Thursday, November 22, 2012


The winner of the TWP + O'Eclat Giveaway is......

You win this stunning O'eclat Designs Amber box bag.

I will email you today with details on how we can get the bag across to you.




  1. My bestie Eri pinged me last night
    "OMG!!!!!!! Olatanwa!!!!!! I just checked TWP you won the bag"
    I was like its a lieeeeeee jor...til I saw it myself...

    Yaaaaaaay jumps up with gleee.....
    I Won, I Won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ecstatic doesn't begin to describe my feelings.....
    I've never won anything before..
    Thank you so much TWP & O'Eclat youguysrock!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mille Bisous
    Olatanwa Seni-Hughes

  2. Quick question. Would it have been considered weird if as a guy I entered D contest? Jst so you know, I jst wanted 2 win something


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