Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Experimental Vintage

I'm sure my TWP fam know how much I detest vintage. Or maybe that's too strong a word, I'm not a fan of vintage accessories or clothes. I like my things brand spanking new.

I've started to have a change of heart though and that's due to a lot of vintage connoisseurs I have come in contact with who make second hand stuff look absolutely banging. Like Onyinye Fafi Obi of Fashion Phoenix who runs an awesome vintage brand called Elsie Vintage, my friends Tolu Onabanjo, Seyi Fadase and Kike Akinyosoye who own the online store Toseki Vintage. Also my friend Salewa Akin-Taylor of For Style Sake is a vintage maven, she finds the craziest things in thrift stores and to my eternal surprise they look great on her.

These people have really inspired me and based on that I decided to give vintage a try and headed to a vintage store in Aberdeen called Retrospect to check it out.

Firts off i loved the psychedelic 60s style "Rterospect" sign out front, that already attracted me to it. I went in and the store was an absolute delight, like a mish mash of all kinds of things and knick knacks, like the Old Curiousity Shop or something.

I loved these vintage trunks, I'm really thinking of getting a 50s style holdall to use as travel hand luggage, definitely on my to-do list.

I LOVED the 80s boombox, my friend Titi has a wireless radio from the 1950s in her kitchen and its soooo cool. Totally gave me gadget envy.

Saw these Bruno Magli shoes for 8 quid, would you believe it, just 8 pounds. They were a size 39 or I'd have been all over them like white on rice.

Vintage sunglasses are another fad I could definitely get behind, recently being trawling ebay searching for authentic vintage cat-eye sunglasses, if anyone knows where I can find affordable ones, please let me know. My friend Bisola has a serious stash of vintage sunglasses she got from her mother, if she ever decides to sell them I'd definitely be first up.

The badge wall just stirred the latent 10yr old Daks inside me. I was obsessed with badges when I was a kid, used to collect them from everywhere. At a point I owned roughly about 300 badges, from workshops my parents attended, to fashion ones, to cartoon characters, to those I got from McDonalds Happy Meals, my Sweet Valley ones.....

I wonder what happened to them, they could totally qualify as vintage now.

I especially loved the Jimi Hendrix one at the top. Too cool for words.

The hella eccentric owner, he gave me tips for some other vintage stores in Abz which I never knew existed.

Sure you're all wondering what I got after my excursion.........

First off,  dreadful black and yellow 70s mohair jumper. So ugly I fell in love with it straight off, my friend said it makes me look like a 6ft tall bumble bee but I don't send, there's something so jolie laide about it. Love!

Aaaaand this 80s blue sequined wrap top.

I got something similar to this from my mum but in cream. I love tops like this, they give me serious Alexis Carrington vibes. The ladies from Dynasty are in my top 20 fabulous women list. The opulence, the shoulders, the big hair, terrible make-up and pushing women into pools....there'll never be a show like Dynasty again, ever.

I'll definitely make more forays into vintage shopping, maybe I'll strike paydirt like Shally, she found Salvatore Ferragamo pumps once. That's what I've been aiming for.

Love and light xx


  1. love the jumper. The colour and the sequins are such a great blend.

    I find that thrift stores are great for finding knit tops and vintage jumpers


  2. I like the finds. I heart vintage, but it is hard to find good ones around me. I can already picture the yellow/black sweater with a black skinny jeans with and biker boots and the cobalt blouse with long pencil skirt...sorry, I thought it was in my closet for a second ;)


  3. love, love, love the jumper

  4. @AfrikanPrincezz, thank Christ, someone else that likes my jumper. My friends all hate it.

    @Jadore, you've totally given me great ideas for styling it, merci!

    @Anon, another jumper lover, woop!

  5. ohhh I cant wait to see how you would pair that top :) woohoo here is to trying out old new things

  6. I'm still a vintage virgin myself! Pray I get over my phobia of wearing preowned items cuz I love the retro look!

  7. Velkom, velkom to the vintage side of life.
    Fortunately i've never had a problem with wearing preowned items so i've definitely been thrifting for a good while now and i love, love love it!
    Especially for the accessories.

    Oh and i scored me some ferragammo flats too and even a pair of missioni flats one time (which just happened to be 2 sizes big but i couldn't bear to leave them behind so i gifted them to a friend)
    So yea, jealous me too.

  8. Woop! welcome.
    That blue blouse is amazing.

  9. yayyy you finally tried, ofcourse I love them and I know you'll rock them and excuse me please that sweater is NOT ugly... haha goodluck with the ferragamos, infact I hope you find Chanel. TIP: find those shops/places wey them never open eye,LOL.


  10. The blue blouse is gorgeous! Once you get into thrifting you might find it hard to pay full price for things. I know I did.

  11. I loooove the sweater... it's pweeety NOT an ounce of UG in it!!!! Can't wait to see how you put them together!!!

  12. Dakssss!!! Yayy, you have been converted. Lovely finds....you should visit more often!

  13. I know how you feel about Vintage, it really bothered me that someone had it first,but once I went into a vintage store, I became a believer!
    I love badges too, and I get all my badges off this site, http://pearlkreations.com/
    its super cool cus you can have any badge you want custom made for you!!


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