Thursday, August 18, 2011

See Paris And Die

As is evidenced by the huge shit-eating grin on my face, I'm having the time of my life.

Before I even left, while I was waiting for my connecting flight from Heathrow, I started chatting with a French guy, just mindless gist, whiling away the time till our flight was called, until Bros asked what hotel I'd be staying at in Paris. Alarm bells just clanged in my head, I saw Taken as well as everybody else, I can't fight, My dad isn't Liam Neeson, if my trip get k-leg e don be for me.

Na so TWP go take lost because of vacation.

I just hanlele'd away from that area sharply.

Anyhoozle, got into Paris Saturday night with Nwabugo who flew in from Birmingham, no activity that night we just went straight to bed. Unlike a trip I took last year, where I went clubbing the day I arrived and didn't come up for air till I left, a week later.

So for this trip I decided to be the ultimate tourist, no shopping, no club hopping, just taking in the sights, visiting all the historic areas and all that good stuff.

The next day was Sunday and as rabid Roman Catholics, I and Nwabugo met up with our friend and blogger Stella of Stella's Addiction to attend Mass at the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris. We were all in the same class at Queen's College till we graduated, its awesome that we've remained friends for so long.

Wearing a beaded caftan I got at LPM, can't remember who the vendor was now and I finally perfected putting my hair up in a bun after numerous attempts. Yay me!

Stella and Nwabugo
Still tres excited

Weird thing about the Notre Dame was that even while Mass was going on, tourists were still allowed to walk through the cathedral and take pictures, I could barely concentrate on the service. Added to the fact that every thing was in French, I was lost. The Latin Order of Mass is a piece of cake cos I've heard that practically my whole life but the French one was a new experience.

I don't know if I've said this before but I'm a HUGE history buff and I have a ridiculous ability to retain immense amounts of trivia, so there's a lot of useless and not so useless information jostling for space in my head. So seeing places and things I'd only read about or seen pictures of, literally sent me into a tizzy. I kept going "OhmyGod the gargoyles"! or "OhmyGod the porculis"! I swear I was in heaven.

After Mass we went to go get lunch and decided to be safe and stick to cuisine we were already used to.

Good old American fries, ribs, club sandwhiches etc, you can never go wrong


Visited Paris' own Oxford Street/Rodeo Drive/Fifth Avenue etc, the Champs Elysees, not much to see there, expensive stores and tourists.

Immense LV store though, gaddamn. I was in awe.

I'd always wanted to stand in the middle of Champs Elysees and take a photo in front of the Arc de Triomphe. I did it!
Doing my happy dance

Went to the Haagen Dazs cafe to get ice creams after all our waka. I really need to live in a civilised town, all we have in Abz is a poxy Baskin Robbins cafe and its not even that bunz, oh well.

My kingdom for Haggen Dazs Strawberry Cheesecake ice-cream, no really. I'll give anything for a life time supply.

Even if you knew nothing about history and art, if you live in a post The DaVinci Code world, you'll def show a little interest at the thought of going to the Louvre. As all of the above plus a bibliophile, I literally almost wept when I saw the pyramids. I can be classified as a bit of a drama queen so don't shake your head when I'm recounting my antics. I get seriously excited by the things I'm passionate about and the Louvre was one of the things on my Tourist List. I can't even describe it adequately, its just mind blowing. Took so many pictures that I decided for the first time in over a year I have to post an album on Facebook. Since I couldn't put everything on here, these are just the things I was really excited about.

The pyramid, but of course

Shades of Robert Langdon. Even though I've devoured all his books, I'm snooty enough about my creative writing prowess to recognize that Dan Brown is not a very good writer. His books read like a dissertation, like he researched a particular subject and is just regurgitating the results. Very interesting, very informative but not very good writing. You can disagree with me, my own two francs sha.

Wore a Babushka dress for this particular sojourn, as I tweeted, I had to wear a work of art to go see other works of art. One of my favourite dresses for real.

The back....pow!
Forgive the visible bra, I'm no longer a perky teenager, can't be roaming around sans mammary support.

Venus de Milo!

The Long Gallery

Aunty Mona Lisa. Obviously the Louvre's most prized possession, the whole area was cordoned off, you couldn't even come close to the painting. We all had to stand behind barricades to take pictures. All the other paintings had no protection except the Mona Lisa.

One of my favourite paintings ever, The Wedding feast at Cana by Paolo Veronese. The detail in it is amazing, everybody in the painting has their own distinct features, undertaking their own separate activity. You can literally look at this painting for hours and see something new everytime. Fun fact about this painting is that none of the figures in it are depicted as "visibly speaking", this is because "it was commissioned for a Benedictine monastery where silence was strictly observed", so Veronese had to paint a wedding feast at which everybody was silent.
Inneresting no?
Veronese also painted himself into it.

Obviously no visit to Paris is complete without seeing Le Tour Eiffel, scorned by Parisiennes as "a scar on the face of Paris" and loved by tourists.

We were going to go all the way to the top but the queue was ridiculous so we fashied and decided to lie down on the grass instead till night when the lights came on.

French policeman are unbelievably hot, my dear friend Nwabugo was practically salivating when we spotted them. I'm telling you, male model type hot.

An awesome time so far, the next day we went to one of my birthday presents to myself, Euro Disney, truly, my excitement knew no bounds. Pictures from The Happiest Place On The Earth coming up.

L'amour et La Lumiere xx
i just had to do that, lol


  1. ahhhh i'm dying of envy! Pics look fab. I need to know how you achieved your bun though- I swear I've been trying for MONTHS too! xxx

  2. I have to go to Paris but definitely with a boy hehe!! I love that Babushka dress too. Looks like you had a blast

  3. If you are still in Paris - take one of the boat cruises on de la Seine too.

  4. I absolutely loooove this post! I want to visit Paris in the near future! :'( I've read so much about that city,my life won't be complete without seeing it. The Champs Elysees *sigh*. I totally agree with you about Dan Brown by the way. I guess that's because he's a teacher so he treats any kind of writing as research. Have a wonderful holiday. L'amour et La lumiere(loved that as well)! X

  5. u guys are so pretty.ur excitement about this vacation is def. infectious. and that last photo looks like a postcard.

    i thot i read somewhere that the Mona Lisa hanging at the Louvre isn't actually the original? is it?

  6. Awww you have made me want to visit Paris!!! next yr for sure!

  7. Looks like you are having a great time. Great pics. Lovely babushaka dress and lol @ sans mammary support.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay!

  8. girlll, you are living the dream! I want to visit the Champs Elysees badly. And you look fab & slender. What are you NOT eating?

  9. I wanna take a trip to Paris when I'm in London in 2 months. How much was your ticket and how long was the flight?

  10. Girl, we gast to talkst! U really had fun...I want to visit next year...
    cute pictures too!!

  11. The caftan, the Babushka piece...beauuutiful! Y'all are certainly having the time of your lives! Bless....x

  12. So jealous of you guys right now, Paris sounds like a romantic city beautiful city , I know am going to visit it soon , maybe sooner than I think..still

  13. i lmao at the perky teenager part... you are too funny...great stuff

  14. @Mia I got this 'doughnut' thing from Boots, you wrap the hair round it, it's awesome. I'll bb you the details.

    @Jibby, Thanks babe. Ah next time I must come here with Mine, too many lovers in this town oppressing me.

    @Elejowewe, I did that tonight!

    @Anon, oh wow, didn't know Dan Brown was s teacher, explains a lot.

    @Hyperfashun, aww thanks babe. I don't know anything about that o, will def look into it.

    @Lohi, glad to be of service, lol. You'll love it.

    @Taynement, I'm having the best time! Thank you!

    @Anya, nne o kwa Chukwu nna. I eat everything o.

    @Lami, depends on when you buy it. Got mine a while ago so it was a little over £150, if you're flying from Lomdon it'll def be cheaper because I flew from Aberdeen. Flight is an hour.

    @Tee, thank you! You should visit.

    @Hazel, thanks babe. I am l. Can't complain.

    @YNB, you should. Everybody here is in love, it's overwhelming.

    @Dahmola, lol. Not really o, just telling it like it is.

  15. looks like you had a whole lotta fun! and great pictures too. didnt get the time to do this much on my visit to Paris, but taking notes now for next visit. lol!

  16. I'm so jealous now it's not funny, lol...great pics...

  17. you are living the very life babe. i am so jealous. and you look great in the kaftan,

  18. Has anyone told u that u have the "sickest" sense of humor, been laughing at the Taken movie part...HAHAHA!You should post everyday....must really commend you. since i saw ur link on Bellanaija, av been reading all ur posts (Was like..yeah! i know dis babe from Uni and Lawschool E hostel). Am not into fashion , but i must admit, am hooked. I See u going places!!!!!! and like u always and light:-)

  19. Can I just ask how long you were in France for, and roughly how much you spent? Not trying to pry lol. I'm looking at going with a few friends either in september...or december if i need to save a lot more than anticipated. Thank you

    ps: t'as pris de tres belles photos. et etes robes sont absolumment superbes! I hope you learnt some French while away lol.

  20. i haven't been to this blog in like forever and this is my guilty pleasure.
    Adaku u look really beautiful. That slim body of yours has given me a new sight on slim. You carry it so well.
    You friend Nwabugo reminds me of kelly Rowland so much. Pretty.
    Enjoyed your pics. Keep em coming.

    Great camaraderie amongst all of you.

  21. Jealous!

    You looked like a princess in that chiffon number... then the Babushka one, I couldn't really get you till I saw the back..

    Hope Nwabugo got the number of one of the cops oh!

    Your excitement is truly infectious..x

  22. JUST had to say that you did an awesome job of documenting your time in Paris. I feel like I was there with you. And you're hilarious. I love your golden dress with the back out! LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing!


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