Monday, January 14, 2013

Work Chic: Day To Night

This post has been in my drafts since last year, forgot I had it even. 

At least 90% of my work week I don't go home right away, the traffic is nuts and I prefer to drive home much later when traffic has died down so I can be home in 20 minutes as opposed to the 3 hours it would take me if I left at 5pm.

As a result of this a lot of my work wear has to be able to translate easily from day to night in the event there's somewhere I'd like to go after work. What I discovered is that blazers are a godsend, they can turn a ho into a housewife faster than you can say church. Put a blazer over anything and you're good.

Look 1
Wore this to work, all demure like

Zara blazer with gathered shoulders; River Island animal print chiffon dress; Dorothy Perkins pumps

I am so enamored with this particular blazer above that I have it in navy and red besides the black one pictured here.

Look 2
Whip off my blazer and I have a nice dress I can go out to dinner or wherever else that suits my fancy in.

I did just that below when I went out to Likwid with friends for a charity event after work.

So yeah, invest in blazers, they'll save your sartorial life.

Love and light xx


  1. Zara rocks!

    I have that jacket as well

  2. I love the chic dress and the color is so nice on you. Wow! Three hours to drive home...smh!

    Ps: Thanks babe for the wishes. It surely feels like yesterday we were talking about my wedding and now a baby lol!


  3. the blazer's fit is on point

  4. Pls dear how can I can same jacket in any colour , tnx ... Duchess 28

  5. Asides the blazer, i love the length of the dress.You look fab as as always. xx

  6. I really like how the blazer gives a classic feel to the already sassy ensemble.

  7. The dress looks good on you. Driving in traffic in lagos is just a nightmare.


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