Friday, January 11, 2013

Best Of The Week

Women, Know Your Limits

This is a hilariously sexist video from the BBC by Harry Enfield. I died laughing when I saw it the first time...and the second time...and the seventh.

Its insanely ridiculous.

I especially heart the pre-war BBC accent, so apt.

Wana Sambo's Resort Collection

We love Wana Sambo here at Profashional HQ and the love just keeps going stronger and stronger. The WS Resort 2013 is a fun, playful collection and very wearable and I especially love these three below. FYI the sleeves on the first print dress are leather.


Find out more on

In Dependence by Sarah Ladipo Manyika
I'm a huge fan of Nigerian books set in the 50s to early 80s, it's so fascinating to read about what the country was like before I was born. I especially love seeing pictures from those times too.
I first heard about this book when someone called Ladi from Utah commented on this blog, I followed the link to her blog and she mentioned this book. Luckily it was on Kindle so I got it sharply and got stuck in right away.

I've only been able to read it on my lunch breaks as I literally have no time but so far I love it. The description of Nigerian students at Oxford in the late 50s and early 60s is eerily similar to the Nigerian students abroad in the 2000s (though we were not as revolutionary, concerned more about Zara and Topshop, than Senghor and Nkrumah).
Surprisingly I've never heard about this author but I'm now on a mission to hunt down as many Nigerian authors as I can so if you've read any great books by Nigerian authors recently please let me know. I'm looking to expand that part of my library.

King Bey's GQ Cover.

A minute of silence please......

Mind, blown!

p.s. Some people etc that nutjob Sandra Rose and fellow nutters have been going on about how flat her belly is and how there's no way she carried a baby. I'm actually weak right now at the alarming level of stupidity being displayed daily. This woman is an entertainer, keeping her body right is necessary she cannot afford to let herself go so of course she'll put in more work at the gym than all those loud-mouthed tubs of lard. Plus its been over a year since she had Blue Ivy, she delivered January 8th last year do you people expect her to still be lugging around a gut full of fat? Why doesn't anyone knock all those Victoria Secret models who are on the runway in miniscule bikinis mere weeks after having babies. yet you see Beyonce a whole year since she delivered and you say her stomach is too flat to ever have been pregnant.

And to those complaining that she's too old to be posing half nude, Beyonce is 31 years old, decades younger than Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Maddona, Halle Berry etc and don't we see more of these ladies than we'd like to? Plus isn't it like almost a Hollywood rite of passage to show how much weight you've lost after having a kid. I mean Mariah was posing on the cover of US Weekly in a string bikini and heels in her 40s after she lost her baby weight, I didn't see people picketing the stands.

I really don't like to use the word "haters" but honestly people that diss Beyonce on a daily are haters of the highest degree. Its alright to not like her music, personality or what she stands for, that's fine, its your choice. But insulting her daily, saying she was never pregnant, calling her dumb and a million other myraid unnecessary comments people make are so ridiculous and far-fetched that it makes me truly wonder why people are so mad at her. I mean you have 15 year old girls getting knocked up on a daily and yet you find it so hard to believe that Jay Z was able to impregnate his wife, like why is that so hard to believe?

Another insult is that she's too perfect, if your problem with Beyonce is that she's never been in prison, photographed drunk and stumbling out of a club, smoked weed, being promiscuous, had babies out of wedlock etc then I'm sorry for you. Its a pity that she's mega successful, smart, talented, scandal-free, hard-working and in a loving marriage, its truly a pity, so awful, how dare she be a good person....

This is turning into a Beyonce rant and that wasn't my intention but this really gets my goat.

Anyhoo, this has been the best of my week.

Love and light xx



  1. Na wa for people! My mother dearest is a size 12 with flat tummy and no stretch mark and she carried 7 kids!! Some with CS sef! According to her she starts working out after week 3 of giving birth! Ofcourse you can carry babies and hv the flattest* tummy! Pls they shld leave my B! Team BeeHive!!

  2. Daks, the thing tire me. I am one of the lucky ones to have had a baby and got a flat tummy back within 2 months. As. In. Flat.

    Even my mum had to say that if not that she'd seen me pregnant with the huge tummy, gigantic nose, alarmingly darkened skin and other trappings of a pregnant African female, she might have thought I pulled a stunt somewhere.

    Beyonce may have had to do loads of exercise, or(like me) she may not have had to. Bottomline is, same way they say no 2 pregnancies are the same, people should realise no 2 post-pregnancies are the same either. She's gorgeous before and after her baby; so please can everyone just cool down and let Bey be.

    **rant over**

  3. Beyonce has been photographed drunk once before...and she still looked stunning, so take that haters! lol...

    My only (non)issue with these GQ photo's is that the whole thing caught me by surprise. I'm not used to seeing Bey booty tootin on the cover of a magazine! And of course I'm not shocked that people drew Rihanna comparisons. Still love me some Bey tho!!

  4. I live for the shade you throw at Bey's haters. Bey gat haters in her turf(Houston) where she comes from on a regular. What more do we expect from people in other places. At this point, I don't even entertain their B.S because they aint told us why they really mad. Blue, a youngin got people in their feelings. Tell us why you mad son(BLUE'S VOICE).

    You forgot to add the Alex Jones and Piers Morgan interview as the #1 Best of the week. That Interview was crazy. Check it out on youtube.

  5. Pls daks don't promote SR again.

  6. Oh gosh, the people who hate on Beyonce and yes it's definitely "hate" drive me up the wall. Oh she's too perfect, she wasn't pregnant, she's boring, blah blah blah...Girl, BYE. They say they dislike her, yet her name is always on their mouths. Maybe it's just me, but when I dislike someone I couldn't care less what they are doing, talk less of actually taking out time to comment on their life.

    That Sandra Ro, sometimes I just pray that our Lord Jesus touches the inner depth of her soul, because that woman has a whole lot of hate in her heart. Part of my new year's resolution is to never visit her blog far so good.

    Also I'm pretty sure this issue of GQ is meant to be sexy, so is she supposed to be wearing pant suits? Ugh. I know this youtuber that had a baby in May 2011 and went for a figure competition with full on packs in August 2012, it's called hard work!!

    Sorry for the essay, this issue just grinds my gears lol.

    Oh, I'll definitely be getting my hands on that In dependence book.

    1. OMG, that was my resolution some months a go. SandraRose is a total nut case.

  7. SandraRose is a nut case- maybe she's the 'surrogate.' I think people forget how fast Bey lost weight a la Dream Girls era with that lemon and cayenne pepper diet.

    As for Nigerian books, thanks for reading that post. InDependence is AMAZE. I so want to see it as a movie. Other writers (history-themed books) I highly recommend are Helon Habila (Measuring Time- Northern) and Christie Watson (Tiny Sunbirds far Away- Niger Delta).

  8. *Not sure if I commented already/ comment got wiped*

    Glad you like In Dependence. I really want to see the story in a movie after Half of a Yellow Sun is out.

    Other highly recommended authors (books) are:
    Helon Habila (Measuring Time- set in the NorthEast) and
    Christie Watson (Tiny Sunbirds Far Away- set in the Niger Delta).

  9. Everything good will come - Sefi Atta
    I do not come to you by chance -
    On Black sisters street
    The Mrs club
    The spider kings daughter
    The secret life if baba segi's wives - Lola S

  10. The Phoenix, On Black Sisters' Street, Night Dancer - Chika Unigwe
    Everything Good Will Come, Swallow, A Bit of Difference - Sefi Atta
    Imagine This - Sade Adeniran
    Everyday is for The Thief - Teju Cole
    Waiting For An Angel - Helon Habila

  11. i agree with Ladi's suggestions. Another great read is Goodbye Lucille by Segun AFolabi

    Oh, a case of exploding mangoes by Mohammed Hanif. Not Nigerian BUT amazing book!

  12. Another brilliant book is Fine Boys by Eghosa Imasuen.

  13. Thanks so much guys! I've written all these books now and I'm on the hunt. Hope I can find most of them on Kindle though, you guys rock!

  14. If you can't get them on kindle, your best bet would be Terrakulture (they have a wide range of african/nigerian novels). I also recommend Imagine this- Sade Adeniran and When the moon caught fire- Michael Afenfia since your a fan of books set in that time.
    P.s you def must read Waiting for an angel-Helon Habila


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