Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This Week I'm Loving.......

.........The Pearl Shop

You guys know I'm all about my jewelry. There was a time I used to pile it on without rhyme or reason but as I grew older I learned to tone it down and now I'm usually just into a single statement piece which more often than not is centered around a necklace.

I remember the days of massive earrings that ripped my earlobes and I shudder

Anyhoo when I received these awesome pieces from The Pearl Shop I did a little jig.

The 6 strand coral necklace set and;

the single strand pearl and bali bead necklace

.....can you say heaven?

This is sooooo my type of jewelry now, I heart corals, big jewels, pearls, cameos and The Pearl Shop does it in abundance.

LOVE this!!

If you are as captivated as I am, run on over to The Pearl Shop facebook page HERE to see more pictures.


Love and light xx

p.s. anyone know where I can get these bust thingys used to display the jewelry? They need to join my jewelry trees. If you sell them or know where I can get them please get at me. Thanks.


  1. Wow! Really lovely pearls. Will check them out. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I checked the fb pge, no contact, nothing. Does she have a store??? Where can i order from?? and what are her prices like??

  3. hi anon, you can order on facebook, just leave us a comment and we will send you prices. contact numbers: 0703 416 0616 01-8724492. thanks,

  4. Go on Ebay for the bust it has everything that was ever invented.

  5. Thanks for sharing, they are lovely...

  6. Hi,if you know ogba,there's a retail bead store at the bustop 'lopee' she sells the bust thing and they're just 400niara.


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