Monday, January 30, 2012

Old Lady Blues

I honestly thought I could party hard, I really believed that I was still the same old Daks circa early 2000s who could party with the best of them.

I was wrong.

This weekend it felt more like I was 62 instead of 26, I fully intended to get shattered after my exams, I proclaimed the fact far and wide but after just one night I spent the rest of the weekend skyping, trying to find a suitable site to watch my tv shows and just being a big fat couch potato. 

Old age has really set in and I'm not even mad, for a couple of years now I've derived more pleasure from staying in than partying hard. It is so serious that when I went home for Christmas, I only went out to a club once, just one time in the three weeks I was in Lagos. 

Had to make an exception for Friday though because it was my friend Funsho's birthday so I dusted off my Miss Havisham cobwebs and set out in search of a good time.


We went out to dinner first where I pigged out as usual, I'm biting my nails awaiting the day my super-human metabolism gives up on me and everything that goes through my lips ends up on my hips.





I spotted a girl at the club we went to after dinner and drinks wearing the Virgos Lounge Coco dress, it is such a rockstar outfit I had to go up to her and tell how her fab she looked and surprise surprise she's a TWP fan. I still get excited when people recognize me from my little corner of the internet or they say how much they love my blog, it always seems so surreal, like "lil ol' me, really?"


Blazer, bandeau top and pencil skirt with lime accents - River Island
Glittery silver pumps - Dorothy Perkins

I don't know if anyone has noticed lately but River Island is knocking it out of the park this year. I'm not usually a River Island fan, I mean I get some stuff from there but I'm not like a devotee or anything. I went in there completely by accident to return a pair of shoes I bought over the holidays and was just floored by everything I saw. They are going hard on the neon trend, that's the store I said I went into and went a little crazy, I wanted literally everything in there, managed to cop a few budget permitting.

RI is killing it, no jokes.

After the night, woke up at an ungodly hour on Saturday and spent the day alternating between my bed and my kitchen.

Joblessness feels so good.

Love and light xx

p.s. The item for my Giveaway has arrrrrived! I am tres excited about this one because it is my second ever Giveaway and my first international one. Only clue I can give out as to what it is is that its from Virgos Lounge, you have to be following my blog and also "like" the ThirdWorldProfashional facebook page to win though.


  1. Good to have you back! Yipeee! I was having withdrawal symptoms during ur mini hiatus.

    Hope your exams went well? Looking fab as always!

  2. Daks you are too cute. Loving the skirt, bandeau and blazer combo

    I totally agree with you on RI. They have definitely stepped it up for this season

  3. hahaha, welcome to the RI lovers club.. Lol.

  4. 'Liked' on fb :D.
    But I don't get the follow part. Would that be @VivrantThing on twitter or something else?

  5. Nice, you look good! Question: how do you get your short weave to look like that? I'd love to do same hairstyle but my hair is long and I'm concerned I'll look like a grandma. LOL! Please help a sister out. xx

  6. Hair on point! Oya share the secret and you look hot :)

  7. @Rock Princess: Thanks! Still loving it.

    @Anon: Aww really? It went awesome, thank you

    @Beny: Lol @ Too cute, you make me sound like a child. Thank you.

    @Stephanie: I'm about to become you guys

    @Fre: Thank you. No the "follow" means on Google Connect. You have to be following the blog. You'll see the tab on the top right hand corner, there's a heading that says "followers"

    @Anon: If you're in Lagos then you need to see the magic Manix at Bobby's in Ikeja. He hooks me up with the hair. Number is 08035274712.

    @Diana: Thanks so much, welcome!

  8. I love love love your blog! You have a way with words that leaves me rolling, and congrats on that LL.M!!!

  9. OMG GIRL YOU ARE FABULOUS!!!!! I love everything from head to toe! and your hair cut is so perfect for you!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  10. the pattern on that skirt is just beautiful...n stripes?! *sigh*<3
    nicely put together!

  11. What if we don't have a facebook page?? :(

  12. Daks, I love your hair. Really looks good. Pls what is the name of the weave? Is it Premium too? I don't live in Lag.


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