Monday, January 9, 2012


Even if you guys didn't know I was back in this Scottish wasteland it would have been pretty obvious from the lack of fun, glittery posts you had become accustomed to over the past month. To add to the general air of neglect here in Profashional land, I am sorry to announce that as my finals are coming up at the end of the month I'm going to have to go ghost on you guys till they're over. If the spirit moves me or if something of such immense magnitude occurs that I am simply compelled to share, I might make an appearance. Besides that, I'm going into lockdown till January 26th.

Pray for me dear ones as I work towards increasing the number of letters after my name, I intend to lay waste to as much paper as possible by spelling out;

Miss ThirdWorldProfashional LL.B, B.L, LL.M, ACIArb <-------------looks impressive doesn't it.

Trust me, it actually isn't that serious.

No fear, hopefully Oil & Gas State Control and Contracting would be done and dusted soon enough and I can go back to being footloose and fancy-free. Well, until I have to start looking for a job anyway. Sometimes I wish I could just stay in school forever, no matter how old you are, being a student makes you forget that you have responsibilities.

In case you thought I forgot......WELCOME TO THE WORLD BLUE IVY CARTER!!!!!!!!!

Yessir, its the second coming, the baby to end all babies (well, until my twins arrive), the blessed Knowles-Carter spawn and the highest profile celeb baby ever (in your face Suri and Shiloh). We probably will never see this child until she's 18 or so but maybe I can talk to Nda Beyonce and she'll let us have a sneak peek. Stay tuned.

I will leave you guys with the songs that are currently on heavy rotation for me on iTunes. Bruno Mars 'It Will Rain' and Lloyds 'Dedication To My Ex'.

I fell in love with the Bruno Mars song when he performed it on US X Factor, the visuals and the entire performance just blew me away. I tweeted earlier in the week that if Bruno Mars decides to love you, its a wrap because brother man loves hard. His lyrics are not just he'll be sad if you don't love him, he'll literally kill himself for love. Obviously he doesn't mean it but watching that cutie patootie with the baby face sing these songs with such heartfelt passion makes me melt everytime.

The Lloyd song, I love the retro doo-wop feel of it, you can't help but move when you hear it. The first few times I heard it were on the radio and it was always the clean version but I now mistakenly downloaded the original song. My ears were seared. Basically in the clean version, whenever he says "lovin", in the dirty one he actually says a slang term for a part of the female anatomy which is also another word for a cat.

Every. Single. Time.

It was a bit much I tell you, I sharply downloaded the clean one abeg. He sounds a bit like a young MJ on it, the song is fire though. Listen below;

Love and light xx


  1. Bruno is the business. Doowops and Hooligans was that album. I always call him my favorite fetus cuz he looks like one to me.

    Yea the Lloyd song is hot. Always thought he was underrated.

    Goodluck with exams

  2. Dunno if you've heard it but u may love TQ's 'sexy'...^_^

  3. What happened to our page? It went serious over night.... Love the Bruno song.

    Anyhoo, all the best in your exam. I see A+ all the way. God be with you.

  4. I love love love Bruno Mars. took me a while to jump on the hype. but...

    Goodluck on your exams!!

  5. Jst wanna say all da best in ur exams.

  6. why january 26? You finish exams then?
    Happy new year. Been a while since i visited.

  7. All the best in your exam

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  9. I really like lloyd jam as well, and the video is really good. Good luck in your exam, we cant wait to have you back luv


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