Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Golden Girls - Ways To Wear Gold

Whoever said diamonds were a girl’s best friend? It seems this season is all about punk attitude, and statement jewellery that reflects that. From edgy ear cuffs to oversized golden necklaces, the rate these celebrities are wearing their gold jewellery, this isn’t a trend whose shine will fade with the summer sun.
The new generation of “it” girls don’t only have their tongue in check attitude on show for the world, but also their tendency for equally flashy jewellery. Here we have the top 5 celebrities wearing gold right now, to show us how it’s done in style.
5. Jessie J

When it comes to gold, earrings are a go to. And when it comes to earrings, Jessie J doesn’t tend to do small. Big hoops, geometric shapes, dangles, they’re all gold. No wonder her upcoming album is rumoured to be entitled GOLD.

4. Emma Watson

Proving to be a real style icon to follow, Emma Watson has obviously learnt a lot from her latest movie about bling. A recent interview with Teen Vogue shows her wearing sophisticated gold jewellery. Teaming with some rebellious cuffs she wore on the red carpet recently, proves that she’s on trend. Her fondness forintricate designs frequently sees her wearing Danish brand Pandora, and the Pandora Gold Earrings are definitely for her.

3. Rita Ora

A mix and match in style and temperament the singer often wearsthin gold chains together for a feminine look but can equally appear in a layered daring fashion. Her recent DKNY shoot shows her wearing a chunky gold watch and simple gold necklaces that create an elegant aura.

2. Cara Delevingne

The new favourite and best friend of just about everyone, it is difficult to miss Cara Delevingne, even more so for her tendency towards layering her accessories. She’s got the punk look down, asking the question; why wear one gold ring when you can wear seven?


Whether you’re intimidated or in awe of Rihanna’s signature fierceness, there is no denying she’s a style icon. Her range of jewellery is only beaten by the range of events she has to wear her jewellery to. So far the red carpet has seen a lot of the singerwearing chunky chains and statement pieces often in chain link which have the desired affect of accentuating her long neck. It’s not only the red carpet that gets the gold treatment, Rihanna teams bold jewellery with casual tees for a simple yet daring look.Keep a close eye on her new Autumn collection for River Island.
As shown, how you wear gold can change with your mood. Whether it’s layering to create a mix of metals and a clash of colour, or simplicity and sophistication for an elegance that lasts all year round.


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  1. If you're looking for bling, try the Lagos, I mean Lagos Isale Eko women ask them to bring out their statement pieces. Lol. My cousins mother in law got her suitcase missing at heathrow when she came in for a wedding. She filling in the lost and found form, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry but I did gape in awe when she wasn't sure whether to put in the true value of the jewelry she had in there. The woman was talking millions of naira. Shei and there I was calculating my mortgage.
    Anyway back to the post. The Rita Ora and Jessie j jewerly look is too gangsta fabulous for me? Rihanna's neck piece I could Definately do. Gold can change your mood, it feels great on. Preeecioussss. Lol


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