Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The title of this post is a popular phrase used in the novel 'Second Class Citizen' by Buchi Emecheta, it depicts a young man/woman who has studied abroad and has come home to Nigeria to make a success of his/her life. That book was one of my favourites growing up and it gave me such a bad impression of the United Kingdom that for many years I refused to come to the UK on holiday, always insisting on the US instead. Plus it contains the most hilarious punishment ever; Adah, the central character played hooky from school as a child and subsequently went missing, everybody, family and teachers searched for her everywhere. Finally the police were called in and they arrested Adah's mother for child neglect and forced the woman to drink a giant bowl of garri without sugar until her daughter was found. Till this day I only have to imagine the poor woman drinking a massive bowl of garri without sugar and begging the policemen to release her to keel over with laughter. Trust Adah got the beating of her life when she was finally found.

Powerful writing.

Got into Aberdeen this morning and I've been alternating between sleeping, catching up on my reality shows, tweeting and unpacking. Strangely I'm not as depressed as I thought I'd be, I thought I'd get back and be pining for Lagos but that's not even the case. I miss Lagos and my family but I think I partied myself out so I really needed to get back here where its quiet so I can chill. The weather is pretty mild, just 3 degrees today and its going to be 6 tomorrow. That's practically summer for us here in Scotland.

The journey was uneventful, apart from discovering my friend Ifeoma was on the same flight though. Same thing happened when I was going to Nigeria, Nwabugo and I were on the same flight completely by accident.

Ifeoma was headed to Rotterdam though so we parted at Amsterdam.


Hmnnnn, now that I'm looking at this photo in its extra large format it looks like I put on a bit over the holidays. I don't mind though, here's to more cushion for the pushin'.

In bed now gearing up for the most legendary lie-in ever, I fully intend to not crack an eyelid till at least noon. Weird how tired I am when I didn't even change timezones.

Thank God for journey mercies.

Love and light xx

p.s. I discovered the best thing recently, my cousin Ilyasah downloaded a Rosary app on my iPad for me. Though I love my Rosary I cannot lie it gets a bit tedious at times saying the 5 decades at a time but this app reads the prayers out for you, it says all the Mysteries too. Its the coolest thing ever, today was the Glorious Mysteries and I basically just turn it on and go about whatever I'm doing and in the background the prayers are on a continuous loop. Technology is amazing. if you're interested, the app is called 'Rosary Delux'.


  1. Welcome back. WOW @ the rosary app am downloading it ASAP.

  2. Nice read! welcome back to freezer!lol...the rosary app got be cracking up :D, hasn't that defeated the whole idea of the rosary..for e.g, when the priest administers it as a penance after confession, letting a machine say it for u is kinda cheating lol, dnt u think? #JustMyTot

  3. Cute pic. All my people's have made your blog lol.

    Cushion for the pushin' eh?

    I am the opposite. Didn't think I'd be this bummed about returning but I am. It's currently 3am and I am wide awake. Jetlag totally kicking my ass.

    I totally need to do better with my rosary saying, I always fall asleep :(

    Welcome back.

  4. Ah tell me about it! Was on the same flight,went straight to bed when I got in2 Manchester..

  5. Havn't said my rosary in years!!!! Been looking for a good daily devotional app sef. I gained some too :) hopefully i can keep it and gain an extra 5lbs.

    Luv the blazer! Jet lag is kickin my ass! I wake up @ 3am and cnt sleep till i get bck frm work. :(

  6. Awesome app..

    Welcome back b..xx

  7. Nice, you look good! Question: how do you get your short weave to look like that? I'd love to do same hairstyle but my hair is long and I'm concerned I'll look like a grandma. LOL!

  8. Thanks for the rosary app tip. Will be downloading that.

  9. Buchi Emecheta is my favorite writer.Her descriptive ability is out of this world.You actually feel like you are a character in the book. Second class citizen is a master piece.I still have my 12 year old copy with me..

    Btw, how do you look manage to look fab traveling?I always look like a homeless person when i am flying.

  10. I'm not gonna lie either. The rosary puts me to sleep, but if I had that app on my iPad or even my phone I'd have no excuse


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