Thursday, November 8, 2012

Beauty And The Beat

This is a genius video I saw on Luvvie's blog and IT. IS. AMAZING.

I laughed so hard I nearly hurt myself, I can't even do it justice, just watch.

Oh and it's by Todrick Hall who led an awesome flash mob at Target performing Beyonces End Of Time.


Love and light xx



  1. This has been around for a while. I am surprised you hadn't seen it; considering that you are one of the few people who shares 'correct' fun stuffs from the internet. I really like Todd.

  2. Oh my, never saw it. It's good though, had me laughing like a child

  3. Daks nwanem biko, my question is not about the video... I am in my early thirties and a mum. Dress size UK 18/20. I will be in London next week and was wondering if you can give me tips on where to shop for fun fashionable pieces. On a budget o!
    Really love your sense of style and find your blog quite witty and hilarious.

    1. Da'alu nwanne'm!

      You should definitely try Debenhams and their Star By Julien Macdonald range, it goes up to UK20 and they have a loads of fab dresses.

      Jane Norman is also not bad, they do pretty good occasion dresses that go up to 22 even.

      For casual clothes, New Look do a great curvy range. Jeans, blouses, shirts etc and they're seriously affordable.

      So yeah, any of these stores will do, let me know how you get on and if yo need any more help, email me at

      I hope this helps xx

    2. Thanks Daks... I will keep you posted.


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