to get Stella's Addiction makeovers. I wanted to have "peacock eyes", lots of blues, greens, purples etc and Bugo opted for something a bit more natural but with colour, warm golds and reds, seriously gorgeous work. I can't post close-ups because Stella hasn't put the pictures up on her own blog yet, but once she does I'll put up a link to it.

After getting our makeovers we hit up a Nigerian restaurant called African Silver,

*sidebar* The food is mental. I rarely seek out Nigerian food outside of Nigeria because more often than not they're usually not that great, plus I can lay it down in the kitchen already so I don't exactly lack for soups and stew and co. However a couple of people had mentioned African Silver and we had a bit of time to kill so we decided to see how far. I was really impressed, the rice was like agoyin (sp?) rice, abi party rice, shey that's what its called. Really delicious.

If you guys come to Paris I highly recommend African Silver, the Metro stop is Temple and the Line that runs through there is #3

After lemming tight we got ready to say our goodbyes to Paris with a bang, Since we enjoyed Cafe Oz so much the last time we went out, we decided to go to a larger Cafe Oz at Denfert Rochereau No Nigerian music again this time but I was not disappointed, an awesome time was had by all.

Met up with our friend Mary there

We all descended into high spirits quite early

Had to document my own descent. I went from innocently clutching my Pineapple Rum

To dancing on a table, which I have to confess is my trademark. Once the music is right and the libations are flowing, my drink addled brain starts to seek for an elevated surface to dance on.

To just complete and total anarchy

All in all, a fun night.

I had a great time this week, Stella took time out of her busy schedule to hang with Bugo and I every single day (QC Girls Rock!) without complaining. She made Paris so much more fun for us.

Can't wait till my next trip, I've already started planning it, stay tuned.

Love and light xx


  1. Hahahahaha see you on the table though...

    You guys looked fabulous..x

  2. Niceee.. I love your yellow loafers

  3. you go fear groove na! lol..nice oufit

  4. adaku ufere u will not kill me with ur groove.ah ah do u want me to resign. im so lving ur leopard print skirt.

  5. Aww...looks like you had a blast (im a secret follower btw..hehe)...Now i need to move Paris up the list...:)

  6. bwahahaha look at the major side eye that white girl gave you! I love side eyes and that there was a good one lol There must be a tumblr blog out there for those.

    You all looked fab! Stella sounds like an amazing hostess.

  7. If there is one word I have adopted for this blog its Libation ... You were looking smoking tho TWP.. Lol at the side eye comment

  8. QC girls rock. End Of.

    Looks like you girls had a fab time.
    I refuse to be jealous.

  9. Luv luv the stripped skirt and the yellow loafers too.... You look like you had mad fun :) :)

  10. That looks really fun. I should totally party with you sometime.

  11. hahaha, that white girl side eye is something else.

  12. I love your stripe pencil skirt. The overall outfit is cute.

  13. So i'm ever the silent reader but i missed your last few posts and paid penance today catching up and definately enjoyed it. u never disappoint thats why i am giving you a sunshine award which uduak of finally me generously gave me. check on it-

  14. Very refreshing - you put the jist up well, garnished with exciting pictures!

    Now tell me - about the bun - how can I find that "doughnut thing in boots!

    I want a bun like that - today! Too cute!!!

  15. LOL!!! Amazing post!!! Looks like you all had an awesome time in Paris!

  16. Haha! I enjoy your blog. So simple and somewhat refreshing. Just stumbled across it and I have gone through a lot of your posts already at the office! haha. Especially love your igbo remarks here and there.

  17. banging! Simply said... lol

  18. Banging! Simply put... stumbled on your blog i might come again... soon! ciao bella!


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