Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This Week I'm Loving.....

........Ulyana Sergeenko

She is a part of the now famous Russian fashion pack that includes Miroslava Duma; founder and editor of online fashion journal Buro 24/7,  Elena Perminova; Russian model and socialite,  Anya Ziourova; fashion director of Tatler Russia and Vika Gazinskaya; fashion designer and Natalia Vodianova; model.

Most people are gaga over Miroslava but Ulyana is my absolute favourite. She dresses like a 50s housewife/dominatrix/stylish AF grandmother, she gives fantastic bitch face and she constantly looks like she could squash anyone that pissed her off with the heel of her shoe.

She looks imperious, unapproachable and I'm so here for her.

Isn't this death stare everything??? Doesn't she look like an evil, fantastical, somewhat malnourished fashion witch??



Love and Light xx

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  1. hiian!!! na wa oh. they're just hot as heck and working it all day err'day.

  2. You are right she has a fabulous sense of style I like the picture of her with the black dress and green brooch(the first one that is not full length). Lol at malnourished.

  3. LMBOOOOO @ fashion witch! I literally spat out my orange juice messing with u. I just can't.


    1. Lmaaoo, that's just the visual I have of her in my head. A fabulously witchy somebody.

  4. Do they have blogs? or do u just stalk their photos?

  5. Russian women do love their fashion! I live in Belarus, and the women here are SO incredibly stylish, with their heels 24/7. It's quite lovely.

  6. evil, fantastical, somewhat malnourished fashion witch?? LMAOOQ!
    you are hilarious!

    but she's bad tho!...Love her style!


  7. damn i love her style

  8. her black velvet ball dress, paired with those edgy-as-edge shoes? genius. *sigh*. These women ain't even playing with their style. Lav it!

  9. I found one of the pictures above randomly; saved it and gushed over it endlessly. Had no idea she was anyone. It's the one with her name at the bottom (but my copy has no name); it's such a beautiful picture. To think she dresses this way everyday? Awesome.


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