Tuesday, November 6, 2012

OOTD - Black Velvet

Wore this out last week to my friend Nnekas bachelorette party. The theme of the bridal shower had been an English tea party and the plan was to ditch the shift dresses and hats and transform to playboy bunnies/ladies of the night for the hen do. We all had to wear bunny ears for that, I put mine on later.

Dress: Virgos Lounge. Shoes: Topshop ankle strap sandals with perspex heel

This dress is from a Virgos Lounge collection from about 2 years ago I think, can't really remember but the VL aesthetic of sequins and embellishment had already started emerging. I still have a bunch of VL dresses from collections from way back and I love whipping them out now and then because then VL hadn't really flooded the market like it has now and spotting these dresses are like a game of Where's Wally as opposed to now that the fear of wearing aso-ebi with 25 other girls grips me when I'm wearing new VL.

I still love them though and I'll remain a faithful customer but the fear is real.

LOVE this dress.

Love and light xx



  1. Gorgeous as always. How do you keep your tummy so flat?

    1. I won't even lie to you, I do absolutely nothing, I'm just lucky I guess. I joined a gym last week though so I'm aiming for th ultimate concave belly.

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  3. you look lovely....i thought i was the only that had that fear...sometimes i just like it when what am wearing is unique and i dnt have to be scared that someone is going to show up at an event wearing the same outfit as i am.that hpnd 2 me once and it was soo funny

  4. you look great!! i love ur lipstick! what are you wearing hun?

  5. love love love your dress and shoes. killed it!!!

  6. love love love your dress and shoes. totally killed it!!!

  7. wow, really great velvet outfit.
    I love it,
    would pay money to see more pictures of it


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