Friday, January 25, 2013

Best Of The Week

Its being a while since I blogged properly and I sincerely apologise. I haven't been feeling very inspired and work kinda took itself up a notch so I've been a little wrung out. Shout out to all the lovely people who checked on me; @JadoreFashions, @Bnmblog, @i_am_abeeola, @Similicious87...thanks so much loves.

Nevertheless I'm back to bring you the best of my week.

Banky W - Yes/No

Been wanting to do a BOTW for this video for a while but every time I tried to upload the video my internet went rogue on me. Managed to catch Swift on a good day so here is one of my favourite Nigerian songs out now...

When it comes to Nigerian music I stan hard for a select few; P-Square, Flavour, Tiwa Savage, Tuface and Banky W. These are my people, I can always trust them to deliver, to give me good music among the debris that the rest are releasing. Banky W has always had a special place in my heart though, his voice is BEAUTIFUL!! I love that it has amazing tone but he doesn't sound girly, like there's a gritty undertone.....its just....beautiful. I played his last album to pieces, I remember it came out when I was in Law School, during my court and chamber attachment and I listened to it every single day, no jokes. I've said before I have an obsessive personality, when I like something I OD on it and I can feel Banky's new album trembling in Alaba or wherever it's laying getting ready to be distributed because I'm about to destroy it when it comes out.

Banky W for the win, for ever and ever.

Blogger Love

So I thought I'd show some of my fellow bloggers some love. These ladies are doing big things with their little corners of the internet and turning passions into businesses. Love it!

Aisle Perfect

Kunbi, self confessed "lover of all things weddings" runs the awesome wedding blog Aisle Perfect. Her site is so good, nearly everything she posts goes into my wedding inspiration folder (yes I have one, confession is possession) and I know when I'm planning my own carnival, I'll def hit her up for some professional advice.

Kunbi practices what she preaches because she got married last year and threw a fantabulous wedding, if you're on twitter or Instagram just search #KO2012 to see what I'm talking about. Decor, favours, tips, dress...everything was A+

Kunbi's Vera Wang stunner

She now accepts real weddings on the blog, so if you want a great site to show off the best day of your life hit her up on @LegallyPresent on Twitter or find contact info on the site Aisle Perfect

Kingdom Tees by Caven + Etomi

I am in lust with the 4 Aces latest venture, particularly this IDIA Floral Baroque tee

LOVE this shirt!

Like looove!

I'm not a big t-shirt wearer. Apart from laying about at home I can't remember the last time I wore a t-shirt outside my house but I'll totally break my rule with this one. The 4 Aces have combined traditional African art with on-trend baroque designs to create lust-worthy pieces and I'm here for it.

You can find more of their work on

Loh'is Creations

My girl Lohi of Lohi's Creations is a divine chef and she is offering a Valentine's special for lovaaiirrs in the Toronto area.

So if you know you want a romantic meal indoors without the hassle of restaurant bookings, the cold and traffic, Lohi's Creations is the answer.

For more info go to Lohi's Creations

Ooooh and the best of the bestest, my blogger bff, nwanne'm from Enugu, my girl Stella of Jadore Fashion is with child!!

*cue clashing cymbals*

She is about to SHUT the yummy mummy game DOWN. If you thought you were giving them pregnant style before I kindly suggest you take a seat and have someone rub your back because Stella is all over pregnancy fashion like white on rice. Cannot wait to see what she has in store for us.

Love you girl and congrats again.

Will hopefully get back to a proper blogging schedule next week and if I don't pleeaase bear with me.

Love and light xx

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  1. Good stuff...and great to see creative people doing their thing.

  2. I love Lohi! Those tops look cute and congrats to Stella! Happy new year. How have you been?

  3. Awwww...babe! You are the sweetest! Thank you for the love! I need to get Lohi to come cook for me here in MD...she has me craving everything on her page ;)

    Girl, you have to visit this area again...we are yet to have a proper hang out...maybe a trip after this baby pops :)


    1. Mwah!

      Coming in June, should swing by MD by Gods grace. Will def drop by if I'm in the area.

  4. I love the Aisle Perfect blog already!

  5. Oh my! we love the same people when it comes to naija music, I absolutely love yes/no. I also can't wait to see what stella has in store for us, she's going to rock the hell outa that baby bomb.

    1. Naija music has its standout stars, can't be bothered with the rest tbh.

      Stella is going to kill it!

  6. You really rock Daks ! thanks so much boo *kiss*

  7. Just spent the better part of my Saturday browsing Aisle Perfect. Great blog!

  8. Why do I keep liking Daks this much?! I've been reading every post on ur blog, u're fantabulous! Best wishes dear :*

  9. Aww the Banky video and song is wayy too cute reminds me of the Ashanti foolish video towards the end minus the thug life lol

  10. I know when I'm planning my own instaget carnival, I'll def hit her up for some professional advice.


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