Monday, January 7, 2013

Wedding Saturdays - Frockit Rockit

As befits Wedding Saturdays, Nigeria style, I rocked an awesome label to a friends wedding last weekend.

I received this dress from Frockit Rockit and was so blown away I placed an order for another dress and I'm meeting the designer; Tope Abiola to discuss plans for further outfits.

Frockit Rockit designs playful, colourful, sexy outfits for the woman who wants to make a statement. Clients can select fabrics from their fabric collection and designs from the design collection, to create unique outfits. Trimmings and embellishments can also be added.

I'd seen pictures of some of Tope's work and I'd always thought they looked interesting then I saw this dress above but in a different colour and was just like woah.

Frockit Rockit lace dress; Topshop perspex heels; Aldo vintage inspired beaded & taselled bag; La Bernice jewelry

The colour and intricate detail of the fabric was handled superbly and I got tons of inquiries when I posted a picture of myself in the dress on Instagram (@LoveTWP)

You can see more of Tope's work on or follow the designer on Twitter on @TopeFnR.

Love and light xx



  1. U rock girl!! Lovely.. u look so adorable :)

  2. Finally a new personal post! Yesss!

    Happy New Year, Daks!

    I love that it looks like a top and skirt but it's actually a dress. Werrrk!

    More posts please! We know your holiday outfits were on and poppin'. Please share.


    1. I'm so sorry to have to disappoint you Lam boo but I barely went anywhere this holiday. I think when you already live in Nigeria the compulsion to perambulate during Christmas is missing. As opposed to my non-stop partying last year.

      I'll def do more personal posts because you specifically like them.

      Happy new year!

  3. lovely. you should model more

  4. You look absolutely amazing and stunning on that dress. Cant wait to get mine lol.


  5. wow! the lace and the colors are soo beautiful! my dear you look absolutelyyyyy stunning!

  6. love the lace,it looks so sophisticated. x

  7. this dress is gorgeous on the blue and yellow. and i love that you rock your heels mehn!!!!!

  8. You look FAB!! As always. FnR should even get you to model for them,you killed this dress. Wait,what else do you not kill? Xxx

  9. Fabulousity! I loveee the dress and you definitely rocked it. Classy!

  10. I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! and it has the African statement to it too! you are gorgeous :)

  11. Pretty! but it's the name that sold me. Frockit Rockit? It's's like something my cooler, more fashionable, cleverer dream self would come up with. Also, you're gorge. Who else can have their hair in a plain, centre parted, low ponytail and look as fab? Love you.x

  12. love it... it also has that 'vintage' naija look from lace back in the day.

    I'll love to see more color combinations

  13. Beautiful beautiful dress. I'm with Mia...very catchy name for the designer. Happy new year, TWP.

  14. You rocked this dress to perfection. Meanwhile, been stalking your blog, cos I know sey enough updates with Christmas tinz go boku!

  15. Luv luv the outfit. saw u at yetundes wedding and wanted to say hi, but was shy hehehe. luv ur blog

  16. I love your pieces, I swear. But I think you over did it with the styling here. That neck piece spoilt it for me. I know you love your jewelry, but me thinks you should have stuck to statement rings, and simple studs with this dress. And the footwear, another spoiler for me. Amazing dress all the same.


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