Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Olori Hair Care are retailers of quality hair care products, for African naturals, curlies, relaxed and transitioners.

The company was founded to provide greater choice to the Nigerian hair product consumer with an emphasis on products that promote hair health.

They Stock a wide range of products including, Jessicurl, Kinky-Curly, My Honey Child, Curls Unleashed, and many more. With prices starting as low as ₦1500.

Customers can place orders via the website, email, phone or blackberry messenger and they provide secure and fast shipping all over Nigeria. Alternatively, orders can be collected from their office in Surulere, Lagos. They offer several payment methods including online card payments, cash on delivery (Lagos only) and bank transfer.

They also provide free care and styling tips on our blog, monthly newsletter, and social media pages for your hair (both natural and relaxed) and human hair extensions.

I received this gorgeous care package from Olori last week and it came just in time because I had to go get my hair done the next day. Included in my goody bag were; My Honey Child Soy Hair Milk, Hair Creme and Hair Mask and items from the Jessicurl Confidence Collection......

I can tell you first hand that these products are delish beyond measure. I used the My Honey Child Honey Hair Mask to steam my hair and the Soy Hair Milk after and my hair felt amazing and smelled like Honey Nut Cheerios (shout-out to Kevin Garnett).

I definitely recommend it and since I'm on this journey of having healthy relaxed hair I'm all for anything that can help me achieve it and these products are setting me well on my way.


Tel: +2348101846752

Pin: 28390150





  1. I have used this brand and can say it is completely worth to buy. I got very silky hair. I would like to recommend this product.

  2. bummer! where were they when I was looking for hair products during my internship in Lagos?

    Good to hear better products are reaching the market. All the mineral oil and petrolatum rubbish gotta go.


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