Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wedding Saturdays - Nomnso & Oby

Another Saturday, another wedding.

Honestly I can't remember the last time I had a lazy Saturday. Between buying aso-ebi, planning bridal showers and hen nights and the umpteenth bridal group on Blackberry I'm about ready to put up a black dp the next time one of my friends announces he or she is engaged.

I. Am. Exhausted.

If my friends could just elope they'd make life a whole lot easier for real.

Fashi the complaints sha I love a good party so last Saturday I journeyed down to KFA to party with my friend from uni Nomnso and his beautiful wife Oby.

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures during the wedding because I don't have a camera anymore so I begged and bribed my brother Chidi to help me take these with his iPhone before I left home.

*this iPhone camera is the business, I really need one in my life*

Metallic dress worn as top from Indigo Boutique; Lady Biba 'Jasmine' skirt; Michael Kors python clutch; River Island studded sandals; Plated choker and bracelet from Jewel By Iyunade.

Yah, I wore a dress as a top.

Due to the incessant cash hemorrhage caused by my love of the good life, I am pretty much always skint. I designated August as a no-shopping month and besides the outfit I had made for my cousins wedding last week I have not bought a single fashion item this month. I had absolutely nada to wear for this wedding and since I couldn't buy anything new I decided to shop my closet and came up with this silver metallic dress I bought from my friend and blogger Jibby's store, Indigo Boutique. I've had this dress for about 5 years now and worn it only twice in that time, thank God I hadn't given it away or sold it. I paired it with this maxi skirt by Lady Biba I got at LPM last month and heaved a sigh of relief that it was at least presentable.

Shop your closet guys, you never know what you may find.

I need to do a special post on this hair I have on. It is sold in Nigeria and so seriously affordable, will give you guys the info soon.

Love and light xx



  1. Cute look. most of the time its the old clothes in our closets that save us in desperate times.

    1. You know this! I should just stop buying and start recycling.

  2. Gorg. You body seems to pull anything off. You're probably one of those that could wrap up in paper bags and still look great. I can't believe you had a skirt over a dress and it worked. I'm getting great tips from you. Thanks

  3. You just proved to me that i am not a compulsive wardrobe hoarder but a'saver-for-those-unpredictable-days' person. I can keep clothes for years too and people just don't understand why i do it. Lovely dress-skirt combo, so loving the hair too.

    1. Follow me and give a shout out to the Most High that we can still even fit into old clothes. That's a super power not to be sniffed at at all.

      Thank you xx

  4. Gorg gorg gorg! Love love love! We are waiting for the hair info too.x

  5. Love your hair! Patiently (not really) waiting for deets. Xx


  6. Love the look so much. I understand the cash hemorrhage. Feels like all my friends and cousins decided to get married in the month of August...LOL.

    I like how you tied the velvet wrapper. I would try it for the wedding i have next weekend. Still trying to figure out how you tied it, hope i get it right.


    1. Man I am soo broke. I really don't get where all the money goes to. Its a mystery.

      Its not a wrapper o, its a maxi skirt, I just knotted the front and tucked it in to look like a wrapper.

  7. Great look babes! you are always on point!


  8. Info on the hair is what I am waiting for.

  9. Affordable good hair???? Cant wait for the info. Nice outfit btw.

  10. You look gorgeous as always. Perfect combo.

    *Finally, I can comment with my phone. Clap for Blogger, lol.

  11. you look gorgeous, this is a really nice oufit.

    you're verry pretty too :)

  12. love the way u knotted that skirt o..made d whole look so grecian.love the hair too.deets asap pls..

  13. You look amazing!
    Love the outfit!



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