Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lust List

Things I am currently wishing would fly magically from wherever they're stored and land in my closet.

The Charlotte Olympia 'Cancer' Flats from her Cosmic Collection

I'm a huge flats fanatic and these ones below just stole my heart and tucked it away for safe keeping. Y'all know how hard I bat for my Zodiac sign and since I refuse tatt at a crab on my skin, wearing it on my feet are the next best thing.

I think the Cosmic Collection (below) is such a beautiful bonkers idea, Charlotte Olympia is pretty much one of the most innovative and creative shoe designers out there.

The Pisces and Leo flats are seriously gorgeous too.


Get it HERE

Globetrotter Luggage

Y'all can keep your LV holdalls, Globetrotter luggage makes my heart sing.

This 33' case below is from the Safari Collection.
Globetrotter is an English brand founded in 1897 and has been used by Sir Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth and Sir Edmund Hillary amongst others. The cases are handmade and take up to 4 weeks to be built and delivered.

The set below is from the James Bond Centenary Special edition.

Can you just imagine rolling up to an airport in something so badass?

My Lord, excess luggage dare not show its face, even if you're flying economy you'll upgrade to First mysteriously. Priority service all the way.

*wipes sweat*

Find my fave, the Safari Ivory Natural HERE

The Ituen Basi Newspaper Print Collection

Ituen Basi is hands down one of the most creative Nigerian designers, she's set so many trends its difficult to keep up. I really wish she were more popular than she is because her craftsmanship is beyond and she just dominates her own lane.

I saw these outfits from the collection she presented at MTN Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2012 and instantly fell in love.

Frends Gold 'Taylor' Headphones

Frends headphones above come in 'Taylor' gold, 'Layla' rose gold and 'Layla' silver, they also have earphones but I don't like buds in my ears so they're not important.

What's important here are how swoon worthy theses are, especially my favourite, the 'Taylor' gold headphones.

My current Skull Candy's can't even begin to compete with this beauty. Imagine the music that would flow from this aural deity, Rihanna be sounding like Mariah Carey.


You can get it HERE

Father be a salary increase.

Love and light xx


  1. Pisces yeahh. I love the purple. They are gorg but at £495 i'll wait just a lil while. The globetrotter luggage belongs in a private jet* first class seriously no* private private jet that lands right on top of the burj Al Arab. Lol.
    It sort of looks like it belongs to Jackie Onassis.
    You deffinately love the good life.
    Salary increase. Amen.

    1. 495 is steep but doable, just cut out unnecessaries like food, lol.

      Jackie is my Patronus (well one of them), gats live the Bouvier-Kennedy-Onassis lifestyle.

      The good life needs to love me right back abeg, I'm tired of this unrequited adulation.

  2. Those Leo ones are gooooooorg!

  3. Ndu! Daks, this is the life! Especially those Charlotte Olympia ' cosmic collection! I was looking up her kitty slipper when I saw your post! Must have! #nowsaving #waitingforsale #Fatherbeasalaryincrease

  4. love them all.

  5. That box is the business.. Have had my eyes on something of that structure.

    Then how does one buyNigeria from outside Nigeria?

  6. Where can i buy the Ituen Basi dress?
    Retail points anyone?

  7. Nwanne m have you not seen beyonce's hair,i expected a post on it mehn

  8. Chai! Can't get ma eyes off the globe trotter luggage...and the ames Bond Centenary Special edition is indeed tha bomb; even if there's no where to go, I might just load it up and stroll to d airport wif it just to buga sombori...loll..kidding..the luggages are jst so cool.


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