Monday, January 28, 2013

Wedding Saturdays....kinda

This was supposed to be a Wedding Saturdays post chock full of pictures but unfortunately I didn't stay long enough at the wedding to get enough pictures.

Major bummer.

It was so bad I didn't even get a picture of myself bar this Instagram selfie I took before I left home.

I wore a Virgos Lounge maxi dress btw.

Take a gander at the beautiful people I managed to capture

Lemme stop here for a sec and point out something to you guys, my friend Doyin here in the photo beneath is a mother of two.

I'll repeat myself...A. Mother. Of. Two

Jesus Christ really needs to take control of my post-pregnancy body. Gats look like Doyin or die trying.

After the wedding I went to Cafe Royale to meet my friends Ify, Ada, Ij and Chiz

ASOS midriff top; Obsidian skirt; Calvin Klein bag, ASOS velvet ballet flats

I loooove this Obsidian skirt, here's a closer look.

It has a matching shirt which I didn't get initially because I was wary of head-to-toe camouflage print but the skirt was such a hit I'm thinking I should just go large and get the top too.

After stuffing our gobs at Cafe Royale (well minus me, I'd fed myself well enough at the wedding), we headed to Big 60 at The White Space for the Toju Foyeh Fashion's Night Out event.

Very chill but fun day, I miss days like these.

Work and the pursuit of success take away from just

Oh yeah, Profashionals in Abuja I'm coming your way this week. Let me know what's fun in your city.

Love and light xx



  1. u look nice, lov ur skirt and the neck piece is lovely. never knew u liked maltina like that, cant do without taking one in a day

  2. That Obsidian skirt is so memorable. I think you should get the matching shirt. Its fabulous.xx

  3. I love the Obsidian skirt too. Lovely outfit. Your friend is super hot after two.

  4. Daks i love your eyes. Please do a post on how you achieve the cat eye look. It is perfect everytime.

    1. I'm the worst at tutorials, but I'll see what I can do. Lets pray this native internet lets me upload a video

  5. Your eyes; Doyin's figure. *sighs* lips sealed!

  6. Wow...Doyin is a mother of 2, I love her body.

    I love the Obsidian skirt on you.

  7. I love ur make-up. N ur friend's got a banging hot body for a mother of two. Daaayyyyuuummmm!
    N.B-dere's nofin a-some in Abuja(at least to d best of my knowledge, everyfin fun is in Lagos, jealous much).

    1. Aww thank you.

      Yup, she def does.

      Ah well I guess I'll find out this week then. Just excited to be getting out of Lagos.

  8. That cat eye is the bee's knees :)

  9. Lol! Insanity work out DVD 60 days and you will have that kind of body after 12 children.or after breast feeding starve ya biggies.just determination.thank me later!!! ; )

  10. wow! I love that skirt for real and, your friend's body, is a true inspiration!

  11. I love your skirt and, your friend's body, is a true inspiration.

  12. That skirt !!! gorgeous and that body after 2 kids? my God I need to reevaluate some things.


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